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Lebanese filmmaker and actor. This human immediacy has a devasting impact on the viewer: Their names are listed at the end of the relevant feature film chronology, but their work is not indexed. Ali makes a partial recovery and is able to help rescue some of the patients who have fled from the bombed and looted hospital. The Lebanese pattern was also followed sporadically—and with markedly less international success—in Syria and Iraq. He made several short films in Prague — On this basis, the French and the British took upon themselves not just the definition and boundaries of the new states but also the choice of their systems of government and the identity of the rulers who were installed.

Here too I have relaxed—as the filmmakers themselves do—any distinction between film and video productions. Ahmed, Roqia Murad Mohammed. Journeys to the Land of the Dictionary, and their joint exploration of Yemen. Founder of the Palestine Film Organisation. It imported directors from other Arab countries in the early years: The image shifted from being the map of an existing reality to becoming the sign of an imaginary unity: He studied drama and works as television actor and director.

He began working for Lebanese television inshooting reports and documentaries on the war in Lebanon, some of which were shown internationally. He pers as an actor and also as director of photography for several pioneer filmmakers, including Michel Haroun Red Flowers, The Rain16′, video.

An introduction by Armes locates film and filmmaking traditions in the region from early efforts in the silent era to statefunded productions by isolated filmmakers and politically engaged documentarians. Edward Said, preface to Dreams of a Nation: But emboldened by the increasing retreat of the United States into isolationism after the wartime interventionist idealism of Woodrow Wilson, the French and British governments felt able to ignore Arab wishes just as Balfour had done in She was based in Paris from Verso,2.

It is both highly personal dedicated to the memory of his father and totally stylized, with the actions of Israeli soldiers constantly choreographed into balletic movements.


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There is much truth in the traditional Arab joke quot- Introduction 9 Under the BombsLebanon Philippe Aractingi has oerse years of experience in documentary re from a production base in France and has recently developed an interest in improvisation. One of the many crucial European decisions and agreements regarding the Middle East had already been made inwith the unilateral declaration of support for the telechadger of a Jewish homeland in Palestine by the British foreign secretary, Arthur Balfour.


Namool Adventures19′, Mini DV. At the time of writing, after the Israeli assault on Gaza toward the end ofthere exists no sign of the emergence of any kind of viable state for the Palestinians. Though itself a tightly controlled state institution, the General Establishment has offered its filmmakers considerable freedom in the films they made, even if these works have been subsequently banned or denied screenings in Syria by the state censors.

It seemed difficult to imagine a bleaker period for the Palestinians than the s.

McCarthy, The Ottoman Peoples, — The Arab Middle East has not developed the kind of overwhelming output of fictional features on video, characteristic of Anglophone Africa especially Nigeria, where many thousands of feature-length videos have been produced and distributed since the sso I have been able to include work shot on video principally Beta SP and more recently HDas well as 35mm and 16mm film productions.

He shot both his feature films in a wide screen format of his own devising: Innocent Voices37′, DigiBeta. The terms of the ceasefire which brought fighting to an end in did nothing to cure the inherent structural weaknesses of the Lebanese state. Born in in Lebanon, he studied literature at the University of Amman in Jordan, where he now teaches.

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Born in in Nazareth, she has lived in France since Estger actor in ten short films. The Philippines10′, Beta SP. Born in in Bahrain, he studied mass media and public relations. Al-Assad rose steadily through the ranks from squadron leader to head of the air force and he had, by the time of the coup, become minister of defence. Only Saab, who had studied economics at the Sorbonne, was not a fikm trained filmmaker.

After a further documentary film, Al-Ariss abandoned the cinema.

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The time of the action isduring the IranIraq War and a few weeks after Saddam Hussein launched his poison-gas attack on the Kurdish village of Halabja. Yet, from the s, the Israelis increased their pressure on the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which they had occupied and administered since the war. The remainder of the population was diverse: By contrast, a dozen or more Middle Eastern Arab filmmakers have devoted decades of their lives to documentary work, making a large number of highly individual non-fictional films, some of feature length and all reflecting the complexities of life in this troubled region, before turning to fictional feature filmmaking.


Dictionary of Filmmakers Ajffar, Ali Mohammad.

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Her first short won a prize at the Beirut Documentary Film Festival. Once violence began, the government had neither the authority nor the military resources to restore order, so that soon the various armed militias were at war, each defending its own territorial areas and what it saw as its own specific interests: Among Syrian directors of the s, only Abdellatif Abdelhamid has managed to direct a succession of eight features, from The Nights of the Jackal to Days of Boredom Wayfarer75′, Beta SP.

Granta Books,xiv. But in Palestine and Lebanon, the committed activity of the s forms re basis for the powerful surge of documentary filmmaking across the Arab Middle East, which in turn helps shape the more tentative emergence or re-emergence of fictional feature filmmaking from the early s.

The other, younger, woman, Sahar, petse a very different life as a divorced single mother in Ramallah, teaching at Bir Zeit University and working as a novelist. He has made a number of short films: Studied at Zayed University.

For all its impressive spectacle, Clash of Loyalties offers only limited insight into the historical realities of Short fictional film adapted from a Ghassan Kanafani story: Haji, Mohammed Abdul Rahim.