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So glad you enjoyed Talkhiyan, I totally loved it and for some odd reason it is very close to my heart and anytime somebody says they enjoyed it I feel so happy ke as if main ne hi banaya hai LOL! Dey are one of the most dysfunctional family tht I have come across with no emotional bonding with one another and no wonder it gives rise to so much of talkhiyan bitterness that they harbor for one another, especially bibi and her twins who are treated as persona non grata and on- lookers and never welcomed within the folds. I am happy that that I was able to watch such a wonderful, unique, mesmerizing play, I dont think I have ever watched anything like this…just the whole way it was shot and narrated was simply awesome! I came upon Talkhiyan due to your recommendations in the year-in-review thread. We know Jugnu has had a very troubled past and Zoya alluded to her difficulties as well. I in real wanted to give her tight hug when she got so happy on Bibi getting job… just the thought of calling of Jugnu back and leaving in home with big bay windows and badminton court was so really enough to make her smile again.. This is one of the classics, in Hx Pakistani drama.. Yet, despite all her best efforts, Bibi could not give her children the happily ever-after she had promised them.

Talkihiyan was brilliant in every aspect. Mikhail Zulfiqar, who Im not that big of a fan of as of yet, was unrecognizable! What were your thoughts if you have seen it? Im really becoming a fan of your blog, and on your recommendation I tuned into this drama. A pleasure as always to hear from you and I am flattered and humbled that you have been following my reviews — much appreciated! It was Jugnu and Zoyee who end up suffering the most from the indifference and bitterness of a mother who has faced too many trails and are surrounded by adults who at their best ignore them and at their worst taunt and belittle them. It is hard to believe that this is your first show on screen Wow!! Performance wise, everyone was topnotch.

She is in fact the one financially supporting the family by making and selling pickles, but is totally dominated by her abusive husband and her taunting sister-in-law Apoo ji. Do check it out, and I will wait to hear your take on it. Funny you should bring up DeS. Thank you team Talkhiyan for such phenomenal drama crama. Eid Mubarak to all. Last episode of Talkhiyan has taken my heart away.


Talkhiyan ~ Episode 19 ~ Finale Review – Desi Rants N Raves

Love Beegul Like Like. How many other secrets did these children share? I find it hard to explain her away as simply evil, which she undoubtedly was, there was nonetheless a kernel of humanity about her.

Firstly a huge Thank you SZ had 1 not been for your review i might have talkhiyn this beautiful piece of art and a play with so much philosophical implications all together,You have captured even the smallest detail in your last review so aesthetically that i will read this piece again and again.

And this what we call perfect last episode, every scene deama just beauty in itself. These kids literally went through hell and had to suffer at the hands of selfish and cruel so called called family. Sabina and Sagar, you guys are rockstars man!!!!

Talkhiyan ~ Episode 19 ~ Finale Review

Just shows how people are so narrow minded and will always think they are right. Honestly, I thought no way! A shout out of course, to the stars of the show — Sagar and Sabina- in talkhhiyan childlike but grownup mesmerizing performances. It was wonderful watching a show like this; which stands apart from the all shows on air, today.

Talkhiyan Episode 19 – 14th April 2013

Thank you, thank you so much. And I can safely say the Zoyee will not be leaving him at all now. Jugnu freeing the caged birds was a beautiful allusion to all the repressed stories that were now going to be voiced.

Hi my Desi friends! It is a shame that this was not publicised as it should be;had it beeen on some other channal we would be reading about it every where but i guess this is the only place where we discuss this beautiful story. Every single person has been amazing in their roles!

Notify me of new comments via email. Also, a big thank you to all the viewers, who watched talkhiyan, and gave it the same love and affection that we felt while we were making it.

That this woman did take care of Zoya, albeit in her own crazy way, and kept in touch with her through the years, speaks volumes about a warmth that existed somewhere deep within her. Many talkhijan our adult concerns seemed very unimportant when seen through their talkhitan, but then trivial matters for adults became important causes for concern for these children. Zoyee and Jugnu, two parts of a whole, were mercilessly pulled apart and sent in different directions.

We see two pairs of siblings here Janu baba and bibi there were hardly any moment that showed the love,care and warmth the siblings share and then we have Zoyee and Jugnu they were truly one blood. And other than a few production gaffs Gap?


Just not long enough. How sad she was to come live in that new house without her brother being there, her missing him while putting her stuff away. Talkhiyan is the story about the Silverwood residents told through the eyes of Zoya, who was also part, but never really a part of Silverwood, just like her mother Bibi and her fraternal twin Jugnu.

Yes she did take some some selfish decisions in her like but it was more of her losing her will to fight and stand up anymore and again her failing health the circumstantial factors which led to the the sad ending. Im really becoming a fan of your blog, and on your recommendation I tuned into this drama. Yes agree Hina B was also magnificent in this very different role that she took a chance with!!

Also thanks for your reveiws they have been great speaking to like minded people. Thank you so much for following dama on my recommendation. Rather than wallowing in misery and playing the victim, this woman had struggled through adversity to empower herself.

I still think about it. SZLajawab review!

Why did he come back after four years, what did he want to achieve? I look forward to hearing more from you. We know Jugnu has had a very troubled past and Zoya alluded to her difficulties as well. Once again thank you SZ for providing us all with a platform to interact about this gem of a serial. After watching Talkhiyan I had written a summarized take on it. Shar e Zaat perhaps? I want to congratulate the whole team of Talkhiyan, behind the camera and in front of the camera for this wonderful, ever lasting, powerful drama.

Talkhiyan Episode 19 – 14th April – video dailymotion

I guess she did what she thought was best, but was it?? About Baloo, this character is still a mystery for me. Some of us are stronger, like Bibi, and we try and fight for as long as we can… Others like Agha ji and Mama ji crumble under the pressure.