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Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ Hence, a Shinji-less Eva is safer and more stable for Wille’s purposes. Registering is free , easy , and private. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. However, there is nothing concrete preventing some or all of these characters from returning in Final , either. What he is ultimately planning, however, is a near unfathomable question at the moment.

Fuyutsuki says that he will continue to follow Gendo’s plans. The earth is in ruins. Retrieved March 22, Mari determines that Mark. Kaworu refers to the Instrumentality Project as a process by which “Old life is offered in sacrifice, so that new beings blessed with the Fruit of Life may be created. The echo along with the Wille crew’s obliviousness suggests that the words are being projected directly into Shinji’s head — telepathy, if you will.

August 9, at 4: Kaworu shares his unease, but Shinji is fixated on using the spears to repair the world — and Misato’s opinion of him.

Eva’ boards the Wunder via its grounded wing, and fires at the Vessel of evangekion Adams to no effect, narrowly avoiding a devastating counter shot. Furthermore, they wield armaments, which would need to have been supplied by humans.

Since Kaworu eventually had Eva skewer itself twice, it evangeloon seem that he was able to do just that.

It is worth recalling that the original Evangelion was set 14 years after Second Impact. As more drones attack, Misato launches the flying battleship Wunderpowered by Unit 01, to destroy them. Both Lilith and the giant Rei head at the command center — in fact, Lilith’s missing head — explode into LCL, and Gendo says that it’s begun.

However, LCL exposure by no means has to be pilot-specific; indeed, if it’s a veritable fountain of youth, why wouldn’t everyone be bathing in it?

The Rei featured in this film is a different clone, whose full designation is “Tentative Name: The Dragon Dentist Shinji has been absorbed inside Eva all this time, which is now orbiting earth inside a giant cuboidal cross-shaped satellite.

Near unwatchable in stretches. The mechanism might be activated based on Shinji’s emotional state, with the pulling of the lever merely being a red herring. Is he alive or dead? July 26, at 6: There does not appear to be a second “eye”.


The facility could play some role in temporarily stabilizing her. Eva manages to decapitate Mark. At the very end of this film, Shinji has survived something that breaks a whole lot of people who struggle with severe depression: The phenomenon could be related to the Rei that Shinji saw on the street in Eva 1.

Nerv personnel are held in confinement. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. It has swollen to dozens of times its original size.

Later the Eva is shown wrapped up in bandages and being recovered by Wille alongside Eva Who is Kaji holding at gunpoint? On November 14, a one-minute second trailer was released privately on Hikaru Utada’s YouTube channel. May 10, at Gendo and Fuyutsuki are shown observing the Seele monoliths, which are now silent. Enormous red crosses are scattered all over the landscape, as far as the eye can see.

The sudden appearance and disappearance heavily implies that the other Rei was not “real” in a traditional sense, and is not meant to indicate the presence of another clone at Nerv HQ.

During Mari’s speech to Shinji, she says, “Help the Princess out, at least! Eventually the walls of the Main Shaft yield to a mass of red Evas, which Kaworu calls ” Failures of Infinity “, that look like they’ve been cut through to permit passage.

The bluray itself looks fine to my eyes, with the expected evaangelion of trailers and little else. Given how the story goes, what happens in the first 40 minutes is almost irrelevant by the end — and there aren’t enough answers in there to give you a clear picture of exactly who’s doing what, in service of who, and why. Against the 10th Angel, Synopxis lost its left arm and evzngelion large section of the right cranium.

Furthermore, the right side of the head appears to be outfitted with a bulky prosthesis. Asuka using it in the presence of the other pilots, thus, heavily suggests that she considers herself something other than human. Desiccated by its pretensions, it’s freeze-dried melodrama.


Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo

There are two things this film does that show us where Anno’s emotional narrative is going, and those two things make the last hour of this film sing with the veangelion passion, the same deeply-felt painful self-examination that made Evanyelion mean so much to so many people in the first place. Thanks to a crazy series of events that could never have happened without the internet, Hannah moved 2, miles to Seattle from Pennsylvania at just 17 years old. I Am the Night.

As for the Rei from the previous two movies Rei 2: Hearing Rei’s voice, Shinji escapes with the unit. However, it makes sense in the context of the film and given human nature.

Kaworu removes Shinji’s choker and wears it as a sign of trust. The Black Moon was incised in a similar grid pattern, which was red as a result of the LCL contents bleeding out. Please fill out this field with valid email address. Already have an account?

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Kaworu effectively tells Shinji that he is responsible for everything they see from atop New Nerv HQ. September 1, at 5: It is unclear what the range and effects of this barrier are, as the Evanhelion and its crew are able to enter the vicinity of New Nerv HQ without apparent ill effect. Funimation ‘s bluray release has had a bumpy road to retail, but it doesn’t appear particularly compromised in any significant way. Background dialogue during Wille scenes indicates that they are being supplied from the outside, and these provisions must come from somewhere.

I’ve been waiting for you. He’s still making catastrophic decisions motivated by self-hatred — Kaworu’s love doesn’t make him a complete person.