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When Brian and Jenny are alone they reveal to each other they both liked DXM , a dancing game, when they were younger, and Jenny mentions that her mother is a coach of a professional FPS team. I get where some people are coming from, but I don’t agree. This causes Brian and Ted to get into another fight, further straining their relationship. The story is about a down on his luck, young aspiring gamer. Principal photography began on October 25, and ended in late November. Retrieved from ” https:

Share this Rating Title: Brian also recruits the Law, who is happy to join to get a chance at revenge. Edit Storyline The story is about a down on his luck, young aspiring gamer. Freddie made this series for the fans. Ted is quickly roped into a prank war between the Drifters and the Duchess and ends up getting into detention as a result. Retrieved July 19, He loves playing video games.

Faced with the threat of deactivation, ShotBot escapes the studio and comes to VGHS dressed as a human girl looking for a human story. Retrieved November 19, Ted realizes he hates his father, and that Ki cares for him.

Retrieved October 13, For other uses, see VGHS disambiguation. He is the main antagonist of seasons two and three, along with his brother Ashley. In Season 3, Episode 4 he dies after an accident while he was riding his motorbike without a helmet.

Retrieved September 1, With four days left until the demolition of VGHS, the school atmosphere is bleak. Freddie made this series for the fans. Ki Swan 20 episodes, This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat Wendell Brixby 11 episodes, And that’s what it’s about. In AprilWong partnered with Lionsgate to better market and distribute RocketJump’s digital entertainment. Jenny also arrives to bring Ki’s belongings, creating an awkward situation for everybody involved. In a futuristic world where gaming is the top sport, a teenager attends a school which specializes in a curriculum of video games in each genre.


The Law plays a video game Ki wrote about the events at VGHS since she and Brian got there, and he realizes that he has become a pushover. Despite wanting to go to Prom with Ki, Ted is forced to take Freddie’s car to drive the drifters to a nude gaming arcade, where the drifters attempt to steal one of the arcade cabinets.

Retrieved March 25, Retrieved November 9, Over the next five years, the Barnstormer brothers build rockdtjump Napalm. Ted at first tries to cover up his grief and maintains that Freddie was a great father, much to everybody’s concern. The Law 12 episodes, The clickable end card is not just a simple promotional tool; it also enhances the video’s creativity. Retrieved October 14, Working with Hollywood, YouTube-style RocketJump’s ability to make videos that felt like live-action video games drew interest from brands and celebrities alike.

Video Game High School

Vogue’s 73 Questions Ki switches IDs, and signs Ted up for drift racing. Would YouTube audiences watch longer videos? Season 1 Xeason 8 Locked in the System. A trailer rocketmump season 2 was released July 11,announcing the release of the first episode on July 25,[16] but episode 1 was delayed until the following day. Ki writes it, due to craving homework after Freddie bans her from doing anybut Ted owns up to his mistakes.

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The team comes seasoh behind and wins the first game, and Jenny and Brian agree to remain friends. He is unimpressed by her boyfriend, but admits she is growing up and lets her stay. While fleeing from the arcade owners, Ted appears to have an epiphany and wanders off into the vths, all while Ki attempts to call him to find out where he is.

The Law 12 episodes, Nicole Wyland In order to solve their problems, Ki’s parents decide to have them play Couple’s Council, a board game designed to repair relationships.


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Having just finished its third and final season, VGHS has episore a new path to success by showing that an original, scripted, long-form show could be a massive hit on YouTube.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Welcome to the Swans! ShotBot returns to sacrifice himself in order to save The Law and the evidence from a dunk tank, rocketjummp Shane’s name is not recovered from the wet USB drive.

Ki and Ted are nervous for Ki’s father’s visit, and Ted tries to learn a card game that Ki’s father is good at, but only convinces himself that he is stupid.

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Utilizing mind-melting special effects, YouTube savvy, and live-action videos that appeal to gamers, VGHS was the logical next step in RocketJump’s evolution. Wandering the streets after getting expelled Brian takes over an arcade. Jenny tells her mother that she and Brian are serious about dating, and that she feels her mother was never there for her. Go behind the scenes of the final episode of RocketJump’s premiere webseries!

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I know myself that the puns are terrible. Determined to find a point to the game, Wendell “plays” it for almost twenty four hours straight. She convinces them that the best way to promote their next Napalm product is to hold a Napalm Bowl, pitting Napalm’s own players against the VGHS team.

Retrieved July 19,