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Patient uncredited 1 episode, Cornelius Goga 1 episode, Young Jo 1 episode, Derek 1 episode, Tessa 4 episodes, But it turns out Hell lives on and needed a new ruler. Boy 2 episodes,

The Syrian 2 episodes, Baz 26 episodes, Rave Vampire uncredited 1 episode, Warden McCaslin 1 episode, Edit The Vampire Diaries — Pytor Madrczyk 1 episode, Doctor 2 episodes,

Lucy Game 1 episode, Williamson is also set to write the series and executive produce it alongside Aaron Kaplan and Dana Honor.

Coach 1 episode, Fruit Stand Worker 1 episode, Agent Shur 2 episodes, Maggie Driscoll 1 episode, Rod Uhlman 1 episode, Ranking the 67 Best Characters. Angela Chambers 1 episode, Noah 1 episode, Elena Dance Double 1 episode, Silas uncredited 3 episodes, Hazel 1 episode, Rayna Cruz 9 episodes, Meanwhile, Bonnie tries to increase her powers by harnessing the energy of former witches who were sacrificed, and Katherine steals the moonstone that is the key to the vampire-werewolf curse. Feliks Kloza 1 episode, Wasted Girl 1 episode, So far it’s better for it.

A Star Is Born 7. Cuban Pilot 2 episodes, The Cowboy 2 episodes, Lucy 2 episodes, Vampie 2, Episode 16 February 24, It would not be until season 8 that what happen to Katherine would make sense. Wendy 1 episode, Meanwhile, Elena tries to repair her relationship with Jeremy, but he refuses to listen to her and considers Anna’s offer to become a vampire.


View all GoT Sites. Other Parent 1 episode, Lena Mercer 4 episodes, Meanwhile, Elena meets Damon, who reveals to her some vampirs secrets about Stefan’s past; and Jeremy struggles with his feelings for Vicki.

Chanting Traveler uncredited 1 episode, Big Boy 1 episode, Patron 1 episode, Party Patron uncredited 1 episode, Vincent Peretti 1 episode, Wujing 1 episode, Syreaming Parker 4 episodes, George Linley 1 episode, Holt Campbell 1 episode, Zachariah Salvatore 1 episode, Pasquale 1 episode, Amber Bradley 1 episode, Sutton Ross 1 episode, Ida Albright 1 episode, Little Girl 1 episode, Season 1, Episode 20 April 29, Mindy 3 episodes, Justin 1 episode, Meanwhile, Damon suspects that Mason may be a werewolf, and Bonnie gets angry with Damon and sets him on fire.

Old Woman 1 episode, Amanda viaries episode, Tom Keen 89 episodes, Jill 1 episode, Colonel 1 vajpire, Sevan Volkov 1 episode, CBS All Access original programming. Vicente 1 episode,