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But then best way to get the shock action you want right from the start, is to make the holes in the shock piston larger. However, to allow space for gear mesh adjust, a small gap remains between the seperate pinion gear cap, and the spur cover: This, and the higher kv rating, makes it a must to gear down lower than the 17T that is the lowest pinion for the LC at the moment though a 16T is apparently coming soon for the truggy version as to avoid the motor from overheating, and “mushy” acceleration. Here’s a picture of the stock servo installation motor wire disconnected to free the servo connector: Besides the “full option” car, with brushless motor, and many metal parts, some companies that sell this buggy and it’s “siblings” in rebranded form, also offer a budget version, with some parts replaced by cheaper ones. The new spindles can be recognised by an extra reinforcement “bridge” on the front ones, as indicated on this picture, another LC user was kindly to provide:

If you don’t have this size of drill, you can also drill 2 holes to 1 mm, and one single hole to 1. Originally Posted by Jimmy the Heater. But then best way to get the shock action you want right from the start, is to make the holes in the shock piston larger. Order spindles because the stock ones break for most everybody, but the spares are a different design. Sign up now to remove ads between posts. Finding parts for a lesser know brand can be a challenge.

Thick shock stays, as well as the bottom plate, the shock bodies and the center steering link thruller made from it. Get a couple of LiPos and a good charger if you don’t already have one.

Then I put back the stock oil, and this resulted in much smoother suspension, but with more “pack” than with the thinner oil.

Adjustable mini servo with saver Or this combination from HobbyKing: Steel hinge-pins with rounded front bumper Batan receiver with 2. The screws used are 1. Check all screws for proper tightening. Originally Posted by iggnash.

For the love of the hobby!


We recommend a Gens Ace 7. Do you know if anything else will fit? Another confirmed version is the brushed version of the Tacon Soar, which has the following lower spec parts installed: Now I need new shells because I have thoroughly thrashed my 2 shells.

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I recently started eyeing the mini 8ight. So far, 3 versions have been confirmed: Hope these examples will help. Due to the small gap between body and chassis side plates there is already little upgeades on dirt entering under the body shell, at least with the buggy version, but with this extra piece of foam, you have even better “insurance” that nothing can reach the pinion and spur. Images View all Images in thread. The solution is simple, just use tacln little glue to secure the tire on the wheel.

Or just all Losi Mini 8ight? Both are great, though the Nano’s tend to puff somewhat after some cycles, even with LVC set to a pretty safe level. But after that I had no more spare suitable steering servos left. Nov 11, You can probably buy the Soar racon a few spares and be safe for a long time and still spend less than you would on the Losi. Best thing, the combination runs pretty cool, 45 degrees centigrade on the motor, 42 on the ESC and 30 for the battery. Drove around today after working on the shocks yesterday.

Last edited by SoloProFan; Nov 18, thtiller Fixing this is just a matter of removing the shock cap, reposition the bladder, and screw the cap back on.

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The rally version is tackn the “Ranger” when you get the Tacon version. What about tires and wheels? A 35 amp programmable brushless electronic speed controller delivers the current efficiently through an included The steering tie rods and upper and lower arms are adjustable for fine tuning of the toe and camber, effectively altering the handling characteristics of the truck.

All terrain tires Chassis: Pay extra care to the small set-screws that secure the drive cups that are on each side of the center drive shaft! Personally, I think the Desert Truck looks very appealing. The metal shock towers can thrilller in a hard crash, the plastic ones will flex and don’t require bending back into shape. I’m definitely not bashing too hard. Here are a few pics of my latest upgrxdes, also from Phat. I have read good things about these on URC.


Having a small thrioler handy so you can check the mesh, is convenient here. You will probably later adjust the settings to your liking, depending on the surface you drive, but for the first drive it’s best to keep the camber angles indentical and close to 0.

Look for “Rally Car ” on eBay for sellers that have these tires.

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In one of my buggies, that came as roller when purchased, seperate electronics were fitted. Slipper pad with adjustable gear cover 3.

And if so, any tips, upgrades I should do right away? Especially when running other versions than the buggy, which has the body fitting very tightly around the chassis, so there is little chance for debris making their way into the gears. I already got a spindle set with it. I could very easily be wrong but I’m sure if you ask in the crawler threads someone could tell you exactlly what you need. Same car as the LC version, but different name. Order spindles because the stock ones break for most everybody, but the spares are a different design.

If you take a piece of foam, you can insert that between the cover and the motormount, so you get this: Nov 13, Right now I just run a vxl rustler in a grassy field across from my house, or occasional beach sand bash.