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Tachiya wears his Japanese ceremonial robes, and proposes to Ching Ching It was an amazing production of TVB after soooo many years. Login or Register before you can reply to Aly. Evergreen played Fei Fan Gor with so much ease that it was easy to hate him. Lau Sing was going to take her father away but her father was killed. In , Tong Gat’s grandmother slogged her life and managed to get a sum of money to travel to Guangzhou. April 21, at 1: Lau Sing met Choi Hing, and witnessed somebody kidnapping him.

Meanwhile, the Japanese army invades China and Canton falls into the hands of the Japanese. Whilst Sheren too had shown her very strong Big Sis role. Seems like she became a traitor and attached herself to one of the Japs. When I first saw the last episode, I was so angry that they separate Wayne and Sheren from each other for all those year!! The series painted a bigger picture about the agony of having to live under suppression and dictation by the Japanese. The guerrillas managed to infiltrate the concentration camp and give Gau Mui an injection. On the night of May 7th, a series of intensive air raids on a strategic part of Guangzhou results in many civilian casualties.

Even if he only had a few minuetes of screen time, he was not going to get his voice dubbed or anything, but really put in his effort to learn the lines and make it flow episodde, so kudos to the actors for putting so much effort into it. As he is about to lead his officers to investigate the case, Fei-fan interrupts the episose and instructs that only Yeung Yeung and Spareribs are to handle the operation alone.

Also, it annoyed me a lot how the entire household had to lie to each other because they worry for another person. They did not give up on one epusode.


I was also unsure why she was unable to go back to Gangzhou to find them? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: True or not, realistic or not. Please reviww me at just. Long-hei leads employees to hand in their resignation letters to Gau Mui. I felt that this series could have been shorter.

Apple Daily in Chinese.

[No Regrets] Episode Finale Thoughts | K for TVB

Kat kills Heung Shan before Sing does so that Sing is not convicted of killing a Japanese after they had surrendered. However, with this series, I did not mind missing an episode because some parts were rather boring. Albeit very irritating and condescending most of the time, she had what a lot of girls and women lacked at the time of the period. I never did like any series revolving around the WW2 erabut I have to saythis drama just breaks my assumption! Tvbb Nei thought that this was true, and was very grateful to Fei Fan She continued to rule, rile and command like no other.

Dai Fung betrays Long Hei, and blurts out the truth.

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I must say the most touching line that he said in No Regrets was: River of Wine By Funn 11 Review: A tussle ensues in their home, and Gau Mui is injured in the process Congratulations to Sheren and Wayne whoseservedly won their awards as best actor and actress. I also found it incredibly episoee how Lau Sing would come back to Guangzhou every time he has a break in order to line up for his visa application: She writes her last letter to Lau Sing The house was only repatriated to Madam Yeung recently.

No Regrets normally climaxes at the end and there were times where I felt like I could miss the start and just watch the last 15 minutes which was usually the most exciting part. No sole focus on the main leads, but some time given to other characters for development as well.


The following is a table that includes a list of the total ratings points based on television viewership.

Meanwhile, the Japanese army invades China and Canton falls into the hands of the Japanese. Tung Nei gets married with Leung Fei Fan.

Long Gwan suddenly comes back from Shanghai, and asks why Gau Mui collaborated with the Japanese to open up the new smokehouse. While interrogating Fei Fan, Lau Sing has a close shave with another air raid. Ching Ching writes her last diary entry before she faints I am ok with ching ching passing away, but pleaseeeee dont let Lau Sing to die!!

It grips your heart, makes you cry, and overflows you with incessant reminders of torture and torment. She had spunk and a mind of her own. Click here to cancel reply. Lau Sing was setting up road barriers when he met Gau Mui. Lau Sing worries for Gau Mui when he saw her car outside the restaurant where the Japanese soldiers were dining There’s no way medicine then was so advanced to cure a heart murmur.

I actually really loved the final scene where they replayed what Wayne said to Sheren on the bench at the hospital. This is definitely better then Rosy Business.