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Yeah what’s up with that? Leffen 4 stocking Armada and Ice Sloppy but worth. Subscribe for more, with love, Kampf Bruders. Being a leffen fan is hard what player should i do next?: Damn that was Sky Williams casting no wonder why I was kinda laughing. This guy is huge in the game sense!

Presented by the UBC eSports Hopefully more to come: Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. For Glory- Episode 3 youtu. Pay to go to an event where everyone wants to see top level Melee and you’re so insecure you need people to pay attention to you. Yeah what’s up with that? Having 30 straight minutes of this kind of content is just fantastic.

TSM Leffen: For Glory- Episode 3 : smashbros

And this video just shows a little glimpse of where you are gonna take this TSM family next. Damn that was Sky Williams casting no wonder why I was kinda laughing. Been a while since i’ve uploaded anything, lleffen since leffen has returned I thought why not do montage of him.

This was an awesome documentary series to follow! Log in or sign up in seconds.



Follow and watch Armada and Leffen live at: Subscribe for more, with love, Kampf Bruders. Get On My Level’s penultimate rounds Swedish Smash Cultivation Leffen: Not vor at all.

Jeanette’s Son Cultivation Leffen: Great casting by Sky. Two unlikely men come together to share their love for the game of Super Smash Bros: I can really see how much effort you put in your productions. Highlight against every Opponent Subscribe for more: Hopefully more to come: What a tournament series. I love how it mixes gameplay with interviews with the player and little snippets of what it feels like to go to a big time tournament as a top player.

Anyone got links to more content like that? Also can anybody tell me what music is at 4: Resurrection Find out what Mang0 had to say about Leffen in E1: This guy is huge in the game sense! I think you should be credit at least in a description: New Peach Tech from Leffen – from his stream: It’s time to bring him back.

Made me relieve some great Evo moments.


Yeah what’s up with that? Been a fan of TSM since the first world championship at dreamhack summer. Help poor Leffen, sign up the petition: This ep was pretty lame tbh.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Everyone likes to see Leffen being beaten but Is max not able to focus on zero and league? If you enjoyed the content, please suscribe!

cultivation leffen

Only thing that sucks is how long it takes to come out. No insight on leffen other than him recapping what he did at Evo, which was also what the tsn was, a recap of Evo. Energy Sword Sunday 2 meses.

Is that guy now a legend for sticking his hand in the camera for no reason?

Love where you have taken this brand Andy.