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I was trying to keep him from moving around, still trying to find a phone number of someone in the expo area where the emergency tent was, and trying to watch for oncoming racers. Emmie Lou added new photos to the album: Soon enough, I spotted Andrea in an open, hilly area where the trail traversed up and down some climbs. I stopped thinking the race was shot anyways to see what happened. I coached my legs, “Steady, smooth. Paul Uhl See More. Annual licenses are for sale online. Trying to live life to the fullest.

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? My best guess is 4 or 5 minutes. Lisa picks her line. With the Rockyhill Roundup less than 2 weeks out! Any rider who feels their placing is not correct may, at this time, file a formal protest with the USA Cycling official. He was duly upset at his situation, but he was also mad his ordeal was causing someone else to stop.

However, it is perfectly fine to race in tennis shoes. I know she could have passed me, but she never did.

A number of racers have complained that seres is distracting while land managers and clean up volunteers have pointed out that these are havens for fire ants and a sure-fire way to get stung.

This fee will be refunded if the protest is upheld, and it may not be if it is denied. Some Words About Rider Courtesy And The Environment It has been brought to our attention that a good number of riders who use gel or other energy products drop the wrappers on the trail, as they are racing.

Which meant swapping from mud tires to race tires, then back and forth again. I don’t know exactly how long I was stopped.


Life and Bike: TMBRA Spring Series: “Posing as a Pro”

One of the administrators will usually reply within 24 hours. I was temporarily relieved. Bring the whole family for some fun prior to the races. Every practice requires your bike, helmet, riding attire and clothing for the weather. Lisa is interviewed by a local Abilene reporter. Before we were halfway into the first of three laps, some chaos ensued. February 13 at I was grateful my drive train kept cranking.

Lisa is always off the front at races, so it was cool to get to actually ride with her, even though her pre-ride pace was about the same as my race pace.

Brittany finished fourth, and I, once again, came up last.

TMBRA – Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association

During my one season with them, my seris of respect for what they do only increased. In a hypoxic voice, I hollered, “What are you doing??

I saw him after the race, and aside from some greenish purplish swelling, he was okay. When she crossed a certain point on the trail, I looked at my computer and noted the time. I was afraid he had suffered a severe head injury. Cat 1 advanced and Cat 2 intermediate will count the best 6 out of 8 races. And I love racing. At many race sites, parking is far from registration and lines can slow things down. It’s time for the XC season to begin!

A Sseries 1 guy, who I still have no clue who he was, was the power source that pushed me back into the race. Fiona, Lisa, and Sarah.

Is it just me, or does my face look frozen? An adventure it was. A few stitches and a very black and blue side of his face and a very sore and stiff right side. While I was still fumbling around with my phone, Carlos crossed the trail, tbra up his bike, and took off his number plate.


Witnesses to the conduct in question will seriies required before any action may be taken.


Even though I was the caboose, the first 7 or 8 minutes of the race were some of the most fun and memorable of the series for tmgra. They gave him the option to go to the emergency room for stitches or sew him up on site. As I drew closer, I repeated, “You don’t have to do this, go!

I coached my legs, “Steady, smooth. Carlos was sitting up on the ground and speaking coherently, so task number one was to stop the bleeding and check for other head injuries.

If you have a business serjes would like to make a personal sponsorship swries please contact us. Rocky Hill Results https: We rode that way all the way to the finish line. A much needed shot of adrenaline shot through me. Cat 3, Cat 2, and Cat 1. Thus, regardless if you are a seasoned veteran in racing or if you are looking for your first race opportunity, there is a race for you. The sun shone, but not for long.