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I only watched the opening sequence, where Red is slashing through enemies. Episode 28 of Gingaman had one notable point about it to me; Gouki ends up facing Iliess by himself, and ends up beating her pretty easily all things considered. Honest to god they need to make a modern video game based on the Super Sentai series. Though if you want the most dark sentai, Jetman should be your pick. Find More Posts by Sibredtiger. It felt old school! Slayven Member Feb 16,

Add Merlin to Your Ignore List. Personally, I would love to see some of the 80s series, regardless of if they’ve been subbed or not. Add Blowy to Your Ignore List. Decade came out the gate swinging. Worst case we could do a stream series, but I’m pretty sure most would want to keep the eps for themselves. Boss Doggie all my loli wolf companions are so moe Mar 2, Honestly I attached much easier to the Boukenger than I ever really did to the Shinkenger.

Feb 8, 8, 1 0. Dragon Ranger is badass.

Kelleth’s Toku Tea Room: 01/19/12

Battle Fever can be found on Dailymotion iirc all episodes but RAW and some others can be found on Veoh, but I can’t think of anything else at the moment. And also Harikenger only cuz the girls were hot: Boss Doggie all my loli wolf companions are so moe Feb 25, May 15, 17, 0 0 Ah yes, the most hated Kamen Rider.


So far, Liveman is leading over SunV. Add Blowy to Your Ignore List.

Add Merlin to Your Ignore List. How was it compared to Ryuki? Is there a similar streamer where people have been uploading Sentai? I can see why though.

I’ll say he is definetly the best red so far for the more recent Sentai shows. Add Willy to Your Ignore List.

First two episodes were kinda rough, but its really starting to pick up. My number one choice for 80s Sentai is Changeman, because that’s the series that eisode airing the year of my birth. Please login to access all available designs. They need another Super Tokusatsu Taisen I was never a fan of Kamen Rider, but liked Black back in the days.

Jul 24, 30, 1 0 abload. Parallax best seen in the classic “Shadow of the Beast” Feb 8, Epjsode least so far.

Well so far it’s balanced, and it reeks of old school Sentai, so that’s a good sign. I actually prefer the American-made fights as opposed to the stock footage.

Apharmd Member Feb 28, Find More Posts by Ryoutarou. I have that Battle Fever J and I’m currently watching it veohh the quality.

Super Sentai thread – from Goranger to Shinkenger!

Kiva’s transformation and the Darkness Moon Break arrow coming out of his crotch eplsode weird, but the episode was ace.


Toei is closer to Bandai than Capcom. Though one series would take a whole year with this format, but I wouldn’t want it to go too fast either but that’s due to my own scheduling. It’s OK if you don’t want to, though.

Battle Fever Rpisode exists as the Hawaiian TV subs but the picture quality is that of a 35yo video tape sadly.

Sentai Subs Question (plus new person hello!) [Archive] – RangerVision

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Yes, I’ve been watching it on TV Saturday mornings in the only area where I can watch television in privacy, my parents’ bedroom. Or have you at least watched it? O there’s veo tokusatsu thread in NeoGAF? Ronin Member Feb 24, Snaku Banned Feb 7, I believe it’s comprehensive.

What do you guys think of a group episode weekly review? Mar 23, 1, 0 0 The Netherlands. Back on subject, it is picking up. I epiosde it pretty watchable years ago. Sep 15, 25, 0 0.