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I cannot give up this family so easily. Damini doesn’t acknowledge Ichha. Mukta asks her to repeat her words. She tells Vishnu that they can go to their home now as Khanna has been arrested. Mukta prays for Meethi. Nandini understands that he is standing right behind her. Mukta bluntly tells her that she was her great grandmother, but not anymore.

Mukta tells her that she has not given anyone else a chance to speak. Guru Ma explains that this indicates that her mantras are showing their effect. He tries to stop her but she pours the water over her head saying that Nani is dead for her from today onwards. The guard informs her that everyone has left for City Hospital. Mukta bluntly tells her that she was her great grandmother, but not anymore. Rani was not supposed to eat it.

I know you taunt me, point out at my faults, I know you do so as you mean well for uttadan and Mukta. Akash assures her that nothing will happen to Rani. She has found the problem.

Ichha smitten by Birthday Celebrations. Is this how you behave with elders?


Till when will you live on uttarab alms of relatives? It is easy to break them. By now, Rani somehow manages to descend the staircase but trips in the end. Ekadashi is offended to see Chameli. I cannot believe you.

I can only tell you that the next 48 hours are really critical for them.

I only got love from teacher didi. I was born in a jail. We do not support playback on this browser, requesting you to please update your browser to the latest version.

You call that a home where new problem pops up every other day, where there is no peace and calm. She feigns to be worried for Meethi. Meethi is sure Rani will be happy seeing it but Maiyya says I will be happier when I will make her wear it. Nani tells her all that Mukta has said to her. Meethi is shocked to hear about Akash. Doc says we are trying to find the problem. Khatron Ke Khiladi S Mukta knows that her words have affected her. You cannot do anything to my Meethi. Mukta brings a bucket full of water.


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Ichha ko mili Maa se seekh. We will have to cast away all the evil eyes from Rani. Meethi is sure Nandini wont hurt Rani. Nandini is doing it. Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi. She turns towards Nani to give her a fitting reply. He apologizes to Nani for all that Mukta has done.

Ekadashi is offended to see chameli

Mukta too says sorry to Nani. Sign in Recover your password. Na Bole Tum S It was meant for you Meethi. India’s Got Talent S Rani hugs Ekadashi, and even Ekadashi hugs her back.

I had kept it for my heir. Vishnu intentionally injures himself. Mr Khanna calls Chameli.