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She’ll still need Bonnie to help her get to the prison world, and Bonnie is crazy reluctant to do that, so Lily might have a fight on her hands in order to get Bonnie’s assistance. Trailer Park Boys Characters Quiz. Best Desperate Housewives Quiz. We’re Planning a June Wedding Episode Who Said What Supernatural Quiz. I Was Feeling Epic Episode Spongebob Squarepants Theme Song Lyrics.

Damon and Alaric face an old enemy after they obtain a weapon that may be able to destroy Cade. Damon makes a deal with Cade to retrieve the Maxwell journal, in an effort to save Stefan’s soul, but Alaric and Matt refuse to hand the journal over because it may contain the key to destroying Cade. How much would it suck to hear that after knowing what it’s like to long for someone or something for years yourself? Season 8, Episode 5 November 18, Season 8, Episode 9 January 20, Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.

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Season 8, Episode 12 February 10, Available to Stream Watch on. Stefan’s Christmas Eve dinner with Caroline is crashed by Damon and Sybil, and things quickly take a dark and twisted turn. Glee Trivia Quiz New. Catatan si Zenal zheze Dork.

A Star Is Born 4.

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Season 8, Episode 2 October 28, Meanwhile, Caroline desperately tries to connect with Stefan before Cade goes through with his plan. Tasked with finding a tvshow artifact, Vamprie latest mission takes him to Texas where a violent run-in with Peter Maxwell leads to a surprising revelation. Klik salah satu Banner ya. Who Said What Supernatural Quiz. How I Met Your Mother trivia. Meanwhile, Stefan and Alaric uncover the origins of the mysterious force they’re up against; and Matt returns to the fray after his past and present collide in an unexpected way.

Season 8, Episode 6 December 2, We’re done with that story but we’re not done with that story, you know?

We All Know How Is there something about their power which keeps her from turning into a Ripper? The best part of the Enzo-Sarah interaction to date has to be the very end when it wasn’t clear whether he would turn her, compel her, or epidode her before he just took the ropes off her wrists and walked away.

Season 8, Episode 16 March 10, No one would have blamed him. Enzo continues to fight the control over him; Bonnie is forced to make a heart-wrenching decision involving two of the most important people in her life; Alaric researches a mysterious artifact that may help bring Damon and Enzo back; Damon’s downward spiral leads him to Tyler Lockwood who tries to talk some sense into him before seson too daries.

Difficult Dragon Ball Quiz. Asked with finding a mysterious artifact, Damon’s latest mission takes him to Texas where a violent run-in with Peter Maxwell leads to a surprising revelation.


Diposting oleh Zenal Uchiha di These heretics became her new family, but was that because she grew addicted to the power they possess, or because she was legitimately looking for family?

Meanwhile, Caroline and Alaric fear that someone is targeting their family after sfason encounter an unexpected visitor.

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Easy My Little Pony: The question of the night was whether or diaties Lily Salvatore would be able to help bring Stefan back to his guilt-ridden, moping, subdued self. Caroline and Bonnie enter Damon’s mind and run into familiar faces from the past, only to discover Stefan is the key to Damon’s fate.

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Damon and Stefan join forces against Cade in order to save Elena’s casket. It’s clear to everyone, Damon included, that he’s her consolation prize. Random General Knowledge – U.