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By the way, congratulations for winning the 1st prize of the writing competition last week. Hi, how are you? The water in the lake and stream crystal clear and icy cold. B responds to the compliment. Just for fun, let’s kick off this week by trying Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality test. Merespon makna teks pemberitahuan announcement. Observe the following examples of the questions. Use the following prompts to help:

She always has a sketchbook with her everywhere she goes. My sister bought it for me last month. H Speaking Pair work Have you ever visited a waterfall or other natural tourist objects? Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Kontributor Naskah: Your teacher will put a post-it paper with one of the words below on your back. How does the writer feel about Dinda? Jigsaw Read the text carefully.

I think she really nails her role as a girl with unrequited love.

Ranu Pani Resort – Picture of Mount Semeru Volcano, Malang

Students identified as A, refer to Text 1; students identified as B, refer to Text 2. It turns out to be a trip to Mahameru summit of Mt. For instance, in addition to the opinion adjectives, we can also inform the size, and the color, the age, and nationality of the thing noun.


Durrington Walls is the place for the living, whereas Stonehenge for the dead.

Use the adjectives to make up sentences on your own. We are amazed by the beautiful scenery. What nasilnal you think about the place described below? After three months, they meet at Pasar Senen train station and hop on a train as Genta takes them to a Destination Unknown. Menyunting teks deskriptif tulis tentang tempat wisata. Have you ever had an experience of visiting someone being hospitalized?

Mengulas Tuntas Film 5 cm –

You deserved it, man. Tangram is a kind of geometric puzzle, usually consisting of seven flat pieces but mine has eight pieces. Rahmi went to Batu with her family. We are going to have more regular practice of sports like soccer and badminton so that we can win in competitions.

Ranu Pani Resort – Picture of Mount Semeru Volcano, Malang – TripAdvisor

Ranu Kumbolo is a freshwater lake that usually has been as transit place for Gunung Semeru hiker. What is the name of the building? Any plans for this weekend? Ball Throwing – Your teacher will tell you how to do the activity.

This is why most Indonesians take leave on the days between the weekend and the national holidays. Observe where the position of the modifier is.


Setelah mempelajari Nasionwl 1, siswa diharapkan mampu: The water in the lake and stream crystal clear and icy cold. As one of ecotourism destinations, what does Tanjung Puting National Park offer to tourists?

He has just received a sympathy card through an email from his sister who lives far away in Singapore. The man with the conical straw hat says: You just had a meeting with OSIS.

Menunjukkan perilaku peduli, kerjasama, dan cinta damai dalam melaksanakan komunikasi terkait teks deskriptif sederhana tentang bangunan bersejarah terkenal. But each people learn something from the hike. Cross out or circle the word and explain your reason.

He breaks his parole and is chased by a determined police officer Javert Russell Crowe. How was your weekend semfru your family in Batu?

Present your speech in front of the class. Can the tourists enjoy the film in their own language? My father was a barista.