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Cynic’s ban got extended to a permanent ban today is a gud day bros What? Also thought the soundtrack was cool. Also like how there’s lots of sexual jokes yet barely any “sexualization” like no panty shots and stuff. Only rating that makes sense. There’s going to be more seasons right? Oh, if you’re cutting though you might want to keep Toriko for later because it makes you as hungry as fuark and want to eat an entire village of starving african children.

Totally surprised about v It gets pretty dark for awhile there, some of that sh! Unbalance x Unbalance Dramatic Phaggytime Manhwa. Toriko is retarded, but I love the corny intro of the episodes for great bulking inspiration. You don’t have any news about those seasons, quit lying. Space Dandy is really good.

Princess Mononoke objectively is my absolute favorite and imo Miyazaki’s best, most mature work Totoro will toyo have special place in my heart since it was my first anime ever though.

I did however choose to disregard what you said at the end there and just give you general recommendations. You could always show him Grave of the Fireflies. I’m on episode 7 so far.

Tokyo Ravens – 10 – Dailymotion Video

Would like to give you some recommendations if I can. Toriko is retarded, but I love the corny intro of the episodes for great bulking inspiration. Danzo was being a fuking phaggot pussy ass retard during the invasion.


All You Need is Kill chapter 7 is out Nisekoi is. Like I mentioned earlier.

Good chit nope, just looked it up, not for me. Inn 4 pages later edit: Thanks for the thread Bleachway.

The manga only releases once a month though and it makes waiting for the source material to get ahead take forever, which is a fuking drag. Totally surprised about v Dat feel when I was planning on catching up on like 5 chapters of Shingeki. First time that’s ever happened in any manga me getting chills I mean.

Will rep if someone puts “soon” in this picture [img]http: In and fashionably late like usual. There is some epic sh! She will undoubtedly be upset with me. Wake up to new thread, innnnn bois innnnn. Felt mediocre, kind boring. Watching Fate Zero right now and it has really good action and animation. I’ll surpass all you phaggots.

As long as you don’t give him Princess Mononoke right away for obvious reasons he should love him some Miyazaki films. HxH is unquestionably a better executed show though, and much more intelligently written.

Lolwut Cynic’s ban being extended to perma? In late, still first page Feelsgudmane Edit: I don’t even have the right to post a sexy saika pic. If you find the show funny, I don’t think you should drop the show, there’s over episodes, there’s no need to stress through them all in one week, take your time! Dude who did the manga was probably stoned as fukk: You seen Mirai Nikki?


Banned for a month and miss out on the collab pics by like hours and nobody asked about me. This thread made me wanna check out some new anime. One of my favorite romance stories between a HS student and his year old teacher.

Tokyo Ravens – 10

Super fun, but I thought this most recent episode was the weakest yet. Obviously stuff was cut but I guess all of this is to locemyanime expected when trying to fit a standard length anime into 4 movies. Anime these days man I don’t know if I’m happy or pissed!

Brb only 3 Smh. There’s going to be more seasons right?