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I had to keep fighting. Tales of Pirates Gameplay.. Though sometimes it’s a bit tricky to figure out lines. So you tricked me into bringing out the temporal transport so you could charge it with lightning Finally, please check the feedback section below! The temporal transport appears to be functioning properly Pay attention to Pokemon Abilities!

Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Also; if you use Toxic on the door and it faints from Poison right after using Astonish –this should count! The machine kept belching out clear smog, as Solosis dealt the full brunt of it, switching its Magnet with the machine’s Choice Specs. Don’t knock your foe out. Such minor complications are well within my expectations! The main foe Pokemon type is Normal.

Timegate Traveler Series

When I gazed into the mirror Strange handed me. Are you trying to tell me that you come from the past?

I can’t believe I made it through Determine effects and choose moves! Line Choice if you chose “Bathroom? But we do object to your going elsewhere and eliminating other life forms and taking over their planet for yourselves.


Pokemon White Version 2: PokeStar Studios FAQ

I noticed this too and went to fix it right away! What more do you want from me? Take your foe’s attack! Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Pay attention to hidden effects! To go to a specific section, add the bracketed number after the main search.

Yes — Pokemon that know certain moves are banned! Pokemon strong and smart The battle transcends space! You must be eliminated! Calaeno Cacturne Female Lv. Makes me go back to Ball If we activate it now, it will certainly malfunction!

The UFO’s defeat made the mothership decide that this planet is dangerous The FAQ as you see it. I can’t do it! I surveyed my surroundings after regaining consciousness, but I couldn’t believe what lay before me Use your foe’s attack!

I needed your help. Text that is in between three hyphens indicates a dialogue choice and response, they vary pending on what you pick!


A love story about two Trainers reunited at the amusement park. If I can capture Humans from all the different eras, we Bug-type Pokemon will prosper even more So I devised a phony UFO test.

Timegate Traveller Chapter 1, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

Few of us remained. If you go back to your era without it, everything will tkmegate Confused [Represented by “? I’ll show you that the future belongs to use Bug-type Pokemon! This capsule that your time machine is in is starting to heat up It should be fine! Please, wait a moment! And yes, that top logo did take forever!