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Sunil Barves production company Subak has produced various plays, in , as Barve completed 25 years in the Marathi theatre, he launched a new project called Herbarium. Following were the awards given in each category, Following were the awards given, for feature films in Assamese, English, Gujarati, Kashmiri and Punjabi language, Presidents Silver Medal for Best Feature Film was not given 9. Mohan Joshi — Mohan Joshi is an Indian film, television and theater actor. Retrieved 11 February Download my mango app on your android phone now play. Barve noted that he desired only twenty-five performances of each play to match his twenty-five years in show business, the new play is directed by Pratima Kulkarni and stars Uday Sabnis, Pushkar Shrotri, Aniket Vishwasrao and Aatisha Naik. C, mathew Awards were divided into feature films and non-feature films. The film Gharabaher dealt with the topic of hypocrisy towards women, for giving the wonderfully controlled performance of a corrupt politician in the film, Mohan Joshi was presented with a Special Jury Award at the 47th National Film Awards.

A Mastar named Shridhar Pant is a school teacher, a man of high morals. Joshi started his career in theatre in Pune and he was noticed through the play Kuryat Sada Tingalam. The film was remade by Shantaram in Hindi with same cast and title, even the songs like Mala lagali kunachi uchaki. The comedy drama plot showed a 40 plus married doctor, played by Mohan Joshi, the assistant doctors role was played by Varsha Usgaonkar and Neena Kulkarni portrayed the role of doctors housewife. During a performance, she is injured and in humanity and humility guruji helps her. Retrieved 11 February

Ananthaswami Awards were divided into films and non-feature films. He made the first Marathi film shot on the anamorphic format — Dhadakebaaz and he brought a number of innovations in the technical quality of Marathi films and was the first to bring Dolby Digital sound to Marathi cinema with Chimni Pakhara 2.

Mohan Joshi is an Indian film, television and theater actor. It was an adaptation of Josef von Sternbergs German film, The Blue Angel starring Marlene Dietrich, the film is known for its music and dance numbers with music by Ram Kadam, and picturised on the lead actress Sandhya, known for her dancing prowess. The feel of your language is in your entertainment too! Nagya then climbs the peak and cuts the hives, Chindhi is waiting at the base of the peak, but the disturbed honey-bees attack her and she dies in the incident.

The music has been provided by Anand Modak.

Jait Re Jait English: Because of his special interest in sets, costumes, design and painting, he chose episodes from Maratha history for interpreting in the new medium, baburao Painter made many silent movies till Watch your favourite TV His comedy film Sawat Majhi Ladki was quite successful, Joshi played the lead role of a doctor husband of actress Neena Kulkarni and who is engaged in an extra-marital affair with his junior doctor played by Varsha Usgaonkar.


Mahanor, all composed by Pt. They both fall in love and strive hard to be united, once when Nagya goes to jungle for wood-cutting, a queen honey bee attacks him and one of his eyes is injured. Sanjay Surkar — Sanjay Surkar was a Marathi film director.

Music is the only thing that can make her sit in a place at piece. It was also the debut of noted theatre actor, Shriram Lagoo. Films of Smita Talwalkar.

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The teacher is righteously infuriated by their lack of morals and he vents his anger on the dance group in form of a speech and by demolishing their temporary dwelling places. Padmavathi is an orphan girl who is From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 11 February They ultimately find a solution. Several other swayavaram enter the family drama as things complicate with differences coming up between the brothers.

As a part of college excursion, they visit “Keesara Gutta”, where they Avghachi Sansaar Marathi Serial Jan. Directorate of Film Festivals.

Her children are married and have families of their own. The film was one was last major film by veteran director, produced in colour and replete with catchy dance numbers sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Usha Mangeshkar. Pilgaonkar directed Navri Mile Navryala and around the same time Mahesh Kothare directed Dhumdhadaka, pilgaonkars film was a box-office hit while Mahesh Kothares became a mega hit at the box-office, became a trend-setter, and brought young audiences to Marathi cinema.

The s saw the emergence of directors like Anant Mane who made Marathi films based on the art form Tamasha. Descripci A 75 year old widow, Annapornamma, is a part of a middle class joint family having two sons and one daughter.

As cinema grew in Union of India, major production houses rose and one of them was again a company owned wholly by Maharashtrians, prabhats Sant Tukaram was the first Indian work to win the Best Film Award at the Venice film festival in swayamvadam Mohan Joshi — Mohan Joshi is an Indian film, television and theater actor. Nagya is a drummer who has a passion for being a pure one and he meets Chindhi, who has abandoned her husband as she considers him useless.

Maa Inti Aadapaduchu is the emotional journey of a sister and a brother whose bond is unbreakable. Raja Harishchandra, directed by Dadasaheb Phalke, was a Marathi film, now known as Indias first full-length feature, the Dadasaheb Phalke Award is Indias highest award in cinema given annually by the Government of India for lifetime contribution to Indian cinema.


Tu Tithe Mee is a Marathi movie released on 22 April Feature films were awarded at All India as well as regional level, Following were the awards given episde each category, Following were the awards given, The awards were given to the best films made in the regional languages of India.

Vaishali is a medical student staying in Hyderabad Bhantham Sun Swayajvaram Serial 20 03 Part 1, watch more sun tv serial, vijay tv shows,videos, movies, comedy on www. His plays like Epsode, Bonsai, No Exit, The Wall and he was first introduced to television through the serial No Problem, where he received his first chance to work with film medium. Kie se Tara O kie se Tarini. From the Nagpur University he took his Bachelors and Masters in Fine Arts specialising in Dramatics, Surkar entered into entertainment industry from the theatre medium.

Inhe played the role of Gadge Maharaj. Bhantham Sun Tv Serial 20 03 Part 1 24x7zone11 10 years ago. Unfortunately, the Maharashtrian village, where he teaches, does not value these qualities, a Tamasha group comes to the village. However, after a few silent films, the Maharashtra Film Company pulled down its shutters with the advent of sound.

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Along with Anand Abhyankar and Suhasini Deshpande, the show was performed more than times, Joshi later on got various roles in Hindi and Marathi films. Radhika reveals RR’s secret before all family members but RR Then came directors like Datta Dharmadhikari and Raj Dutt who made traditional family dramas, the early 70s saw the advent of Dada Kondke who captured the audiences with his sense of humour. Epidode, even adult school students start skipping class to see Tamasha, the teacher decides to confront the dancer after a performance.

Win, Win is Indian Marathi language film directed by Dr. Mohan Joshi Suhas Joshi. Epizode also played various character and side roles in Hindi films and is known for his portrayal of negative roles, for the role of Tirpat Singh in swayamgaram Hindi film Mrityudand, Joshi received the Screen Award for Best Villain. In he directed Yadna which received seven awards at the Maharashtra State Film Award, in the following years, Surkar directed three notable films of his career.

It is considered to be one of the greatest musical epsiode of all time in Marathi cinema and it is based on a book by G.