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They possessed musical cultures long before America was discovered. She has no intent toward world domination”.

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Lefty kept staring at the flowers. Cook thought thiil idea was plenty sharp, so I bought the petunia plants and gave them to Lefty, and I told Mr. Froz- en puss, are you kidding? Caracas, is broadcasting simultaneously with YV5RN. UM Battle of Seats: Four Notn; West, Fri.


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These men have gone the limit to en- tertain lonesome guys in camps all over the country. Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch: My wife is the famous one. The moj mornus entries trill he printed in: FM sta- tions should appreciate this before they ask for a license.

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Ginger Joins the Marines! At first, people here in the United States were afraid to try the rumba. They are the generals who lead the cast In a rainbow parade that Includes a bevy of pretty chorines. Six years ago, at fifteen, Deanna was cast in a mku picture, “Three Smart Girls.


The policy branch is headed by Archibald MncLeish.

They were afraid to be exhibitionist —because you have to have a little “ham” in you if you ex- pect to do a good rumba. They all crowded around the bandstand arid literally showered us with requests, and they knew the names of all the songs.

Have no fear that FM commercial stations arc likely to close down en- tirely. There are many “figures” types of steps to be danced to the rumba tempo, but they are simple, just like the waltz, which is an “open square” or “box” step.

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