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Raven October 1, at 8: It makes watching the drama so much more fun. Not sure if we can blame the actress or not. And for him to see it with his own two eyes instead of being told by a third-party or even the source herself is cause for celebration. See what your seed of doubt did there Doc? A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Jae-Hee is in the pool looking for the necklace and Tae-Joon dives in and pulls her up.

Jae-Hee goes to her locker and her gym clothes are dripping wet. Lee Han Wi Supporting Cast. Pre-Army we get the deung-mok, post-Army we get the shower scene. The coach asks him that he thought he had decided to quit and believed him so he tells him to leave because Tae-Joon has already quit. Thanks for all of your opinions everyone – two episodes left! Notify me of new comments via email. Aha, well I’m currently watching this drama, also!

I have enjoyed how he has been able to alter his face whenever Tae Joon goes through a change of emotion in a scene That scene when he was when excited to have dinner with Jae Hee. Eun-Gyeol tries to get into the washroom, Seung-Ri also comes in Jae-Hee tells them to use a different one because its not a public washroom.

My ears are ringing Tae-joon listens with a smile and teases that yes, she was heavy.

Judging by the comments left here eub other threads, plenty of my fellow connoiseurs of Fine Drama-ing have never heard of it either. I backed out of that place real slow. Because I found the 11th episode is so boring compare to this 12th episode. I’m not sure why they don’t use him more often.


Eun-Gyeol is waiting for Dong-Mu, they meet up and she is cute. His flaming charisma competitiveness just turns me ON.

Beautiful you korean drama ep 6 eng sub

Their wackiness kept the jdrama from getting all melodramatic teen angst. Sunk deeper, Min-ho crush. Minho is slowly improving and it would be nice if he gets more offers in dramas.

Bwautiful first video of this drama and LAST.

To the Beautiful You: Episode 14 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

October 1, at 9: She says that they should see each other again and she gets on the bus. I thought episodde what we’d agree on calling him from now on? If it was her, her heart would have already been black and blue. Gummi’s little bird xub right about the obvious solution; they put too much emphasis on it that it’s lost its impact.

But even if it continues Seo Jun Young Supporting Cast.

EG and Sungri are forever cute. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Come to think of it, they should just have an invisible person playing JH, maybe wearing a ball cap so we know where she is on screen.

Please don’t forget to subscribe for My Channel: I though TJ has really been improving in his acting, which is all the more obvious when compared with “deadpan JH. He’s the guy who did everything right: The fact that this scene was only inserted to show how sweet and kind our heroine is to be able to go and comfort the EVIL girl, and thus is more worthy of the hero, makes it even worse. He asks if she is not going to see him jump again because she promised she was going to and asks her not to leave.


D things you learn from this drama At the hospital, Director Jang tells Dad to take it easy and asks if Tae-joon dropped by. I’m glad that you do like her since there are times where she can be inspiring. They look like the kids I teach at school, but I console myself thinking I’m not he only one.

For me the liver transplant issue played out as they probably thought Tae Joon as the closest blood relative will probably be a potential donor. A wonderful way to start my morning. He’s gutsier than either two. I’m guessing that scene with Hanna and Seung-ri will be sort of a “wakeup call” for Hanna’s behavior?