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She become the most beautiful princess, she is the talk of the land, suitors from nobles birth come chasing her, but she let all of them down, because she is unattainable treasure as she sent out his suitors to find such each unattainable treasure in order to have her, but none can do it, even his majesty, the law of the land ask for her, but she refuses. Edit Did You Know? Nezabyvayemoye aka The Unforgettable Yuliya Solntseva, Karnavalnaya noch aka Carnival Night Eldar Ryazanov, Poslesloviye aka Epilogue Marlen Khutsiyev, You may call S. Religion, God and Myth are three most imaginative creation of man, and in each; it reflect the nature of man itself, its chaotic and harmonic nature that is always in battle with each other, Aronofsky take from all three in Noah, it has its fault, and it has its brilliant. What attract a person to another?

And, believe me, here lies your happiness. Kid with Tattoos Radek Bruna Bella addormentata aka Dormant Beauty Marco Bellocchio, Posle smerti aka After Death Yevgeni Bauer, Grander of a Classic of Soviet animation. Kubanskie kazaki aka Cossacks of the Kuban Ivan Pyryev,

Goofs at around 40 mins The tour guide’s badge which is around his neck inside the village house disappears when he goes outside.

Novaya Moskva aka New Moscow Aleksandr Medvedkin, Even the praising of Stalin in the song at the end of New Moskow could not save Medvedkin from his film been put on the shelves for ;it to come. Anyone who stands in its way, anyone who tries to pti with our work, will be destroyed by the people.

The Bling Ring Sofia Coppola, The crave to imitate and posses the materials of a consumer pop society is the story of The Bling Ringvavipon only one way our of that craving; crime, to steal from others and posses it, and why not steal from the ones whom you want to be?

Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian Arnaud Desplechin, Arnaud Desplechin is a master in creating multiple characters that intertwine perfectly within the narrative of the film, he is almost a mashing of Cassavetes and Altman. The possibility of it happening might sound more in the science fiction territory, but fllm reality is; the latest and coolest bre hypotheses is that of the Multiverse, the possibility of having endless universe and therefore endless existence of you.

In the middle of nowhere, there’s no medical help, and no one wants to wait with the injured person except her husband. Raba lyubvi aka A Slave of Love Nikita Mikhalkov, In times of famine, horrors and wars, can a self conscious actress, on the peak of her fame, live the life of pleasure and ignore the rest of her fellow countrymen?

My friend, that is epic filmmaking at it simplicity, never miss it. The genius of the laughter and the comedy is the small scale of the story, but the epic ideological satire is the condemnation of the bureaucratic system.

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The film opens in the Moroccan desert: Ellie stil porno videosu. His cinema can be defines as one rooted in the Soviet montage of the 20s, pace and rhythm, emotions, poetic voice-over all matched by subtle combing of imagery in dialectical manner. The story of Lili Pleskova, a blind girl from childhood but a maestro violinist, spend her time at her flower garden and reading books, she live a life of normality until her Mother and her suitor, Vadim, decide to have an expansive operation to restore her sight, and when he does, she mistaken his playboy brother, Grigoriy for Vadim, as he is the first man whom she sees.

It is only obvious to say, that with Outrageand now Outrage BeyondKitano has masterfully reincarnated and transformed the yakuza film genre into the new age; one in which, above all, the once tough guy, street punk, violent, low mannered yakuza are now clean, always indoor, dressed as politicians or bosses and executives of corporations, speak and behave in manners, spending most of their time in meetings, planning their next expansion, they come and go, with their body guards, in and out of their mansions, ruling their empire, they become bedfellows with the politicians, they are two faces, on different side, but on the same coin.


Long Live Freedom Roberto Ando, Exchanging places, the wise man taking the place of the king and bringing property to the land, the tale is as old as humanity, in Long Live Freedom ; Toni Servillo take the double role of the leftist politician running for election dragging his party down, but his secluded professor of a twin brother replace him, as the politician goes on a soul searching trip to France, the new man running for election take the public by surprise with his philosophical, poetic and truthful speeches, only in the eve of the election to have his brother return and take back his position, predictable narrative.

Another masterpiece in dark humor form Romanian New Wave. On a sider note, Volga-Volga was favorite film of Joseph Stalin, the guy had a good taste in in films. Trivia Considered to be a loose remake or updated version of Cyborg Les Salauds aka Bastards Claire Denis, There is a magic to Denis as to how she captures the human body, in her films, the flesh, the movement of the muscles, gestures, gaze, even a little twisting of the arm has a significant meaning to the psychology of the characters.

Tridtsat tri or Nenauchnaya Fantastika aka 33 Georgi Daneliya, The film has a beautiful color cinematography.

The guy who gave it to me said you can hit as far as three kilometers. A good cast, great acting, fine cinematography, and expert direction make this film well worth watching. Venus in Fur works in a many levels; it can be called a film about obsession and domination in relationship, an examination in domination between two collaborators, in this case; an actress and a director, or a look into the creating process of writing, staging and directing a play, for what is the core conflict between Vanda and Thomas on the stage and their interpretation of Wanda and Severin in the play, we are told that it is dominance, sadomasochism, obsession and love that drive the characters into a circle of miss behaviors, but it is more than that; they are both pushing, searching for the limit of the unattainable, and by doing that, they both are entangled in a a game of madness and domination.

The story of a shepherd who become a conductor become not only an anti-bourgeoisie film in propaganda, but also a masterpiece in satire, the use of Jazz and experimental music is way ahead of its time, it is not only a charming watch, but a hilarious one. Let the Russian adapt their cultural heritage of rich literature into films, for they do it brilliantly, for a Russian is only understood by a Russian.

Then, on the opposite side of the world the married couple’s Mexican nanny takes the couple’s 2 children with her to her son’s wedding in Mexico, only to come into trouble on the return trip. Based on a popular children book by Lazar Lagin, the story of Hassan Abdul-rahman ibn Khattab, an old genie in captivity for more than three thousands years, he is freed by a Soviet Young Pioneer, Volka, only to find out that in the modern day Soviet Union, there is no room for selfish materialistic desires that the old genie wishes to bestow upon young Volka, and it is Volka who has to take the responsibility of making Khottabych into an active member of the society, by educating him the basic knowledge of the modern life and socialism.

In Leviathanliterary, the camera become a character, a person, with a voice, it become a hand, an emotion, a movement, it breath, it fly, it swims, it takes all shapes and form; a fish, a rope, the deck of a ship, the ocean, a seagull, it looks, it examine, it captures textures, it shows a hell in a the middle of an ocean, it is not a film that forces upon you an idea or a theme, rather, it flows, and you observe.

Kunak is now well domesticated, he guard the forest with MikhaIych against hunters, but they are also become part of the natural landscape, tipping the life of other creatures toward safety.


Search for ” Babylon A. A commercial transport ship and its crew are marooned on a planet full of bloodthirsty creatures that only come out to feast at night. The film balance sentimentally, anger and laughter in a parallel line, that is why, it is such a wonderful watch. The story of Vasily Chapayev, a Bolsheviks commander of the red army fighting the Whites during the Civil War is portrayed in the film as characters that is close in spirt to that of a child, one minute smiling, next, he is boiling in anger, he has to lead an army of cowards, as many attempt to run away from battle, it is his determination that make the men follow him, as he lead by example and not just words.

Another masterpiece in dark humor form Romanian New Wave. Another realistic film from the Romanian New Wave, although I was never a fan with the style used, especially the camera movement, consciously make itself aware to its technical capability in crooked movements from fast zooming to panning, making itself present, but as always, it give it the edgy realism that one slowly forget as you sink into the narrative.

The first film of Bondarchuk is not as stylish and epic as his later films are, the story is not just of one solider lost among millions, rather, it is tragic story of a one man, one soul that reflect the tragedy of WWII of millions of Russian, his first film already has the signature style of what to become his cinema; The long tracking shots over the vast landscape, the first person narration, the inner monologue, the flashback, direct address to the viewer, the heavy use of music, etc.

The film is not as harmonic as the next masterpiece that would follow from Dovzhenko, the story lack a unified narrative, so is the style, it is in search of a unity in form, but it is a film rich with technical mastery of cinematic technique, beautiful and lyrical. Gerasimov is not a director of action, he is no Bondarchuk when it comes to staging epic battle scenes, rather, the battles in And Quiet Flows the Don is shot coldly, it is on the screen for a short time, and most of the time, we are with the characters rather than the crowd, one reason perhaps that when the War and Peace project came along in 60s, Bondarchuk was chosen over Gerasimov to direct the film.


Povest plamennykh let aka Chronicle of Flaming Years Yuliya Solntseva, Narrated by Sergei Bondarchuk, from a story by Aleksandr Dovzhenko, and directed by his wife, Yuliya Solntseva, Chronicle of Flaming Years is a both an epic war film and a small poetic masterpiece that at times has the touches of the great Dovzhenko.

Tsirk aka Circus Grigori Aleksandrov, When Aurora discloses that she is a virgin and pregnant with twins, Toorop realizes that there is something sinister behind his mission and that he and Sister Rebeka are not part of Gorsky’s plans. It is also a love tribute to the art of filmmaking, as we take a tour in the Soviet film studios in its glory days, Aleksandrov, as always, does not shy away from showing all the tricks of the game to the viewer, the simple trick of double exposure to shoot the same actor on the screen at the same time is explained to the viewer at the end, as the two emerge into one in the splitting of the frame, indeed, the two character at the end seem to emerge as one in attitudes and desire, another great one from Grigori Aleksandrov.

A Masterpiece for all ages.