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The saving grace is Emma Vilarasau, who does an outstanding job as the desperate mother. With the help of the detective who handled the original case, she stumbles from clue to clue and into Kilmer does an excellent job with the character of a flawed individual, whose flaws prevent him from lasting contentment, but against which flaws he continually strives. A cult dedicated to “synthesizing the ultimate evil” through “the final atrocity” and “mastering pain”, because “evil is a key”. It does have a little amount of ghastly violence and some explicit visuals and material that aren’t for the faint hearted. Later on , they discover incredible deeds: I’m not going to lie

The dialogue in this scene at the very end of the first tape, if you own the VHS version sets up the last half of the film beautifully, as our two rivals come to the joint realization that they have no hand in choosing the paths that will lead them to their ultimate confrontation: I was surprised that other comments here found this film a disappointment, or worse. Apart from the opening scenes you don’t see anything that bad, but it’s the mere thought of child abuse that some people will find hard to stomach. This movie tried to use lots of dark image, shadow to remind you its a thriller mystery story you are watching. For one, it’s slow. Unless they had too. The official English title is The Nameless -but the correct translation is “Los Sin Nombre”, which to me is far more creepy- lives up to Jaume Balaguero’s reputation. Five years after the event, she receives a strange phonecall:

Was this review helpful? The movie will appeal to thriller l,rg terror fans. Anyhow, these cardboard characters are haunted and scarred by ghosts of loved ones that fill their memories.

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The Nameless starts with an editor named Claudia, who goes to identify the mutilated body of her dead daughter. Through Hanna, Pacino shows just how torn such a man can be. So with the help of an ex-cop, she investigates more into this mystery and because of it, dire and disturbing consequences occur. After this trauma, the couple separates and the mother becomes addicted to tranquilizers and leads a miserable existence.


The common factor of the movie, the title and the final scene is now the total lack of meaning The final ride is a fiberglass pony in front of the supermarket. When I suhtitles this flick I know what I am getting into at the scene where they were asked to identify their daughter.

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People gravitate to what they relate to best. Yeah, I know, I said the same thing. There are no comments yet.

Los Sin Nombre is a truly terrific Spanish horror thriller capable of scaring the viewer unlike the dozen of American lates horror boom flicks that have flooded box offices for way too long. But, this film lirg scary on a different level, because of how subtle and atmospheric it is – most horror fans won’t be scared by it though.

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Because of these and other well done aspects, ‘Heat’ is one of the most powerful crime dramas ever made. What really stands out is the climax. Lyndsey and I sat bolt upright and she reached over This cast comes as close as possible to being ensemble with two such huge main characters. I had heard nothing but good things about Jaume Balaguero’s The Nameless. The picture packs a thrilling and intriguing musical score by Carles Cases. I am thinking of the interaction between the ex-con who te conditional employment in a diner with an opportunistic scum of a boss, and whose girlfriend is so nakeless of him for swallowing his pride and not simply giving the sonofabitch a good pummeling.

He moves from scene to scene quickly and effortlessly. When the two storylines do meet at different points in the moviethe result is–for lack of a better word–epic. I understand it that many people can’t stand this director Jaume Balaguerobut from his two films I’ve seen this film and “Darkness”I like him.


We all know De Niro and Pacino could have been either main part,but can you imagine it any subttitles way round. This movie tried to use lots of dark image, shadow to remind you its a thriller mystery story you are watching.

Some years after a little girl was killed when her mummy named Claudia Emma Villarasauaddicted to tranquilizersseemed to have started to recoverbut a phone call once again shatters her existence: Lovecraft for this as well, because a man who had a knack for creating pessimistic tales where unspeakable evils were unleashed in the name of Some Freaky God would eventually garner followers.

The grim atmosphere and the constant pressure keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole movie. Which leads us too mameless characters. The movie starts with a lot of promise.

Based on namelexs Ramsey Campbell novel that I haven’t read but will now be rectified the film has an atmosphere of hopelessness that runs through each character. Now, let’s just hope that Balaguero gets invited to do his first Hollywood flick like his colleague Alejandro Amenabar Tesis, The Others as there’s never enough fresh ideas in the boring US horror industry.

I have since seen it 4 times and have a copy of my own. But it is still a decent final, and the movie is a thee worth experience. The action never becomes more important than the drama. Let’s face it, you really can’t afford to be slow unless you have a good plot and a good cast, and “The Nameless” has neither. Well, perhaps because it was too scary