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Retrieved May 23, Cesare brings him to Rome for a confession under torture. Cesare’s new partner is a girl named Ursula Bonadeo who is attractive in a very Mary Cherry way, which looks weirdly modern in this show. Back in the scheming room, Rodrigo is helping little Gioffre Borgia into his very cute doublet. Once there, she discovers the House of Sforza will do nothing should the invasion continue into Rome. Della Rovere informs them and us that Rodrigo has a great hand to play: Gioffre Borgia Steven Berkoff

Calvino tells the Pope he cannot marry Lucrezia because his brother Raffaello wishes to marry her instead. Stay tuned, the worst is yet to come and as Neil Jordan also wrote the remaining episodes I don’t worry about their quality. I can’t deal with it when he calls her “Sis”, it sounds just awful. Rodrigo betroths his daughter Lucrezia to Giovanni Sforza. Juan returns to Rome and claims his injuries are proof of his courage and valor on the battlefield of Forli. If it is so, Lucrezia insists she could never marry Giovanni Sforza, “no matter how handsome he is. Cesare is finally absolved of his vows after his father realizes the mistakes he made with Juan.

After briefly torturing Micheletto, Cesare discusses Orsini’s murder with the Pope. She’s 23 years old but perfect as the 13 years old Lucrezia Borgia.

Lucrezia’s Wedding

Indeed the wit of some characters is challenging to follow and paying attention to their every words is mandatory to fully enjoy how well written the dialogs are.

The Pope recognizes him as one of the servants pouring wine during the dinner, and Juan orders he be tortured for information.

Cesare decides to carry Lucrezia off to bed, whispering to Sforza that it is past her bedtime. After a confession is forged, Savonarola is burned at borgixs stake. Cesare stands at the front in a big white mantle, even glummer than his father. It was also surprising to finally witness her palette of emotions.

Lucrezia promises that there will be no more beatings. Meanwhile, Micheletto arrives at della Rovere’s home, where he gains his trust by showing the Cardinal his wounded back. Rodrigo is sure Sforza won’t be as bad as all that, but Giulia knows what’s up. Retrieved June 6, Cesare suspects that his brother is lying, which is confirmed by Caterina Sforza’s son. Lucrezia agrees to meet with her suitor Calvino de Genova after his brother Raffaello catches her eye. The seamstresses all scurry out, like they know what’s going to happen.


The Borgias – Season 1, Episode 4: Lucrezia’s Wedding –

You guys, I think today might be the day the incest happens Cesare delivers a message to Caterina to either come to Rome and bow to the Pope willingly or in chains. So viewers accustomed to switch off their brain before watching TV should literally fall asleep. I will marry anyone you like that helps you to sleep. Cesare is tasked with delivering a doomed message epsiode Savonarola to cease preaching or face excommunication and execution.

Caterina Sforza orders Rufio to seek support from the mercenary seasom of the Romagna families — OrsiniVitelli and Colonna. Micheletto meets a stranger calling himself Pascal. Giuliano Della Rovere Julian Bleach He’s somewhat rudely dismissive. Lucrezia looks up and says, “Please, God. Cesare returns to Rome and confesses to his father he murdered Giovanni Sforza and slept with Caterina. Sometimes it even stops me sleeping at night. Search for ” Lucrezia’s Wedding ” on Amazon.

The wedding proceeds as planned, without Vannozza. Retrieved April 5, Mustache now sans mustache waffles that it is Plautus, thus “more lewd you cannot find,” but Juan taps into his inner artiste and starts ordering rewrites.

Rodrigo’s children insist that their mother be invited to Lucrezia’s arranged political marriage to a Sforza, but the Pope resists. Cesare just wonders what’s the best way to go about cutting off the guy’s dick and leaving it in his mouth. He seems like a dece guy, is all. Little B notices that Giovanni Sforza, one of the great Roman families and Lucrezia’s intended, shares a last name with the duke of Milan. Wait, was I supposed to get something out of that?


Bosoms bosoms bosoms bosoms bosoms. The Borgias are soliciting suitable brides for Juan. The series premiered on Showtime on April 3,with the Canadian premiere happening one hour later on Bravo! Mustache offers him a choice between Terence and Plautus.

Finally they rise in front of Rodrigo, who exposits that the King of Spain sent this “savage” oh no for his personal viewing, brought back by Christopher Columbus, and I think I’m going to cry. Lucrezia follows, borgiaas that she’s not complaining about being set up with a gross old dude for the sake of politics, but excluding her mother is a whole other level of awfulness.

The Pope tries to decide who is to marry his daughter. Retrieved from ” https: Cesare’s like, “No, not since you shat the bed in Naples. Retrieved May 25, Giulia hesitates for a moment before planting a gentle yet sucky kiss on Lucrezia’s pouty mouth.

He clarifies that he comes not as a lover, but as a friend, and then they hug and gasp episoode lot. And then hopelessness overcomes her and she lies her head back on the pillow, weeping with pain and betrayal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Back in Rome, the seductive and dangerously insane Bianca takes her own life, prompting Alexander and Cardinal Sforza to conspire to repay Gonzaga’s cruel plot.

Lucrezia frets that she’s caught a something-or-the-other; Cesare caresses her hand and suggests that she’s “sick of heartbreak”. She throws the birdseed really hard and scares the pigeon away.

Lucrezia goes, “Hah, well that is silly, Giulia Farnese, of course she’s coming. Juan Borgia Sean Harris Ursula recognizes him as a cardinal, and everyone stomps a few times, and Cesare almost begrudgingly introduces himself. The wedding proceeds as planned, without Vannozza.