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Riders TV Movie As far as the USS Drum’s status goes, remember to visit: But Rupert has a rival – the brooding gypsy Jake Lovell Cool thanks for the heads up Yes, should be a great game. I have changed my name as not to get pummeled with phone calls. That is great Sailor Steve, and judging from what the producer up above said it sounds like it is being tweaked towards more historical guidelines with the help of the Drum volunteers. It will showcase the interior of the USS Drum and may perhaps bring more attention to the Drum as well as other museum subs.

I just read Shoot-Kill-Win’s link, and after looking at the photos of the sad state Drum is in, I’ll see the movie no matter what anybody says. Read reviews that mention waste your time uss seaviper waste of money uss drum bad acting worst video actors poorly script crew poor uniforms wasted alabama japanese movies production sub terrible. Still, Peter Jacksons first movies blew up sheep with rocket launchers and used the V6 Ford Capri as a secret service car, i’ll give anything a shot. I’ll wait this time though. I kinda thought it was crappy, I guess it was made for American domestic consumption. So there are some good american WWII movies. However in years from now this may become a cult film of bad films. One movie I did enjoy [sorry outside the scope of subs], was the Aviator.

We’ve got at least “it’s possible” or “ya it’s documented”. Getting it under water would be a bitch!: But we’d rather use a model. Also, please don’t take my input as being overly negative Rnglish you can recommend some kind of comprehensive layman’s guide we’d be open.


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The tour was great. Consider Das Boot, which avoided the Beautiful Actor syndrome: USS Crevalle rescue mission subtitlse Negros bringing home 41 americans – and with the Plan Z documents captured by guerillas on board.

I gagged at what a German bullet did to a US soldier’s lower jaw.: I will pass thank you on both if you want to really help any old sub I say go to its location or look it up on the web and ask to donate yourself directly thats the best way to do it. Can anyone recommend some?

Isn’t it based on Eugene Sledge’s book?

Will they be able to change the tide of the war? Officer Roitman Steve Roth Did they release it yet? I saw it in the theater once and never saw it again. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers.

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usd You all know your going to watch it anyway. Even a very good movie like Das Boot I only watch every few years there just isnt enough mass intrest in WWII submarines that is going to attract any large well funded group into making a movie or mini-series the hayday for WWII subs in main stream media was the 50s and early 60s.

From what I’ve read it follows two Marines the part plot is based on their memoirsall the way from the hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor to the signing of the Japanese surrender!


Not to nitpick, but they discover Landsberg Concentration camp. Use the HTML below. I’m kinda suprised nobody mentioned the movie “Destination Tokyo”.

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Oddly, a lot of the credits include a good number of eastern europeans. Start your free trial.

I haven’t seen it in a while but I think at the end they DO scroll some text saying that the British were the ones who recovered the Enigma along with some other factual information. Good story ruined by a stupid romantic encounter and Cold War propaganda that some people just won’t let go of. You and me, buddy.

That could be really good. Drum sank 15 enemy ships.

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I could add a few more, but I think you’ve gotten the point. Read more about DVD formats. I actually quite eeaviper Saints and Soldiers. Not an American film, though.

I can’t imagine that terror At our request Tom is literally standing over our shoulder to engliish sure this is as believable as possible. The other historical inaccuracy however, is that they take the Berghof which was actually destroyed by bombing.

We would be shooting underwater in 4K. I’ll watch Das Boot for the th time.