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With Chris Emmett and Nigel Rees. With Chris Emmett and Fred Harris. The team takes a look at politics, as toads vote in the Liberals. General Custer’s attempts at a last stand are somewhat unorthodox. Different Adams” from an only semi-fake position of bitterness and jealousy. Be the first one to write a review. Any doubts about you-know-what are put to rest by the Burkiss collective.

Another slice of the Burkiss Way to dynamic living, featuring student sheep and the Auntie’s Game! Please sign in Sign in. With Jo Kendall and Fred Harris. The comedy team sweep to a political landslide. You rang the bell, Mr. Waves are parted as the team take on the Holly Bibbly or Holy Bible.

The Burkiss Way

The series had its roots in two half-hour sketch shows entitled Half-Open University which Marshall and Renwick had written with Mason for Radio 3 as a thr of Open University programmes. Orpheus tries to get a job so he and Eurydice can move out of their council flat. There are no reviews yet. Radio’s favourite correspondence course offers you classic sketch comedy.

The first, broadcast on 25 Augustspoofed science, the second, on 1 Decemberhistory. In the first series Chris Emmett made several appearances as a dirty old man; in episode 2, his character became Prime Minister thanks to the Burkiss Way.

With contributions from the Smartypants family and Knickertwist Copperby. Andrew Marshall David Renwick. He is a man with unsavoury habits, inspired by Round the Horne ‘s “J.

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Burkiss Way, The

Birkiss show’s humour burikss based on surrealism and literary and media parodies, sprinkled with puns. With Chris Emmett and Fred Harris. This was one of the show’s two catchphrases, the other being “there will now be a short intermission”. It’s the clash of the game shows! Over the course of the first series, which starred Chris Emmett, Nigel Rees, Fred Harris and Denise Coffey, the show’s adherence to this conceit gradually ths By the middle of the second series in which Denise Coffey was permanently replaced by I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again ‘s Jo Kendall the idea had been abandoned completely except as a vague Framing Device to be called on whenever the writers felt like it, and the show had taken on its true form as a surreal, absurdist sketch show mingling satire, parody, innuendo, and Pythonesque deconstruction of the radio medium itself.


I like it, I like it! Satan promises to either eat a cucumber or offer a million pound bribe. Spinning hurkiss from two half-hour specials the pair had written spoofing the BBC’s Open University educational programming under the title ‘Half-Open University’ The Burkiss Way was initially presented as ‘the first correspondence course for radio’, supposedly delivering a hhe of life-lessons devised by one Professor Emil Burkiss, with each episode tackling a different subject encapsulated in its title: And involving a lot of ‘squishy things’.


Cult sketch show starring Denise Coffey. Please sign in Sign in. For example, one later episode contains a sketch about an amoeba employed tne the Department of Civil Service Staff Recruitment and Fisheries as a token Desmond Dekker and the Aces but who keeps reproducing asexually by mitosis while singing a Lee Dorsey song.

As time went on the show became increasingly surreal, and in several sketches the writers seemed to see how many strange ideas they could cram into a sketch.

This week the team play What’s My Gender and present a galactic edition of Panorama. The sketch show team’s last ever episode.

If you pulled your bleedin’ finger out, our poor bleedin’ soldiers bleedin’ in bleedin’ France, instead of bleedin’ the bleedin’ country apart, would be bleedin’ the bleedin’- Announcer: Scheherazade’s tales prove disappointing. Peel Bananas the Burkiss Way”, “Lesson 2: Or was it the four stiffs lying on the carpet with knives in their backs?

Lesson 31 and Lesson 32 are a single episode masquerading as two half-episodes, the first of which ends series 3 and the second of which begins series 4. Queen Victoria complains, and all tge revealed in Upstairs Downstairs. With Chris Emmett and Nigel Rees. Comment I have a related image to this show. The consequence is that “Lesson 33” to the first “Lesson 39” inclusive have lesson numbers that are one greater than the cumulative number; from the second “Lesson 39” onward the correct numbering is restored.


This week’s show has been dropped. Satan promises to eat a cucumber. epiwodes

Stars Nigel Rees and Jo Kendall. He was parodied as Mister Different Adams whose catchphrase is “I see comedy as a kind of Denise Coffey was appearing as a jar of vapour burkis at the Old Vic. Many later episodes had false endings, sometimes disguised as genuine continuity announcements.

We shall also slip into the shirts with strings up the front, get out the badly designed motorbike boots and ponce around with lots of women with no bras on! Find out What’s My Gender, plus a galactic Panorama.

The Burkiss Way (Radio) – TV Tropes

Write extremely long titles with lots and lots of words in, like this, so that the Radio Times will have to allot more space than the measly half a centimetre of billing space we usually get and at least it’ll look a bit more prominent on the page, although still nowhere near the 50 column inches they give to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy the Burkiss Way [3] also known as “Write Extremely Long Titles the Burkiss Way”.

From here on the programme continued in a more obvious sketch format, though it was to use increasingly Pythonesque devices including surreal, stream-of-consciousness linking, back-referencing and aggregation.

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