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Toto Nee-chan Episode It will be released exclusively on Netflix on June 28 so get ready! Oh please kdramas are proliferated with idols or pretty faces with mediocre acting too. I’m definitely gonna stick with it for a while longer The agency manager also act suspiciously like her employee!! Hye Gyeol, the one that made me cry the most was played by Kang Ji Woo.

I love the diverse, dark, and quirky plots. I always wonder why Asian Drama fans call J-Dramas by their Japanese name but for K-dramas, they call them with their English translated name. Joon-sang soon falls in love with Yoo-jin, who opens her innocent heart to him. I like strange dramas. Oshin Episode Yeo Reum begins to work in the CS management department at the airport. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties.

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Jdrama kissing is usually literally about two mouths sort of happening to be in the same place at the same time, with no apparent intention of making contact. You should check it out! Soo Yeon dreamed of becoming suspiciouw pilot, but vision in one of his eyes was bad enough that he had to give up on his dream, he joins the general planning department.

So difficult quizs like what is the first saying of this drama ‘winter love song’ ep2? I’m gonna hold off and see if this garners rating before subjecting myself to another round of “and why am I still watching this? Now i’m going to be eyeing the little gal. Anyway jae seok success!


I loved Mawang in the original, but somehow the j-version of it just doesn’t work for me – I love Toma, but he just doesn’t live up to what Joo Ji-hoon did with the role, or the tragedy of it all. The plot appears to be the same old chaebol vs lower class scum yet again.

Jdorama is good for a entertaining and education watching while kdrama good for suspicioys entertaining mostly Thank you for your efforts: I too am waiting to see a flicker of human emotion fr her char.

Really enjoyed Hana Yori Dango too! Fail fail fail again What hollowed her out?

Like it took so long for the dad to find the answer to if he loved his kids or not. Quite true – Japanese shows in general have a much wider range of topics. I’ve watched a number of Japanese and Taiwanese dramas. Posted October 16, Kind of cool when you think about housekeepwr.

I really like this show so far, mainly because it feels so different.

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I will assume that the acting and directing gets better as everyone gets a feel for who their character really is. The team is always working on ways to get more content up on Viki. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

susicious All the same, he hurries to produce a pair of worn house slippers for her from one of the many clutter piles. I can’t find much information on it.


Even though it is a quiz about ji woo Whereas the Japanese do a fantastic job of setting up worlds and everything that happens makes sense in the confines of the worlds they build for their dramas.

If she notice this trick. Thanks for the recap, as I think I’ll skip the first episode due to the suspicios displays of grief and pick up with episode 2. Though the Japanese dramas that do involve romance are often even worse with the dead fish kissing than kdramas. Regarding White Christmas, have not watched it yet but now that you mentioned its Jdrama-like tone and content – SO true!

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As an extraordinarily talented student, Joon-sang is welcomed by his fellow students as epvrama as his teachers, but remains a quiet, introverted teenager. Can the suspicious housekeeper bring love back into the Eun house and heal a breaking family or will the Eun house break down into pieces?

It is really hard to find decent ones lately B-Chan September 30, at 9: That is kind of where I am at also.