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Arrest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Her failure upsets the head of the Dai Li and we get to see more of him being an unbearably creepy dude. I got a little too excited about using that wonderful gif. Don’t mind me, I’m still pissed at the jerk for kidnapping Appa just when he’d finally made it to the city and was so close to Aang after going through all that horror and trauma just to get back to him. Iroh, fortunately, has the same damn question and really lays into Zuko for this stupid stunt. So, funniest part of the episode has got to be the part where Aang blows up at Joo Dee, and Toph blows up half the house. That was really chilling to me. I get a star!

I also believe Iroh channels the soul of The Doctor for his tranquil fury. Seriously, it is under a fucking lake. My father was out of town working, and drove in the next day I didn’t really get it until the funeral, and then it took me more time to get that he was gone forever. They were willing to face down the Dai Li alone for him, even knowing what will probably happen. You can see that Iroh is very, very close to losing his patience with his nephew because Zuko has seen and experienced so much and changed so little. Victorious Drama, Family, Comedy.

There was a brief moment that I thought Aang was going to erupt into the Avatar state when he blew up at Victoorious Dee and good lordthat would have been an utter disaster.

No, neither can I. Your comments are always so well-thought-out and interesting. And yet, amongst all this chaos and tragedy, there is a tinge of victory. June 13, at 6: Back to School Blues. Our Very First Promo. Also that was super super creepy when he said the trigger phrase and her pupils dilated. Of course, Zuko never thinks ahead at all, let alone playing for position. Site for marriage problems.


I absolutely love Toph’s reaction to this new defiance: As the rest of the group arrives to see Jet sprawled on the ground, Katara tries to heal him.

Full House Afsnit 5: Why can’t Ba Sing Se have batman? I also love Katara in this episode. The First Day of School. Meanwhile, Iroh’s getting his own tea shop! I am a true seer y’all.

Crimes And Michelle’s Demeanor. Full House Episode 9: Blast from the Past. June 14, at 1: I remember my mother taking us there, driving all night to try and make it in time to say goodbye He lived one s02e71 away and episodex an hour too late. I felt like he was scolding ME. He’s had enough cull Zuko behaving so recklessly in pursuit of something that may not even be right for him, and he wants desperately for Zuko to start thinking for himself about who he really is and what he really wants.

Of course, that’s because everything else has been already designed in earlier episodes because this show loves continuity forever, but I have pretty much nothing to post for it. Dunno how I made that mistake, ’cause it definitely started around the 50’s and vvictorious. No stars for the generally well behaved and hard-working kids!

That couldn’t have been easy. I laughed, because she and I have an agreement that I will listen to all of the audiobooks of a series she loves, and then victodious has to watch all of Avatar with me.

And then the guy cleaning up volunteers the info that Appa was taken to Whale Tail Island, waaaaaaaaay down near the South Pole, and a clearer picture of what the hell is going on here emerges: My brothers were unsure until Toph said that he was lying. Proudly powered by WordPress.


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Adults would approach her at signings, episodea to know why she wrote such difficult books. I think it’s becauseā€¦ well, I didn’t like him too much in Book One, because he was an extremist jerk, but he was trying to start over here.

When the heretofore-silent dude speaks up? Which causes Toph to read everyone and declare that both parties are telling the truth. Michelle Rides Again, Del 2. Neil Gaiman has a quote about this as well. Like Miss Direct says, it’s great when kids shows make kids think.

I am very glade epsiodes show ended up having Jet being a good guy. The scene between him and Zuko in Appa’s cell is yet another turning point for both characters. The characters that comprise his name mean “peaceful soaring.

June 14, at 3: And also, if true fire fire eisodes any minerals burning burns hot enough, it burns green as well. I put normal in quotes because his family situation was far from healthy even before his banishment.

Room For One More? Minor Arcana has been described as a kids’ book for adults.

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I also believe Iroh channels the soul of The Doctor for his tranquil fury. Buy all of the Mark Reads Harry Potter books right here! The reason this show is so amazing is it is a true fairy tale in every sense of the word.