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February 4, 0. I’d estimate the hands to be at least 5 or 6 times as bright as the 13 other vials. Also, the thing I love is that the second hand matches up EXACTLY with the ticks, especially since hte markers are elevated up to the level of the second hand. Indulgence Ibiza Wonderland, Part I: My impressions I seem to remember some criticism regarding the strength of the Traser vials in the past. This could be quite crucial if you were mounting a midnight assault on an enemy position, but most of us will probably use it for marginally less exotic purposes, like seeing what time that hooting barn owl has woken you up at again. February 15, 0. Giles on June 29,

Not especially practical for everyday use, but a good talking point at dinner parties to ensure that everyone regards you as the military-obsessed gadget geek. December 8th, 6. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. February 15, 0. I am a huge fan of the styling of the watch. Fortunately I knew about the less-than-stellar strap beforehand thanks to you guys!

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If you are into military-style watches and need a new daily beater, this clock is a good but not perfect choice. December 9th, 8. I know this because I have an older Y3 Seal and a new navigator type that I swapped seconds hands with as the new watch second hand did not have a trit vial.

H3 make a wide range of these tritium watches, and the P Navigator Type 6 is the basic tough-guy of the line wqtch. You need something tougher, something rugged that was designed to tell the time while facing down the very harshest of natural elements.

Not impressed on September 28, 8: Comments, suggestions and critics welcome. I only wish it had a sapphire crystal instead of mineral, but will get that replaced whenever there are some more scratches on there. Results 1 to 10 of December 11th, Well, saying that the watch “looks cheap” really quite doesn’t fit the bill.


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I’m absolutely serious here. Watchuseek recommends Chrono24the largest watch marketplace on the Internet. Not having to use any tools to replace the Nato strap is IMO a big plus over the rubber and diver bands, keep that in mind when ordering your watch. Giles on June 29, The Maratac straps appear to be quite good and are cheap to replace if you ruin one. By reading all the comments here about the H3 technology, I really expected it to be pretty bright.

It is made from some sort p6500 cheap-feeling plastic and is very thin. My Wiegand Italian diver glows all watfh also.

The stock nato is a bit flimsy but I have a zulu two ring which is much better. I initially thought the lume was dull but its perfect for night use. February 15, 0.

The second hand does not quite match the markers which I hear is common with these models. The glow on the minute and hour hand is bright enough but the 13 other tiny tritium vials are rather dim. It is cheap enough that you won’t shed any tears if you scratch or even break it. The crown is well protected Cons: January 23, 0.

My impressions hi I’ve wandered over here from the G Shock forum as I have just received my p type 6. The bonus of having this radioactive material in your watch, aside from scaring the Belgians, is that you can read the time in the dead of night without needing to press a battery-powered back-lighter or squint at barely visible navigatof markers.


Luminox sell the exact same watch, rebranded, as a m watch. pp6500

The high-prised Tritium aka H3 illumination caught my interest, as well as the military spec nvigator which the watch adhered. By Jonesy on June 4, The Lifestyle. I’m impressed, just need to get used to the light weight.

I was getting sick of having to remove my trusty Casio PRWT before taking a shower or doing anything that might scratch the titanium bracelet. I have a Traser, it has never let me down yet.

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February 4, 0. In simple terms, when the electrons interact with a phosphor material, fluorescent light is formed. A little bit of digginghowever, revealed at least two exact clones of the mil-spec P which are still produced and sold today: Also, the thing I love is that the second hand matches up EXACTLY with the ticks, especially since hte markers are elevated up to the level of the second hand. December 7th, 1. I have to say that my Seiko Spring Drive m and Kinetic Flightmaster had the best non-trit lume of any watches I have ever seen.

About on par I would say.