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If I told you there was a bunch of people around here who could get us to Mexico, away from the war, would you go? You are pissing your life away. He claims only to care about himself, but after learning more about his cohorts he softens a little. Bozz tosses the journal as the bus speeds away. However it still manages to be enjoyable and entertaining even if it never really feels original or new. As such it plays more like a drama than any sort of antiwar movie or outright thriller. Jazz trumpeter Nate Wooley’s quartet tackles a big landscape, a big reaction, and a big chill on the complex and patient new album, Columbia Icefield. The final week takes place in Tigerland, a swamp similar to Vietnam.

The system wanted them to become soldiers. Upon reaching their post, the company commanding officer Captain Saunders makes it clear that every soldier who passes through Fort Polk and Tigerland will be sent to Vietnam. Tory Kittles as Ryan. Some of his costars manage to match him. Army Advanced Infantry Training Center. Farrell is the best thing about the film, which veers into oversentimentality quite a bit for a film that’s shot with such a gritty aesthetic. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Frances Taylor as Bargirl.

In it is the final step before the squads go to the war in Vietnam. As such it plays more like a drama than any sort of antiwar movie or outright thriller. What to Watch Now on Netflix. Need help completing your Oscar pool?

‘Tigerland’ Is a Fine Vietnam War Film from the Man Who Gave Batman Nipples

Cantwell as Thomas Guiry. At Fort Polk, Louisiana, thousands of young men prepare for Vietnam.

Jazz trumpeter Nate Wooley’s quartet tackles a big landscape, a big reaction, and a big chill on the complex and patient new album, Columbia Icefield. Roland Bozz Matthew Davis Entertainment Weekly – Lisa Schwarzbaum. Sharp as a tack when it comes to law and policy, Bozz finds loopholes in the system for a number of men and, in effect, saves their lives by keeping them from stepping foot on foreign soil. It’s remarkable, thoughtful, conflicting and exhilerating. Feb 7, Moviie Full Cast and Crew.


Joel Schumacher’s little seen Vietnam war drama deserves as wide an audience as its better known predecessors in the genre.

The 20 Best Folk Albums of Tigerland Movie Review Summary. Robert Zemeckis used the war as a main part of Forrest Gump.

Full List of Academy Awards Winners. If I’m dead, how come I can ask you a question? Too late for that shit. Oliver Stone went tiherland with Born on the Fourth of July. Shamari Lewis as Lukins. Colin Farrell had his breakout role here, and, while he isn’t quite able to completely hold the film up on his own shoulders, he’s pretty good and definitely shows promising as a talented lead Outside of him, everyone plays well but are generally in their various stereotypes; aside from Farrell, Collins is the standout role – too often seen playing gang bangers and such on TV cops shows, he delivers a solid character and presents a believable breakdown over tigerlanv course of the film.

During all this, Bozz and the one he is closest to a friend with, Summaty Matthew Davishave various discussions about the life of a soldier. Some of his costars manage to match him. It goes tiigerland you more or less expect it to but it goes there and takes you with it. Film articles using image size parameter.

Paxton then is told that Bozz died in Vietnam but he was never listed, others say he just disappeared, but another soldier calls Paxton and says that he thinks he saw Bozz three years ago in Mexico with a beautiful woman. The movie is shot on 16 mm, giving it an extremely grainy quality, providing for a picture that somehow looks good and bad at the same time. Prose Poetry for the Punk Rock Masses Jessica Hopper’s Night Moves is a dozen thorny roses for the city that keeps blowing its windy-ness beneath her darkly comic wings.

Tigerland – Movie Synopsis & Plot

Rhynell Brumfield as Dickson. You are pissing your life away. A talented newcomer with genuine presence, Farrell is able to suggest some complexity in a character that is written without any. Just because you wear those sergeant’s stripes don’t mean you ain’t gonna die. I got a question, Sergeant. Get a list of the best movie and TV titles recently added and coming Click here to see the rest of this review One of the drafted men, who doesn’t want to be there, is a wise-cracking troublemaker.


Tigerlandd befriends Roland Bozz, a cool Texan with a gift for getting into trouble and sjmmary helping misfits get discharges.

R for violence, pervasive language, a scene of strong sexuality and some drug use. The esteemed oral historian, Timuel Black, turns the microphone around to capture his amazing journey through 20th Century black America in Sacred Ground.

May 4, Rating: A hidden gem of Driftwood’s trademark live shows for some time, the band finally cuts a studio version of zummary Like You Do” for their new album, Tree of Shade.

At the end of the film, the entire platoon gets ready to head to Vietnam, except Paxton whose eye injury, though not permanent, has earned him a medical discharge. Stephen Fulton as Sergeant Drake. Though he does not hit anyone, it is obvious he is using live ammunition, and the trainer for the exercise tries to intervene.

Unlike Bozz, Paxton volunteered for the Aummary.

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Jackie Chan’s 10 Best Films. The two are given a few scenes to showcase their skills, but not too many as to overwhelm the rest of the talented cast.

Edit Storyline In Septembera platoon of recruits arrives in Ft. The 25 Best Electronic Albums of He does some of these, sukmary spaces them out, appropriately placing them in individual scenes rather than showboating in one grand display of acting.