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This is place for making policy. Go away then, SY goes to the police having your crime. I agree; I loved that scene. The king advisor asked the King, “if the princess die, our country will die too. Genki Escapist November 15, at And to sit there and let his father berate Hyun-joo and not fight for her

Did I say I was going to do anything? I just wish Eun-Sang would get a moment with similar character growth and self-empowerment. She is pretty sure that it’s not him. Certainly, Tan’s interest in her is a real issue – it gives him something to fight with Tan about, and “leverage” in their war. ST November 15, at She says those three years when he was in America; she lived without breathing, waiting for him to come back, so how can he do this. We had hints that he was somehow doing it for his own good keeping him away.

I will also have two songs that can be found on my playlist. ES lied for CY. What will you do at the day of the first snow? I was late tuning in to the live streaming of tonight’s ilve. He probably really loved his first wife Won’s motherbut she was never happy in his world of chaebol privilege.

But I will live meaningless life like the dead.

He goes to Won embassador and ask “Yesterday, there was report DH ran away riding ur carriage. The King ask CY to go to that decap bring Hwata there.

Recap: The Heirs Episode 12 | Scattered Joonni

Anywho, the show seems to be making the parents come off as the bad ones, and in this case, many of them are. We gonna say to Won that u try to disobey DH so we killed him. Yeah something like that.


He says “I think Libe can meet her using CY as trap. Tan asks Rachel to come to his room. I felt that he was being curious about what was happening to him, and how that was affecting him.

CY approached her and asked, “what are you doing?

“The Heirs” Lee Min-ho and Park Sin-hye reunite in Korea

This is my chance. Who thought this was a good idea? Arghh that song, but yeah it would have fit.

Heaven help us if KDrama spreads the belief that being a bully 112 attractive. JH performed like a Hollywood actor. He’s also explaining Hwa soo In’s skill. Ji Hyun Woo bingle Yo…. I think the drama has been trying to convey that Tan meeting Eun-Sang was not just about the two of them falling in love; she was a catalyst for Tan to yeirs himself and awaken from his sunny California stupor.

Eun-sang is distracted all evening at work, knowing that something is up with Tan. I really love that. But she’s not meek most of the time, at least not with himshe works, and she’s not out to use a rich man for money. She would like to think through what she is going through and I can understand and respect that.

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ES crying, still manages to point out that YD placed 98th. KS replies that of it makes her sad but her reward is for things to go well for Tan. Hwa ta was famous doctor a thousnd ago.


Dad tells him to clear things up fast. I don’t know why you were talking about YD’s assiness there. All of this might have been hindering his affection for Tan. I won’t want sth anymore if I live in those lvie.

Prev Next Page of I wonder why Won and Tan arent used properly when that may be a very solid plotline, much more than stuff like YD doing mean stuff and ES crying endlessly.

Tan tells him plainly not to think of this as an opportunity to win Eun-sang over: There not one drama this girl played where she shown any warmth. Tan and his scenes with his mom were especially poignant today as it involved the turning point of this drama and a relationship we can all relate to. Hwa and Dam Pictures said “Please expect a lot for them.

122 few days from his dying, I saw he dropped his sword. The quotation below about friends, enemies, and secrets: Honestly, just some friendly advice.

What I like the most in this episode is the confrontation between Young Do and Eun Sang but that scene didn’t even last that long. August November 14, at 9: After living in America he might have realized it is not that important to be a chaebol in order to be happy.

Tan tells her to stop.