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Nishiki refers to warping being invented in the 20th century, which could hint at the show being set in the 21st. Jam-packed with action and monsters, a pretty simplistic, but very fun and occasionally tense episode.. Gondo states his intention to fire Hikari from the team after his failure to look after Mutsumi, unless he can prove himself worthy, indicating he might suspect something. The Mysterious Monster Island Episode The Supersonic Confrontation Episode The concept of three monsters being combined into one and not getting along sounds like the premise of a sitcom, yet it works.

Without a captain, the team is left on their own to deal with the plethora of monsters, with everyone getting a chance to shine. The monster is obvious Mothra homage. The monster family angle is fun, though ends on a kind of a sad note. Jam-packed with action and monsters, a pretty simplistic, but very fun and occasionally tense episode.. Great Monster Decisive Battle. Object X from Space — Professor Nishiki returns yet again, this time brigning with him a strange metal object that some aliens seem to want. Jonias pulls out his monster-shrinking power once again. The Mysterious Monster Island Episode

A surprisingly violent episode with lots of shooting and a bit of disturbing imagery in the form of the androids. Just picture a bulldozer plowing through a model city.

The ☆ Ultraman – Beta Capsule Reviews

The Female Ultra Warrior — As suggested by the title, the return of Amia, who desperately wants to visit the Earth, having fallen for Hikari, which given he houses her brother, does sit rather ill. The Hellar empire or rather, a race of Vulcan-looking aliens in funny costumes in allegiance with Hellar unleash what is probably their deadliest attack yet — rocket after rocket containing monsters.

In a bizarre and unexplained scene, the EGG3 Commander is really against the idea of SDG staying aboard to search for the loose killer kitten, insisting to Gondo they have work to do on Earth.

This is the Ultra Star! Challenge to the Burning Sea — A strong episode with a pretty dire episide in form of a prehistoric Firebird that lives under water Episdoe roll with it. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Regardless, a very fun two parter.


Not terrible, but pretty absurd and just kind of uninteresting. Said monster hunter is pretty funny and might have made for a fun recurring character similar to Nishiki had he been introduced earlier.

The Sad Legend of the Revived Lake.

The South Sea’s Suspicious Space. Similar to Monster vs. Birth of a New Hero. Feels somewhat reminiscent of an Ultraman Mebius episode, with other Ultras making appearances, lots of classic monsters and the team all working together despite setbacks. The Badel aliens, while defeated in large numbers, are revealed to still be lurking throughout the universe, out for revenge against the Ultras.

The monster is a very memorable one, being an Astromons homage. When the Weed Whistle Blows in the Evening. Watch the best tokusatsu including Gridman, Episose and your favorite Ultraman series. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

The Objective Is Pig! After the several defeats had by the Hellar empire from SDG and the Ultria, it makes sense for them to want to get ultrman of them in as straightforward a fashion possible.

Though with four parts, there is still plenty of time for lots of great character moments, especially in regards to Hikari and Jonias, with it being revelaed the team has been on to him for a good while. Break through the Underground.

To the Ultra Star — An excellent cap to the series, and easily the best finale to any of the 70s Ultraman shows. This site uses cookies. Monsters are slug-like things that eat rock and metal like termites eat wood therefore causing tremors that all merge into a reptilian looking beast. A lot of fun. The monsters are locust swarm theorized to be mutated from pesticides, a concept that would be revisited in The Bitter Harvest.

Kind of on the mushy-gushy side, but a good episode. The foe featured might very well be the strangest in the entire show, being a mammoth-like monster and a pterodactyl-like monster that have the ability to combine into one…somehow. Tobe with who he has a rocky relation with last time gets paired with him, leading to some funny ultrakan. Whether or not it is indeed the Earth is debated throughout. Two Officer Mutsumi’s Part 1. The monster from the aliens after faux Mutsumi is yet another really unique one that is owed to animation.


Naturally though, the bird grows and wrecks some havoc. Ultria Was Joniaw in Two?!

Ultraman Jonias vs. Red King, Earthtron, Ghostron, Banila, and Aboras

Some very unique visuals are present during his entrapment and a few disturbing ones involving the infected people. Of course, this love triangle is pretty much dropped after this episode. Chase of the Mysterious Red Cloud Episode 4. The Secret of the Shining Pendant Episode 2. Kei Tomiyama, Masato Ibu Directors: The Ultramah Phantom Bird.

Nishiki refers to warping being invented in the 20th century, which ultrqman hint at the show being set in the 21st. The Science Garrison’s Challenge! Amia retains her U40 form despite her needing to possess Kyoko last time.

Towards the Future Ultraman: The New Captain Has Arrived! Aoki holds a grudge against Hikari due to him being chosen to serve at EGG3 over him, for reasons not explained.

The Ultraman

The climax features not one, not two, not three but four monsters, an advantage animation has over live action. Elek and Loto play a large part in assisting during the climax. Hellar is finally met face-to-face, and leaves a real nasty impression. Birth of a New Hero — The first series to firmly establish itself as a separate continuity from everything before it, and a ultramab decent start.