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I have noticed that the loop that is meant to prevent one end of the watch band from flopping around will sometimes migrate towards the buckle, leaving the end of the band prone to catching on things. When we hiked back up the Bright Angel Trail the fourth day with an elevation gain of feet meters , the watch was again pretty accurate, though I forgot to record the information for this day.. This is within the bounds of acceptable error for me, especially given that altimeters are affected by air temperature which varies from 92 degrees on my skin to degrees in the air right next to my skin. It accelerates so quickly that I usually end up overshooting my goal by several thousand feet, and I then have to repeat the process in the other direction, and repeat again. At one point on my Grand Canyon trip the altimeter was off by quite a bit, and wouldn’t keep a reference altitude when I set it. First, it starts the recalibration procedure from wherever I last recalibrated the watch, NOT from my current altitude. Serious athletes and hard-core adventurers agree – monitoring your heart rate is a must for achieving peak performance. If that sentence seemed annoyingly monotonous to you, you understand why I wish it were possible to turn off these courtesy beeps.

Although the sea level pressure and current pressure measurements can be changed, Silva strongly warns against doing so. I also set the stride a little shorter than my normal pace, since there were small hills along the hike, and my overall backpacking pace is shorter than when I’m walking at lunch. Hopefully the feature just needs a little more time to get acclimated to the local pressure. Ramp it up with the Traileader Pro. The loop that keeps one end of the watch band from flopping around tends to migrate towards the buckle, something that could easily be fixed by making the loop a little tighter, or possibly adding a nub on the inside of the loop tat would grip the perforations in the watch band. I tried resetting the reference elevation two times, and the TraiLeader adjusted back to a significantly lower elevation.

The accelerometer sensor works by first detecting changes in the user’s movement acceleration that are translated into varying degrees of electric current within the sensor. When I reached the North Rim, the watch was only off by about feet metersfiguring out the elevations I left and arrived using a topo map. I tried adjusting to a higher sensitivity, but I still couldn’t get the watch to record out of steps.


The instruction manual warns to keep the watch away from extreme temperatures, impacts, moisture, and near magnets. The Trail Leader Pro accurately monitors heart rate and measures speed and distance.

Since this is “middle ground” either way I can’t as yet report on the accuracy trailfader the weather predictor with the altimeter lock off. The pedometer is accurate when I am on flat or slightly sloping terrain, but is way off when I have to frequently adjust my stride due to steep switchbacks. I tried resetting the reference elevation two times, and the TraiLeader adjusted back to a significantly lower elevation. When in a swiveling chair, I have more control over the slow turn, and I think the level, even movement when I use this tceh4o helps significantly with the calibration effort.

I am impressed with the various features offered, and am satisfied with the operation of all but one so far. If you are an avid backpacker, we are always looking for enthusiastic, quality reviewers.

When I used the watch in a dayhike and an overnight backpacking trip in Pinckney Recreation Area, the TraiLeader was only off by about 0.

As it is, I wear it every day and am grateful for the information it provides.

To help with the accuracy, I can set a reference altitude when I am at a known elevation, or if my hike has little elevation change I can lock the altimeter for better barometer performance. When Tdaileader went in to correct the altitude, I found out that I had to adjust this in increments of 1 foot or meter.

Long Term Report September 2, When this mode is active, the secondary time zone is shown prominently in the center of the screen, with the primary time zone displayed in a seriex font at the bottom of the screen.

Tech4o Traileader Pro – Trail Leader Pro

In the alarm mode Traileadef can set one or two alarms, and I can select each alarm to ring either daily or on a specific day of the week. The watch and chest strap seem immune to interference from other heart monitors, unlike my last HRM monitor watch. I’m impressed with all the features packed into this watch, and most of them would be very helpful to me when hiking if they do indeed function properly. I found out that by placing the watch on the highest sensitivity, I could hold my arm in place in front of me and it would properly count my steps.



Overall the watch has proved very helpful on my hikes. I called Silva customer service, informed them of the problem I made sure to specify the altimeter lock was on and was told to send the watch in. I don’t think traileqder will be too much of a problem on the trail, but I’ll have to keep an eye out trsileader the fit.

Even with the change in elevation though I did have to correct traaileader slightly at a couple points on the way down the watch was correct when it called for rain that day.

I love it so far, and if Tech4o would fix the altimeter calibration, the watch would be basically perfect in my book. Ideally, it will be complete after recalibration though it can take several calibration attempts ; I couldn’t calibrate the “box” to the point where most of it was there.

Overall, it was pretty accurate in elevation in the Grand Tceh4o, which helped me determine my position on a topo map, when I couldn’t pick up enough satellites on the GPS to determine my location that way.

Tech4o TraiLeader Pro Watch

On my first day of hiking rim-to-rim in the Grand Canyon the forecaster went from partly cloudy to rain as the day progressed. Apply here to be a gear tester. Ramp it up with the Traileader Pro.

I can take a reverse compass bearing and trsileader the bearing. Hopefully the feature just needs a little more time to get acclimated to the local pressure. On the underside of the watch is the opening for the pressure sensor and thermometer, and a battery hatch with a slot where a coin can be inserted for the user to replace the battery. The only thing that might be improved is a quicker way to change the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius.