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Skip to main content. I rajko je umro usamljen kao i margita,kao sto su umrli usamljeni i mnogi drugi nepoznati momci i devojke,kojima je droga skratila zivotni put. Hermetic philosophy emerged as well in parallel with Neoplatonism and Gnosticism and was instrumental in developing spiritual forms of theology including Judaic Kabala, Gnostic Christianity and Islamic Sufism. So, all these issues led the actors to reconsider their place and role in a changing society. The aim is to enhance responsibility, au- tonomy, and emancipation. With the view to the future, the importance of cultural heritage will continue to grow in the present, regardless of the fluctua- tions in the pro-European sentiments among different population groups in different EU countries. On the other hand, village schools and libraries have a particularly significant role in this area and so far they have not showed awa- reness of the value of rural cultural heritage, or its role in its protection, pre- servation, conveyance and usage.

Data about the first half of are extrapolated on the basis of the demographic trends in World Population data Sheet. There are also the principles and aims of the Danube Strategy and its structure focusing on the role and synergy of culture with other areas within this strategic EU document. As shown by Edgar Morin, there clearly is a tension between poetic, sensitive and philosophical approaches on the one hand, and prosaic, down to earth, practical approaches on the other Morin It carries the ethos of engaging with the local heritage and art, both tangible and intan- gible to generate new ideas and experiences. In the framework of such supranational construction as the EU with its increasingly flexible borders and redistribution and re-delegation of powers, cities receive new opportunities for economic and cultural entrepreneurship. Other nearby villages with signi- ficant natural and cultural potentials for sustainable development, which have not been activated, are located in in the close environment of km diameter: Edward Elgar Publishing Inc.

Fulm, internal potentials have been neglected and forgotten in the past few decades, it is necessary to revive its tangible and intagible natural and cultural heritage and re-discover the spirit of the place. One group is claiming that cultural sustainability comes by ensuring sustainability of cultural capital — by reproduction of cul- tural practices and preservation of heritage as non-renewable resource. From that point on, the commercialisation of archaeology in the US be- came the norm, and this model has been subsequently adopted sokumentarni adapted in many states around the world.

Initiatives have risen from local governments considering the three pillars of sustainable development economy, ecology and social did not cover all the needs and expectations of the population. Ti spavas na ledjima mazge Rednik bleska u moru peska I kamen kvrca pod kopitom Grlo je suvo i sunce svrdla Visis u mraku I vetar ti mrsi krvlju ulepljenu kosu Prometej cuci na ramenu I kljuje plave beonjace Sedis u sobi i slusas zvuk iz kupatila Gde tvoj otac pere ogromne kvrgave ruke I frkce na vodu Sto mu pljuska na lice Doumentarni u oci zene Sto vristi pod tobom U sumi u oblaku pare Koja sisti iz vaseg daha Stenjes od uboda stotine malih igala Koje stipaju napuklu kicmu Pod teretom vrece sa mirisom kafe i soli Trgas zubima vruce meso Vristis u pijanom stanju Od smrti Od noza Od svetla Od mraka Od srece Od bola Od sebe Kraj sebe.


Zar ne vidis da mi se oci sklapaju. Also important is the change of the regime in which we watch films, because films we watch on the Internet online, download ; on cable TV channels prepaid, or pre-ordered ; or on DVD bought or rented can be stopped, paused, rewound or fast- forwarded, or we can change a channel. Also, these results indicate that the process of change is practically feasible by balanced action Matarasso, Landry, ; Djukic, on internal and external development potentials.

Handbook of Ur- ban Studies. What are the aims of cultural policies?

World Bank Group Washington. Elsaes- ser and K. Although Hawkes himself professes for a broad understanding of culture as a social production of meanings and values, transmitted in different ways of life, therefore it is the bedrock of society Hawkes Council of Europe Publishing.

Postoje naravno i drugi primeri gde su festivali, npr. However, local community still does not recognize this event as a development potential for ecotourism. Vecina nije imala nikakvu podrsku ,ni moralnu,ni materijalnu,ni od porodice ni od prijatelja.

Culture and Sustainable Development at Times of Crisis 23 them. Consequently, what is meant by cultural dokumentrni has inevitably changed over time as well. Heritage as non-renewable cultural capital of intrinsic filj — cultural sustainability as heritage safeguarding The first framework we will be looking at falls into a broad definition of the authorized heritage discourse Smith, However, the true influence of Jdahni on the Ger- man mind did not reach its peak until the age of German Romanticism Hor- nungEbling In communi- cation with heritage people produce values, de construct and re construct their identities and social structures.

Culture and sustainable development: Operational Model New Hermopolis employs a hybrid rokumentarni model that raises rev- enue from business activities to invest in social change programs within our local communities. Indeed, the inhabitants are considered as citizens and stakeholders, and not only as audiences or consumers. Heritage appeals to and is related to the soul, rather than the balance sheet of Europe.


dokukentarni In spite of its wealth in cultural heritage, the area is culturally and economically disadvantaged and suffers from a long standing religious and fictional strife. Masov- na publika, bar onakva kakva je postojala u vreme tradicionalnih medija, pola- ko prelazi u istoriju medijske teorije, a nastupa vreme pojedinca.

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To- day, we are the witnesses of a true urban revolution as described by the French philosopher Henri Lefebvre, who prognosticated about 40 years ago that the city, overtaking the world, will lead to a new condition, which he denotes with the notion of urban society: The urban revolution has also another aspect today: Culture and Sustainable Development at Times of Crisis stanu. Je li neko zna gde da kupim knjigu Vrati unatrag??? Nacionalna strategija regionalnog razvoja Republike Srbi- je.

I’ve always loved you gost However, in the last years, a number of institutions such dokumenarni the Louvre muse- um, the Opera in Lyon or the Wind Festival in Calvi Corsicahave modified their strategies, taking into account economic, social and ecological questions.

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Culture and Sustainable Development at Times of Crisis 61 http: Pa udayni poceo da se krsti za sve i svashta i levom i desnom The list below includes only those which are directly related to cultural heritage and envi- ronment of European cities, without more specific educational and research programs: Prema podacima sa http: A Framework for Action. From the standpoint of legislation in the field dokumentarbi nature conservation in Serbia, in the Proposal, it was recognized as a protected area with local sig- nificance, which until recently did not have an international dimension.

Prvo su se samo druzili i sa nama ostalimaposle su se samo druzili bez nas a onda su se “uzeli” i za sada imaju 3 dece. The effect of the global recession on cultural resource manage- ment in the United States, in N.