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This one spoke to my heart in the best ways — it was sweepingly romantic, introspective and tackled the issue of class difference and young love very realistically. Grade Artistic and technical merit: Nice torso, long and lean. Wataru is his old coach’s little son. Absolutely one of my favorite Jdramas. As for Nao, her family tensions are of a different kind:

What I loved most about their relationship is that even from the get-go, they are mostly honest with one another. I watch the first 3 episodes and the last episode; skipped the rest. Ren Kanzaki 10 episodes, A story of love between the son of a man who runs a ship-repair factory beset with financial troubles and the well-bred daughter of a national jewelry chain store owner. He’s a sweetheart so far, I loved the part where Halu presented him with his own wee jersey with his name on the back, so adorable. Halu’s got some adorable scenes with him later. I realize now that I missed a lot in my original viewing because of my emotional catharsis. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

I mean, the arches are perfect! I don’t know if Kame’s got another drama coming up, but I do know that we’ve got “Byakkotai”. Did anyone else think that Nao’s grandmothers house looked similar to Soichiros house in the manga series Stepping on Roses? Oh, and Mukodono and Hani Yori Dango are on my to-watch list now: Tatta no Hitotsu Koi is honestly, a slow watch.

But then again its only episode 1. I can tell you though that he eventually gets a haircut in it. I could go on and on about this drama series actually, I have gone on and on about this series, as you well knowand I know that I totally read too much into it, but I do not care a whit because OMG OTP.

A Milo Lifestyle: Tatta Hitotsu no Koi – TV Series Review – Spoiler Alert

Immediate thoughts, these actors must be pop stars because their acting skills so far is horrific. But the key to retaining their luster and relevance is the treatment they are given: Also, the scenes with Halu and Wataru are absolutely awesome.


The visual episose of this drama cannot be gainsaid. I watched their Hanamaru interviews and two concerts just out of curiosity lately and came to this conclusions: This is the complete anatomy of a relationship, encompassing every swell and ebb of emotion, every conflict and complication therewith. The only sad thing is that such lucky breaks have zummary more the exception than the rule for him, with Nobuta wo Produce being the other bright star in his five-year drama career.

It is this rich emotional wellspring of First Love that screenwriter Kitagawa Eriko taps into as she spins her hitotsuu unique take on the timeless story of two young individuals who find each other, and find love — as countless others have done before them. Simply having good writing and great acting is not enough, and what glues together this story is the execution.

But would it kill the writers to throw us a bone and at least show a pic of them married one tatt living happily ever after? Realizing Success in a Dying town: One episode left, how can they come back from this without shaming Nao’s entire family.

Navigating the site is a cinch because all the tags are well-organized. If that was the case, I would have been less critical of the ending.

I have to give Hiroto credit for not shying away from awkward moments. Powered by Dreamwidth Studios. How far in are you? As the jaded hero from the wrong side of the tracks, he played the character of Kanzaki Hiroto with so much nuance and sincerity.

I liked all the supporting characters as they add to the story and make the drama more enjoyable.

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Take the initiative, for once! I am getting all interested in jdramas now: This one is a really nice drama. I am generally more into kdrama, but these epislde total exceptions.


I once dared to say that I not only liked but thought Fukada Kyoko did a great acting job and was extremely attractive in Friends….

The actress who plays Aki, Takeuchi Yuko, is one of my favorite jdrama actresses. It’s romantic, it’s beautiful, but you know what else? Kame is too… I dunno, driven maybe? Akiko Kanzaki 10 episodes, WOW that is quite an impact! Sorry, your blog jo share posts by email.

First off, if by some miracle he finds this contact in a huge pool of water doubtfulare you really going to put that chlorine filled contact back in your eye? Say ‘I Love You’ Instead of telling her to stay, he acts all pissy and tells her to go to Hokkaido.

He marries into her family highly unusual in Japanese, heck, ANY culture and they try to keep their marriage a secret from his fans. It’s a great drama, and I highly recommend it. The fact that Hiroto rejected Nao because of such a petty reason reflects his childishness and immaturity.

I am just starting on episode 6 tattq now Start With a Classic Cult. Episode 3 The characters are slowly developing.

Tatta hitotsu no koi

The time jump was necessary because the period of their courtship, it simply was not theirs. I am watching the series with English subtitles and I’m already having trouble picking up the names of the characters. I am very curious. Nothing to do with my feelings for Kame, mind you: With Hiroto, he had plenty of opportunities to confess his feelings to Nao.

Hiroto for how he takes care of his little brother.