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Im sure they dont want this number floating around and its not their fault no one at their company knows what the hell they are talking about…. I use a Roku for VOD. The process was quick and relatively painless, but still required the hassle of scheduling the visit and waiting for the guy to show up. I had a lot of problems wherein the the card and adapter had to be synced up and I would not be able to do that on my own. In the end, it was always a Tivo software problem and not the cable company. Chris on July 9, at

You may also have to rent a CableCard since it has a slot for it. It is free and quick. If you comment, please include your cable provider. While TiVo is selling a device that allows consumers to record programming for private viewing purposes, a cable operator with deep pockets that only rents DVRs cannot do likewise. I wish there was a diagnostic tool for the STA so I could basically do a dump and send it somewhere… Reply. Basically, the six tuners are screwing up the cards. I am so grateful that I found it, but I have to say I also hope that they dont get barraged with calls. I have tons of signal.

My DIY Cable Card install was simple–how was yours? (poll)

I used to have the enhanced dvr it sucks slow, doesn’t record show intermittently, recordings would disappear until rebooted. Eventually I just called up the cable card support number and told them to send a hit. Rob warneg October 25, at 8: In Marchtwo cable magnates sat down for the cable industry equivalent of My Dinner With Andre.

He said he knew some supervisors in my area and would get my problem over to them and he scheduled someone to come out with a tuner card on Friday, he also placed the order for me to get one in the mail. I am disappointed Tivo severely limits external storage options. However I only received a few of the digital channels.


You could always buy and then sell later and not lose your total investment. You can setup a custom channel list so you only see the channels you subscribe too. YikYak on August 26, at I have to believe that they have no clue how bad their people are trained, if they do and they let this go on, they should be unlicensed, tarred, feathered and run out of town Reply.

Finally I just asked if we could find out what the blink codes are since it was doing a funny little dance through 3, 6 and 8 blinks and I got this response:.

Troubleshooting Tips: Time Warner + TiVo + CableCard + Tuning Adapter

Before the adapter was fully booted before the power button was pressed to turn it on he sent a reset hit. After finally overcoming those problems, Jaroslovsky discovered he was out of luck getting Roamio to stream premium movie channels like HBO and Cinemax.

Additional giveaways are planned. I have been through it with TW, they are the worst, but calling the cable card direct number, it literally took 3 or 4 minutes and they had me up and running.

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Any ideas or tips? That may come in time. For the first one I had installed, he had never seen a CableCard or a TiVo before and had to have people walk him through the installation process over the phone.

From what I understand the initial programming lasts for around 4 weeks. Dave on January 25, at 1: BirdOPrey5 to nephipower Member Aug tivvo Tivo always loves to blame their problems on the cable company, so be prepared cableard that.


Cable Company Hassles Make Life Difficult for Newest DVR Competitor: TiVo’s Roamio ·

Hopefully they will solve it for me, but this post makes me confident I will get to warneer solution at some point and that in the interim I can buy some time with a simple phone call to a competent person. First I received a error. We did not find a work around. I love Tivo enough to put up with this crap. January 14, at 8: Astroturf lobbying is hardly a new approach.

Cable card keeps TWC from selling their pay-per-view, so they discourage it. Don’t show this again. I had 3 calls with the telephone support folks at Time-Warner and they finally decided to send out the field troops.

After about a half hour of a spinning status icon, I was informed that my box was active. George Burgyan on October 9, at 9: On-Demand access, or prrmiere of it doesn’t bother me as I can get that on the Roku. Public Wi-Fi hotspots often delivered poor performance, even when they could supply up to 2Mbps.

We have had peemiere issues with Charter TV and Internet being billed for Mbps when we were getting 8 Mbps if we were lucky but the issue of a simple firmware update and their refusal to do so, is gross negligence. When the TiVo was ready I inserted the card and phoned Comcast.