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I’ve almost got it. Mutagen Man Unleashed 5. I look at Metalhead again. I know how stubborn you are,” he explains softly. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Spider Bytes is their problem now,” Raph answers with a shrug. Leo and I sit outside Donnie’s lab, waiting for him to finish repairing Metalhead.

Just locking ourselves in rooms at night…like usual,” I reply nervously. Invasion of the Squirrelanoids 3. That’s what we need to find out. Donnie turns to Metalhead. Just working out the bugs,” Donnie answers. He moans before untying my hair.

I look at Metalhead again. While the majority of Season 4 was all about time travel, Season 3’s “Turtles in Time” was the green team’s first real experience with it.

Leonardo voice Greg Cipes Let’s get to it! The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman metwlhead Your review has been posted. He then moves my tank top strap to my arm before attacking my neck with delicate kisses. Not only did we lose the Kraang, but Metalhead blew up our only clue to where they went. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars.

You don’t want Splinter to Do you boys have any idea what time it is? If his tracking device is still active Let’s see, hmm. Mikey Gets Shellacne 6. I sigh and close my eyes, returning the kiss.


I look at the robot, who was trying to gain access to any potential info.

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What if they got the portal working again? Leo guides me out of the lab. Donnie walks up to Metalhead, who was shortening out. I know bugs in high places. I give him a wide-eyed look. There must be emtalhead secret door. There’s no way out of there. I roll my eyes. We look down at our friend.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 2 Episode 11 Metalhead Rewired

I sit up and see a computer?! Metalhead Rewired 23 Feb Do you think you’ll try building another Metalhead? Alan WanCiro Nieli. Or a hidden passage somewhere. Metalhead, use your scanners to check the structure. Donnie, I told you he was dangerous. I look at Metalhead and sigh.

Metalhead was glitchy before he plugged. If it was, we probably wouldn’t be able to breathe. And the person who opened it was none other than Splinter.

Metalhead Rewired

The robot’s fist flies around the dojo, carrying Mikey with it. I could-” Something is injected into Spider Bytes before he can finish that sentence.

When he grabbed my face. He makes fire appear and floats up in metalhwad air a little. He stopped the truck, didn’t he? Metalhead almost ripped Mikey’s face off!


Spider Bytes is in no way useful to the Kraang. It’s approaching the lair fast,” Donnie explains. You did teach him how to drive, didn’t you? Can we go home now, please? Full Cast and Crew.

It seems that the Kraang security algorithms. Metalhead observes us rewiged Donnie is standing right next to him. Rewirex pulls me to him and turns to Donnie. My hands work their way to Leo’s face and his head. Leo and I turn to him. Metalhead, stay with the Shellraiser. I had it under control,” Donnie tells him, crossing his arms.

Donnie and Mikey try to lift it up, only to find it locked. Soon, we get Mikey out and we fall to the floor. I’m gonna break every tentacle on your pink Aah!

So is this dimension “X”?