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Meanwhile, Wilykit and Wilykat run into a fellow pickpocket raccoon named Tookit, who says he is a “kleptovoyant” and, while they talk about how they are as good a thief as him, Wilykit discovers his Flink is missing and Wilykat’s flute is gone, too. Just click below to start viewing “Snarf: Forced to leave Jaga, who sacrifices himself to ensure their escape, Lion-O, Tygra, and Cheetara undertake the quest to find the Book of Omens. Unwilling to return to Mumm-Ra empty-handed, Slithe commands his group to search and recover Lion-O’s body while holding the ThunderCats captive. Cheetara goes to the building and is let in by Jaga. Slithe, a Mutant, becomes impatient and orders the forest to be burned down. At an underground prison, Kaynar is about to be placed in solitary confinement after killing 11 prisoners. Realizing its potential, the five chase after Ponzi to get more of the elixir.

Panthro and Grune meet up in the mine, but before they can have a showdown, the Driller appears and blocks the Thundercats long enough for Grune to escape. The series is produced by Warner Bros. At the gate to the valley, the group is ambushed by three Lizards. Meanwhile, Lion-O and Cheetara plan to wait until nightfall to use stealth to attack Grune and the Lizards. After they return, they start a fire and lay down to rest. Wilykit and Wilykat steal a cane, a button, and a blanket and return to Tookit and tell him they won the “contest” and to return their stuff so that they can hurry and return the random items they just stole. The episode’s plot is an homage to Moby Dick , with the captain of the vessel obsessively hunting the Ramlak. Oswald was the one who owed Snarfer’s uncle fifty Thunder-dollars.

The tigers lead them to the tiger leader, Javan Tygra’s biological father.

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The guards awake and Dobo appears, taking the Sword of Omens and the Gauntlet, telling Lion-O that, since he disobeyed his law, he will have to fight against Pumyra to earn his freedom. The stones Lion-O obtained resonate with him and his gauntlet buttervly is encased in armor. Shocked that Cheetara would voice such a remark and angered that she has taken Tygra’s side, Lion-O charges off alone and encounters Kaynar, Addicus, and Slithe.

At the Bird Nation, Addicus is about to be executed by having his ropes cut, dropping him from a high cliff. At the fight, Lion-O continues to stand up after taking a beating from Pumyra’s attacks, stating that he promised to stand by her. Wilykit and the Elephants play music loud enough for the Stone Giant to crumble.

Previous Episode Next Episode. A false “WilyKit” and “WilyKat” appear before him, telling him he can pass to the next level by getting their key. Mumm-Ra uses a powerful electrical attack that neutralizes all the ThunderCats and detains them. The Drifter warns Lion-O that no one can beat his creation.


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The spirits agree to save the tigers in exchange for Tygra’s life, as he would eventually grow up to oppose them. Anet tells Lion-O to be in harmony with the Sword of Omens and vows to get the stolen harvest back. After Lion-O enters, Mumm-Ra disguised as epjsode crow goes through the gate as well. Lion-O teals the sword back, making Grune and his forces abandon the village, and prepares to enter the astral plane. Deciding to join in, Cheetara suggests a boys-vs-girls match: Tygra, however, thinks they should attack as soon as possible, using the tank, but eventually joins Lion-O and Cheetara’s plan.

Meanwhile, Panthro learns that he’s not the only “wrench monkey” in the group when he bonds with Ro-Bear-Bill, especially when they come up with a way to drive away the Conquedor, the Trollogs, and the Giantors. The battle between Lion-o and Pumyra begins and Lion-o refuses to fight her, but she has no problem with fighting a weakling king. Read The Full Synopsis Lion-O cannot ring-out Panthro until he remembers that he episoxe the king and simply orders Panthro out of the ring.

She tells him Mount Plun-Darr.

The episode’s plot is an homage to Moby Dickwith the captain of the vessel obsessively hunting the Ramlak. Lion-O has trouble expressing his feelings for Pumyra and gives her a flower to which she has a terrible allergic reaction.

Cheetara confesses her feelings to Tygra, remembering his gift, the Day Astrid flower each petal is said to have trapped a day of life in it he gave her while she waited outside the Cleric’s, giving her strength. Wilykit teamed with Cheetara and Wilykat teamed with Panthro in a hunt for a meal. As the Lizards approach closer to the Thundercats, Lion-O wonders if they’re fighting a losing battle.

Their father was an ambitious farmer who died in a tornadoleaving their mother to have to make ends meet.

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Panthro plans on doing it alone, but Lion-O, Tygra and Cheetara volunteer to come along. However, having gone throughout Third Earth to enlist the aid of the four groups Lion-O helped during their journey the Berbils, the Fishmen, the Elephants, and the Dogs and stored them in the Forever Bag for the trip back to Avista, WilyKat and WilyKit arrive at the nick of time, and they sic their reinforcements on Mumm-Ra and Pumyra.

His father, Claudusdoes not feel his son is ready because he is too lenient and easily distracted by flights of fancy like the myth of ancient technology. Panthro helps the three escape, but Cheetara’s and Tygra’s relationship continues to affect Lion-O’s leadership and judgment. The Thundercats come to their aid when the Forest of Magi Oar is threatened by Viragor, and Cheetara loses her staff to the monster. Cheetara and Tygra try to convince him to release them both, but he refuses. The tigers were curious to know how Tygra became a prince among Lions and Tygra briefly explains his adoption into the Thunderian royal family.


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Lion-O runs into Jorma, who survived the attack on Thundera, and has made it home. Following the Thundercats’ rescue by Panthro, Lion-O attempts to start a conversation with him as he makes repairs to the Thundertank.

Grune is frustrated and annoyed by the Elephants’ forgetfulness when they keep telling him that the stone is in the hut. Originally Posted by Mummra. When sunlight starts pouring into the holes in the mine made during the battle, Mumm-Ra retreats.

During the training, the Elephants’ village is attacked by the insect-like Wraiths, who are after their harvest. Mumm-Ra was directed by the Ancient Spirits to collapse the star of Plun-Darr in order to harvest its ore to produce a weapon to channel the Powerstones’ energy. Although both are murderous maniacs who have committed crimes even Mumm-Ra considers vile, he is sure that their presence will frighten the Lizards back into line.

Pumyra learns he is truly a strong and caring king, and refuses to continue the fight. Talk about obvious nods everyone is missing, instead they keep calling it a looney tunes rip off when all the clues are there to who they were nodding.

Panthro tells Dobo not to let their past affect his judgment. He has the group take a break after discovering some nearby Candy-Fruit, the group is ambushed by Slithe, Kaynar, Addicus, and the Lizard Army, and the ThunderCats are defeated. Panthro tells him that the next battle was to be a death match against Dobo himself, and Dobo asks if he ran because he was afraid he would have lost. Pumyra helps a baby winged frog that has fallen out of its nest. Lion-O throws a piece of firewood into the fire, releasing several evil spirits around them.

Thundera is attacked by Lizards who have acquired salvaged technology. The Drifter observes that he has what he needed to win in himself. Within the holding cells, Tygra is unsure of the next move and regrets questioning Lion-O’s decisions as they always worked out in the past. As Addicus falls, he is saved by Slithe.