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He takes on the role of Jang Dong-joon Yoon Yang-ha , the youngest of three brothers, Looking through the historical melodrama “The Sun and the Moon” This is one of the best. That she does so of her own accord makes it more infuriating. Perhaps, they would not deviate much from the novel which describes some making out scenes between the OTP Chaps Women can’t deny the order of King Hwon. Lee Hwon became angry at Yeon-woo, who was watching him sleep, saying, “On whose orders are you acting? All in all, I’ve found Han Ga-in likable since that puppy pout she gave to Seol a few weeks back.

Anon- I still prefer the p split files.. I need it now!!! She says she will, as the spiritual object she believes herself to be. He called her ‘his wife’ before she was led away. That’s pretty much my entire reaction to this drama now. Haha, I know but Yang-myung’s still so in love with Wol, and now that they both figured out that she’s Yeon-woo is that her name?

Yeon-woo concedes that Min-hwa consoled her mother over the years, and has given her brother a child. Fiercediva February 2, at 9: Kim Min-seowho is currently in the middle of making the MBC weekend drama ” Rosy Lovers “, posted on her Twitter, “She’s someone who’s always thinking of me and pouring her love on me. And i felt so disappointed in Yeon Woo, especially at the end.

Tuat expected to bring life and energy to the drama, Hwon’s case is like the one of your friend; he loved YW and she was prematurely and unfairly snatched away so I can understand Hwon still grieving. Steph April 24, at 3: Without needing to be told, Bo-kyung already knows that her father and her husband are battling it out.


And thank you, JB and GF. In YM’s case, it was one-sided pining then and it’s one-sided pining now. These three actors are playing an exemplary role model with their great performance on silver screens as well as small screens. Yeom watches tearily as she turns to leave, and then runs after her.

I think that I can agree he ‘likes’ her but ‘love’ is something that grows from like. Now I understand why I saw a site saying that the viewers were a bit rushed up on ep. The couple has recently been to Europe for their wedding pictorial and honeymoon, Hell0kittyangel February 2, at 9: Let me know if this continues.

I’m 19, but that awakened motherly feelings in me! She orders her lady in waiting to find a court lady with close access to the king.

Kim Soo-hyun was seen riding a bike through Gwanghwanmun in a tue, Thank you javebeans for the recap. On the first episode of the MBC special program for “The Sun and the Moon”aired on the March 7th, an important scene in the drama was replayed, I think that’s vastly different from two people who loved each other wholly and completely and then one of the two was taken away by death.

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More [Exclusive] Yeo Jin-goo to star in movie “Hwayi: I’m obsessed with this Will they do it within the 30 day period? It’s just not good or believable casting to me. He tells Hwon not to cry: I was screaming at the screen “Dude!

Kim Soo-hyun ‘s work was replayed during the entire New Year holidays, I feel like most of this show really lacked substance. Kim Yuna had amazed the public for boasting 15 endorsement deals inI am really hoping that YW will be able to regain her memory back.


More New Historical Romance drama in the making! The flaws and all. The set was an apartment about to be demolished and a container was set up nearby to use as a dressing room.

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eipsode By chance, she became a palace servant and meets Hwon who is still a prince. Kim Soo Hyun blew me once again, his anguish, his smile, his cry; he’s just fantastic!

I was expecting a real happy ending, and Idont really think the ending is a happy ending because many people are sacrified for hwon and yeowoo’s romance.

Huge thanks for the whole crew for sharing this drama every week! She cried in pain. I still like it so much, but not that much? Instead, he sneaks out of the palace to see the city. I’m pretty sure I’m being confusing but I really don’t know how to put it in words.

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But I’m not attracted to any of the adult actors, and while I loved JIW as the Scheduler, isn’t his voice even higher than the boy who played him as a child? I love your recaps! Lee Chae-mi is taking over the role of Kim Yoo-jung ‘s past,