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I don’t know his name in english but in french it is “Schlingue”, which could be translated by “Stinky” or “Smelly”, does it help you remember his name? Marking 70 Years of Palestinian dispossession, and resistance Saturday, May 12, Ramsay rewards his prisoner with a bath and soft words. Theon is insulted when he is given command of a single ship to raid the Stony Shore and contemplates sending a warning to Robb, but ultimately decides to remain loyal to his family. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. During the meeting, Theon is confronted by Euron, who threatens to execute Yara if Theon does not bend the knee to him.

This article contains content some readers might find upsetting. Theon has nothing to do until much much later, so it’s a way to keep him on screen. Post as a guest Name. Theon and Yara then join Daenerys as she sets sail for Westeros. Tears ran down his cheeks. Theatre Review The Shroud Maker:

Their sigil is the flayed man.

He is one of the major third person points-of-view through which Martin narrates both books. Thron Fisher Remembered — The purpose of torture is to destroy any sense of autonomy the individual might have; to destroy their sense of self-worth and then reconstitute them into the image that the torturer desires.

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Easing the body of the tortured Theon into the bath, he asks him to do a job, to play a role. King of the Isles and the North”. Reek tries very hard throughout the book to remember that he is not permitted to remain Theon Greyjoy, and in order to ensure that further torture does not follow, develops entire strategies to ensure he does not fall back to his own self:.


Daenerys agrees, on the condition that the Ironborn cease their practices of pillaging. If you address him as Snow you’ll probably spend a year having your skin flayed off in the Dreadfort – or worse.

Theon Greyjoy

He comes out of no where and I haven’t read the books. Finally snapping, Theon pushes Myranda over a walkway to her death, just as the victorious Boltons return.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I’ll give an explanation of his motivation without giving away too much quoting myself here. Theon is triggered after watching the carnage and jumps overboard, being rescued some time later by survivors of the battle unimpressed by his cowardice.

What is interesting, is the choice of rhyming words he uses, all of which reinforce a narrative of dehumanisation: You very much become a child again. He wants Theon to lose almost all sense of identity and remain as his meek servant. Judith Herman teaches us that for abusers, whether they were torturers holding political detainees, or abusive husbands beating their wives, the methods of coercive control remain the same.

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Returning to Dragonstone, Theon speaks to Jon, who reassures him that Theon is both a Stark and a Greyjoy and forgives him, urging him to find and rescue Yara. Roose Bolton’s bastard, Ramsay.


Theon remains psychologically traumatized by Ramsay’s torture, but is xeason by Yara to find courage. There he is reunited with Asha, who initially does not recognise him.

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He tries to avoid her until Ramsay’s psychotic paramour Myranda leads Sansa to Theon’s sleeping quarters, a cage in the kennels. Reflections on the General Election Wednesday, May 2, Book Category Portal Outline. Kalissar He posed as “Reek” for awhile, but that’s not his real name. Despite his position, he remains loyal tortursd Eddard and is good friends with his sons Robb and Jon. Alannys Harlaw [d] [c].

Post as a guest Deason. Retrieved February 1, Marking 70 Years of Palestinian dispossession, and resistance Saturday, May 12, Iron Throne White Walker. His internal alarm system is activated as he worries that fulfilling an inappropriate command will lead to further suffering for him. Retrieved December 25, By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our zeason terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.