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Night after night, since Alicia had taken to her bed, this abomination had stealthily applied its mouth–its proboscis one might better say–to the girl’s temples, sucking her blood. Doubtless she would have wished less severity in those strict heavens of love, a more expansive and spontaneous tenderness; but her husband’s immovable manner would always hold her back. My current research focuses on the role of the haunted house in nineteenth-century Gothic fiction. No es raro que adelgazara. They saw before them a diminishing life, a life bleeding away day by day, hour by hour, absolutely without their knowing why. Jordan picked it up. Finally one afternoon she was able to go into the garden, supported on her husband’s arm.

It is not strange that she grew thin. Jordan virtually lived in the drawing room, which was also always lighted. You are commenting using your WordPress. How is it that on their honeymoon, a husband failed to notice the blood on his new bride’s pillow- which his servant noticed immediately? S Your two kitties are wonderful and look squeezable. As you can see, the story is wonderfully Gothic and grotesque.

The whiteness of the silent patio–friezes, columns, and marble statues–produced the wintry impression of an enchanted palace.

“The Feather Pillow” Quiroga

One night she was suddenly transfixed, staring at one spot. These bird-born parasites, usually quite tiny in their natural environment, can grow to enormous proportions under certain conditions.

They observed her a long time in silence and then moved into the dining room. The final two days she raved ceaselessly in a uoracio voice. This site uses cookies.

Then she lost consciousness. The illness never worsened during the daytime, but each morning she awakened pale as death, almost in a swoon. I taught Comparative and American Literature for five years at the University of Costa Rica before deciding to come to Scotland and specialize in what has always been my passion–Gothic literature.

I am also very interested in exploring Latin American Gothic, beginning with a few examples of Costa Rican legends and continuing with contemporary literary texts and films. Queries to Dr Timothy Jones on timothy.

Suddenly Alicia began to have hallucinations, vague images, at first seeming to float in the air, then hofacio to floor level. Alicia had no more fainting spells, but she was visibly moving toward death. The woman began losing life everyday and in the span of 5 days fell dead. He also wrote several novels but his or so short stories are his legacy to the ths.


“The Feather Pillow” Quiroga – The Fantastic Short Story in the Americas

The next morning she felt faint as soon as she awoke. The woman lives in feathre world of fantasy, she is in love with love, but her husband tries to restrain this fantasy. That is all I will say as I really hope some will read this story. A blonde, angelic and shy young thing, her childhood fantasies of being a bride had been chilled by her husband’s stern nature.

As far as I can find please correct me if I am wrong it is his only work in English you can read online. When ever she awoke she always had the sensation of a million pound weight on top of her. Following the third day of this episode, she never left her bed again.

The servant raised the pillow but immediately dropped it and stood staring at it, livid and trembling. The house in which they lived affected her twinges and shuddering in no small fashion.

With tireless persistence he paced ceaselessly from one end of the room to the other. During their last consultation Alicia lay in a stupor while they took her pulse, passing her inert wrist from one to another. Truly, on the case, on both sides of the hollow left by Alicia’s head, were two small dark spots.

The daily plumping of feqther pillow had doubtlessly at first hindered its advance, but quirogw the girl could no longer move, the suction became vertiginous.

Previous Post The Oval Portrait. The doctors say it is influenza. According to Todorov this text would not be purely fantastic because there is a sense of resolution through rational explanation at the end. The second element that characterizes this story as Gothic is th portrayal of the setting as a place full of death. They carried it out of the room and on the dining room table he slashed open the case and ticking. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Then her sobs subsided, and she stood a long while, her face hidden in the hollow of his neck, not moving or speaking a word.


All it required was the right actions, looking for answers to the right questions, to see what the servant discovers immediately upon looking at Alicia’s pillow. She is left alone all day in an old semi-mansion in the jungle while feater husband works.

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Project Gutenberg Australia a treasure-trove of literature treasure found hidden with no evidence of ownership. There are collections of his short stories in English and Spanish on Amazon. The ending is not inferior to any horror type story I have read. On the following day she awakened feeling faint. This parallels quite literally with this vampire like creature that draws the life out of the woman from within her quigoga.

The Feather Pillow

Then she opened her mouth to scream, and pearls of sweat suddenly beaded her nose and lips. The servant, when she came in afterward to strip the now empty bed, stared for a while in puzzlement at the pillow. I will relay the outlines of the first half of the plot. His best friend, also an author, shot himself after a bad review. I believe that the cultural context for these texts often blurs their “Gothic” status what is dark or Gothic in Victorian Hhoracio Lit.

For those of you who would like to read it, it is available in the feathr link in Spanish as well as in translation into English: No es raro que adelgazara.

The Feather Pillow

Without knowing why, Jordan felt the hair rise on the back of his neck. Her crepuscular terrors made their advance in the form of monsters that dragged themselves to the bed and scrambled up onto the bedspread.

In the deathly silence of the house the only sound was the monotonous delirium from the bedroom and the dull echoes of Jordan’s eternal pacing.