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That would be what Caroline is telling herself when she accepts Katherine’s offer to help Nadia with her wolf bite. Or will it be their salvation? But with a baby in their lives and secrets to be revealed, what will happen to friendships and relationships that were once so perfect? Stranded, they turn to each other, and create a bond that no one would have ever expected. Felicity Smoak, Technical Advisor, Casey is confused this boy seems so familar but she just can’t remember him.

They couldn’t imagine he would end up fighting for his life, nor predict how close they’d grow after their visit to the bank. Could the two perhaps rekindle their broken relationship? She invites two lab assistants to help her conduct research. Fighting crime is easy when compared to rising a family in the middle of car chases and secret missions, but with the help of some other parents Quentin, Diggle, Donna and even Moira , everything gets easier. What would Love dare to do before it’s too late? Then she meets a mysterious blonde vampire from her father’s past: Equal parts fluff and smut. Back in Mystic Falls the race for the cure is on, but at what cost?

Raise the Devil by WinterWind89 reviews When one dirty cop turns into many Detective Chloe Decker finds herself tangled in a web of lies and crime that goes back decades. Glossary by ssklarolinewrites reviews Checking in on the characters from “Words diaaries Weapons” through time, glossary-style. But how could something so wrong, feel so right? She invites two lab assistants to help her conduct research. If Edmund and Susan didn’t go verr the wardrobe after chasing the stag, how would it effect the time during Prince Caspian?


Can she win the heart of Prince Oliver. Do you let it in? The One I Love by tinycupcat reviews For as long as Beck Oliver could remember, the whole concept of marriage felt superficial to him. Vampire Diaries – Rated: The named characters aren’t mine, all rights reserved.

My first fanfiction ever! Adopt a Vampire by worthfighting4 reviews Sookie has to put her pride on the line when she’s confronted by a vampire that is ignorant vvampire her position with Eric.

Strong T rating in first chapter. Caroline celebrates the winter break by heading to New Orleans to holiday with Klaus, completely unaware avmpire enemies up and down the east coast are moving against everyone she loves.

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And then years later he is awoken. She made the obvious decision. They are literally anything that people ask me, so I thought I’d just put them all together.

Everything changes when the Queens hire her to tutor Oliver, but what could come out of this new job. Unfortunately, her plan is sidetracked and she finds herself having to find Klaus in a frenzy This time Felicity Smoak would get it right.

A Lifetime in a Year by raok reviews Starting post Homecoming ep.

Felicity Smoak’s old life catches up to her when she gets a call about her ex-husband. Mamoru invites Motoki, Usagi, and her friends to a holiday at a ski resort.

Butterflies and Hurricanes by froglady15 reviews Sequel to Endlessly. A boy named Connor. It’s based after the mid-season finale. In the wake of Slade’s assault, Oliver Queen is left to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. But one day, he loses all trace of her.


M – Spanish – Romance – Chapters: Y aleja para siempre la esperanza de los Siete Soles. My First Fan Fiction, Enjoy. Olicity slowburn, criminal AU. What she didn’t expect was the new priest and the journey of passion, love, and redemption he would take her on. Do not have to be a fan of Holmes to read!

What really happened in all the gaps of their lives that you didn’t get to see? Chronicles of Narnia – Rated: Our Playlist by cheaterinpink reviews Caroline is sent back to to kill Katherine to save Elena. Just In All Stories: But yet, nothing of this matters if his Queen is out there somewhere, taking the blame for his crimes. Caroline is his little sister’s best friend.

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Alternate Reality by Superville1 reviews A spell gone wrong? Sometimes the truth can be a bit more than anyone bargained for. Problem is, she doesn’t know what she thinks she does. What happens when Michael hits his breaking point? A Prince Caspian Remake by tin2lo reviews Movie-verse. Felicity Smoak is a single Mom with a four year old daughter Emily.