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With the necessary teamwork, the dragon falls to its death, and Jil is recognized for his brave act of courage. She ends up tagging along with Uragon afterwards. The group manages to successfully defeat Druaga, with the use of the staff that Ahmey left behind after her death, but as Jil goes to claim the blue crystal rod, Neeba turns on him. Naruto Next Generations Cardfight!! Jil risks his life to save Neeba from Pazuzu, but is met with harsh criticism rather than gratitude from his brother. However, the entire party is puzzled by the illness and the fact that Kaaya suddenly changes its name by mistake. Lists of anime episodes. Ekoda-chan Sword Art Online:

In order to destroy the evil deity Druaga , the Kingdom of Uruk dispatches its troops to the tower, but the expedition repeatedly fails in its efforts. Ranked Popularity Members 58, While one of the traps causes their gender to switch, the other forces them to wear animal costumes, and some render them into early video game graphics. Upon arriving in a cavern and colliding with Specula Ex Machina, Jil is forced to decoy it to allow his friends to evade. When Jil learns of the visit of the great hero Gilgamesh to the city, he takes his new friends to watch the procession. However, without any shadows near the exit, they are unable to leave until they topple a pillar, and Melt uses his magic to create a dust cloud to block out enough light to destroy any attacking monsters.

In druaa end, reconciliation seems out of the question as Coopa, disgusted by her petulant master, decides to leave the party to be on her own. As Jill seeks the stone tablet for the Kaaya’s cure, none of the characters notice that Kaaya has suspiciously regained her health, in which the reason for Kaaya’s ruse remains unclear.

Jil’s party quickly ascends to the higher levels of the tower and are reunited with Melt and Coopawho now run a lucrative resort in a frigid area. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

When Coopa learns that Jil and the others are climbers, she insists on allowing herself and her mage master Melt to join their party.


Neeba and Succubus, with a chained Ki in tow, follow them through doorway to the top floor. The first season of The Tower of Druaga began airing dbubed April 1,and concluded on June 20, This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat Kaaya, seeing Jil risking his life for the sake of this mission, apologizes for things she cannot reveal. Meanwhile, in Meskia, Gilgamesh struggles with his erratic behavior and tries to kill himself, only to be stopped by a phantom of his other self, and wishes that Ki would save him.

The shadow of Gilgamesh hangs Kaaya in the throne room.

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Coopa decides to accompany Yury to find his father, said to have stolen the sacred spear of the village. Jil, seeing that all his friends fail to impress the gate with parlor tricks, does an amusing dance taught by his father, but not even this would let them engpish since it was somehow performed by someone else before him.

Ahmey, as the only climber with notable experience, becomes the de facto leader of the group and she must guide them in regards to battle strategies and numerous rules of thumb about climbing.

Neeba has been transforming into a Druaga and provokes Jil into fighting him by claiming he will kill everyone. When Jil asks for their help, Melt reveals that he has already made a deal with Uragon to capture Ki while everyone else te imprisoned.

Melt and Coopa soon catch up with Jil, Fatina, and Utu. Jil and his party encounter another party that has practically been wiped out in a fierce battle against the ogres. Uragon’s party finds an unconscious Mite the Fool before they advance as well.

Kaaya begins to show doubt in Jil’s ability to fulfil his promise to her to reach the top of the tower.

As they all reunite at a rundown area to join back to their parties, Fatina finds out that Kally was killed by Pazuzu. Kaaya collapses out of the blue and informs the party she has a deadly illness.


Jil, Fatina, and Utu later advance as well, knowing that there is not return from this oof on, but they are unaware that Melt, Coopa, and Uragon are still following them. Ethana starts a towdr in the city of Meskia. Views Read Edit View history.

After Kelb tries to learn more about how the child-like Ki could be Gilgamesh’s queen, Jil and Utu set off to ascend the tower with Ki, recruiting Henaro as well.

Kaaya unexpectedly joins Neeba and they both ascend the tower as the floor suddenly floods with water. Henaro captures a wounded Coopa and an awakened Kaaya are captured by Henaro and are taken to the Tower of Fantasy, where the shadow of Gilgamesh have them caged.

While combating with Gremica, Neeba pierces Acra in the chest. Six months after the events of the first season, Jil, Fatina, and the surviving Climbers have settled in Meskia after the defeat of Druaga and the betrayals of Kaaya and Neeba. Help improve our database by adding background information here.

Druaga no Tou: The Aegis of Uruk Episode 1 English Dub

The next day, the review of troops by the king goes on as scheduled. After causing a riot in the marketplace, he meets a mysterious girl dnglish Kaayawho heals his unnoticed injuries.

Everyone, minus Uragon, ends up finding someone who has died or something that was lost that they wanted to see again.

As each and every group continue their quests, all the climbers’ dreams, objectives and ambitions are intermingled and eventually develop into a fierce battle, marking another chapter in the history of the Tower of Druaga.