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However, they get distracted when they meet Beck’s Canadian friend Moose and all three of them begin to compete for his attention. Ellen Hollman as Melinda Murray. Later that night, Tori and Cat learn that Mona Patterson’s house caught fire from the candle that Cat lit in front of Mona’s house, and Mona was sent to the hospital. Unexpectedly, the chancellor of Yerba comes to see their performance and in the middle of the song, Tori’s shoe flies out and accidentally hits the chancellor’s eye, which causes him to go blind. Meanwhile, Cat practices tap-dancing nonstop for an upcoming audition. However, Ryder leaves the house angry as Tori goes through his phone at Trina’s idea. The secret of “The Bird Scene” is to be proud of one’s acting style, which she had been failing to show, and she passes.

Meanwhile, Trina starts selling doctor fish treatment at her house and Andre, Beck, Jade and Robbie all accept, only for it to turn out the fish are diseased, making them all sick. The episode ends where Jade and Beck are officially a couple again and Robbie finally gets the butterfly out of Cat’s ear. They start to ask Beck why he broke up with Jade and if he has feelings for Tori. She ends up breaking up with Beck when she feels that he isn’t taking her feelings of the situation seriously. This forces Jade and Beck to decide whether or not they should remain a couple. When April Fool’s Day comes to Hollywood Arts, Tori spends her day expecting creative pranks and practical jokes, but is completely oblivious to a series of absurd events and crazy happenings around her.

Cat uses super-grizzly glue by bo;s, which is like industrial cement and to be kept away from skin, when putting a zombie-looking mask on her hours before the play is set to begin.

Tori wins a contest to sing the opening number at the Platinum Music Awards. The episode ends where Jade and Beck are officially a couple again and Robbie finally gets the butterfly out of Cat’s ear. The girls turn theirs on and the boys told them it was a trick and they lost the bet.

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Beck, Andre, and Robbie are hosting a fundraiser at Karaoke Dokie to get a new guys’ bathroom at Hollywood Arts, and the girls are supposed to help them. Robbie also invites Jade, Cat, Sikowitz’s nephew, and other people round to watch the movie with him when they gradually begin to break character.


Christian Bale is a bonafide A-list star, but he missed out on plenty of huge roles along the way.

Consequently, Tori is given a punishment of cleaning the theater after a food fight scene and 2 weeks of detention. And we’re here to sing you a special song Tori and Trina’s flight home gets delayed, so Tori uses web conferencing to work on a group project for school with Andre, Cat, and Beck while she is on the plane.

She is too frightened to do it and she keeps stalling, so Beck dresses up as Tori to pretend that he is her and does the fall instead. Meanwhile, Beck and Robbie work on Robbie’s new convertible, and Robbie tries to get the attention of girls that come to watch Beck fix the car. Meanwhile, Trina tries to impress a boy she likes by pretending to be a pizza delivery girl, and Beck and Jade are text-fighting. He tells her that he is only dating her because her dad is a famous record producer.

While they are trapped, Cat is busy partying with Ben JC Gonzalezone of the four hot pat, the group of boys who decide to frolic with Cat, the only girl who could possibly save the rest of them from sweating to death and completely oblivious to her friends’ predicament as they try to escape bosp RV. Her jealousy comes to a head when she kisses Daniel, which Cat witnesses, putting her in a predicament.

After she is told she needs to take risks, the spisode suggests The Gorilla Club, a dangerous underground club with life-threatening activities which include taking on an actual wild gorilla.

This episode featured different opening credits. They then kiss and get back together. Rob Riggle as Vice Principal Dickers.

Victorious 1×13 Freak The Freak Out

A movie shoot down the street from Tori’s house causes her and Trina to take the long way to school, but after shaving Trina’s legs and her armpit she does not want to drive for 40 minutes to school with her anymore.

The secondary plot of this episode features Cat accidentally waxing Jade’s eyebrows off and Jade chasing Victoriouss around, trying to get back at her. Right after this, Jade performs a song and Beck watches her. Meanwhile Jade and Robbie find out that Cat has been acting weird and disappearing every night.

When remembering Beck wants a dog, Jade and Tori bring one to his RV, only for it to attack his father who was sleeping inside. Meanwhile, Robbie forgets his wallet in his locker and is unable to pay the bill after a meal at Nozu, and Tori and him have to work at Nozu to pay the bill off. At the end, Tori decides she does want to do the fall to prove she is not a wimp, but she gets scared again, so Jade pushes her off making her fall down.


When she wakes up, they talk and Robbie makes his move and kisses her, resulting in her running away from him and riding off on her bike in a panic. Tori is selected to appear on a new game show called Brain Squeezersand all her friends want to be on her team. As a result, Tori puts the berry balls in her hat because no one will try them.

Andre says that it is because Trina did have talent back then, but Sinjin accidentally hits her with a stage light, knocking the talent out of her. So the group decide to stage the drama for the show. Tori has to date the doctor’s loser son, Lendal, but Tori tricks Trina into doing it. In production, this was the last Victorious episode ever filmed. Goofs Lane mentions that the video was on VideosforKideos, but when the gang sees the video, it is seen on SplashFace.

But Tori really needs to worry about being dragged across the floor by the team’s mascot, a St.

Meanwhile, Robbie starts to have strange nightmares about Rex, so he turns to Lane, the ddidly guidance counselor, for help. The group is excited to find out that they get to work on a film being directed by Dale Squires.

Retrieved from ” https: The show’s producer, Mason Thornesmith, and his team want to re-invent her look and personality for publicity. Meanwhile, Tori puts up with her heavily-battered phone while waiting for the release of a new phone model. Tori is to be in a play about a beautiful girl who is caught in a love triangle that is to be reviewed by the famous writer who wrote it.