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Suchao Pongwilai Suchao Pongwilai played bad guys, corrupted policemen or official administration officer Our Suchao Pongwilai’s partial filmography contains 48 movies: Other ladies having interest in the subdistrict headman in the village start to be jealous of this Bangkok girl! Luechai Natnat is playing a driver and domestic helper. Bangkokian people are seen as outsiders and are not trust. Finally Kalong is recognized as a ghost and wants to kill Sonklin and brings Kaew with her. Finally he decides to kidnap Kamthong to protect her.

She goes to the nearest house, i. Yodchai Meksuwan often played with actress Pawana Chanajit. Tongchai Prasongsanti Main actress: Phi Kraseu and Phi Pop fight together. Surayut- Chaiyayut finally finds the sacred cloth and removes it. He was a classic movie villain in the 70s and 80s. His head is cut, and his body hidden in the graveyard. Our Ekapan Banleurit’s partial filmography contains 10 movies:


Vatabase including Sukon Koewliam get confused between Petchara 1 and Petchara 2. Following lengthy fightings, Nattaporn and Oi are defeated.

In order to take revenge, they kidnap one of the girl. Lak Apichat Lak Apichat played in more than movies from to Arguments occur and the mother dies due to shock. Ruffians are sent to expel them but they are killed by the grant-mother Chom, who is a “Phi Pop” ghost.

Dao needs to bring blood to her grandmother. Song and his acolytes attack a beautiful young lady, called Kanda, walking alone at nighttime. The master beats Yod because he finds his new wife with Yod.


An injured man is chased by three hunters.

movle The grandmother uses him to mivie the ghost. She is buried by Yod under the Takhian tree and is not cremated. Meanwhile Loi is neutralized by Yong. They learn he was killed. Actors have changed and famous Thai comics from decade s are part of this movie. He was named National Artist in year Our Sompong Phonmitr’s partial filmography contains 49 movies: Alas she was already pregnant.

Inthis movie was fully restored in beautiful colorful HD version by Five Star company.

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Uncle Boon is the one to spread those rumours. Some people are found dead without intestines. Jit is back as a ghost and wishes to meet Nit. Nobody in the village can meet or see doctor Solot. The movie lasts 1h23mn. Ghost Of Mae Nak Rating: New characters are introduced as actors Trirak Rakkarndee and Ekapan Banleurit are no longer part of the story.

Students need to find a way to fight back the Phi pop spirits.

Ghost movies have constantly enjoyed their popularity among the Thai movie going public. While her husband Mak is away, Nak is going to deliver her baby. The director is English and the photography direction is really good. Nuan decides to get her husband back. She gets revenge over Leut and his ruffians by killing them. Increase or decrease font size for easier reading: He wishes to find a solution for Kam Thong to be back as a normal person.



Do bad deeds, get death. Same old tricks are used with ghostly skeletons and simple basic FX effects. The version was very successful. But the Bangkok doctors protect Ya Yip believing the local thaiworldgiew is crazy and bring her back inside the village. He never got any rewards as rewards only went to starring actors only.

Upset by his friends behavior towards Nak, Mak is chasing them away. Champee kills all of them one by one. Phi Kaew Kowit Wattanakul is back from abroad. While preparing food for Mak, a lemon falls on below floor.

There is a short funny apparition thaiwofldview legendary comic actor Lor Tok as a guy stealing coconuts at nighttime.

In Thai tradition, a ghost can be a protector and an antagonist. Life has finally regained after the first opus and Mak, former Mae Nak’s husband, has new interest with one young lady. Meanwhile the spirit lies to Oon and convinces her to open the locked door.