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Oct 20 , Remember when the show used to care about collateral damage of hosts and vessels? Show posts by this member only Post Dec 14 , I had my angel blade. Oct 14 ,

And Jensen has done a wonderful job playing against this. I think we can rest assured we’ll be seeing the return of The Ghostfacers. Sam and Dean go after her, and discover that she’s after the man responsible for the car crash that orphaned her. Nov 16 , SPN discuss about hotties Kevin also demands an explanation, but Dean just asks for his trust. Next week will be the finale IMG:

Episode 12 is available now for your viewing pleasure while having lunch. The Supernatural star and his wife welcomed their second son into the world last night!

Not sure what storyline else to explore. Nov 6 Meanwhile, Castiel, after being taken captive by one of the feuding angel factions on Earth, killed another angel and stole his grace for himself, making him an angel once more.

I told ya he’ll be back. Cass is back in town: Synopsis from your link I’d love to tvsow7 like the angels on Earth are bigger than just the few sects we’ve seen, as I’m hoping to see some clashes with Abaddon and the demons just what has she been up to this whole time?

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episove Feb 6 Oct 17 I’d be interested to see what Dean would be like with powers and not dog talking ones. Episode 5 already up on xbmc icefilm is showing in HD with 5. Apr 23 Time passes by so quickly. But come to think of it, the Angel Trap aupernatural work on him.


The show got its early renewal in February. SPN discuss about hotties You can also watch all season 8 from her channel before she upload the new season 9 when it’s available next month http: Carver recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Weekly where he discussed some of the future season 9 episodes.

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I think we can rest assured we’ll be seeing the return of The Ghostfacers. People shouldn’t rush to any one conclusion. Any news one when next episode is coming? Apr 18 This post has been edited by BobThe Builder: Show posts by this member only Post 4. Unfortunately, Hansel sacrifices his victims’ age Dean learns that Bobby is the beneficiary in an heiress’ will. No wonder it’s a no show yesterday, wincester on bora bora for two weeks.

Nov 20 Mar 27 Dean embraces his new life as a demon and hits the bars with Crowley. The Prisoner Episode Apr 24 Finally crowley in action, starting to miss his sarcastic face in the field. They will be making a return in what actually is a really fun and pretty emotional episode.

Show posts by this member only Post 2. That’s a storyline that continues to pay off for us in a fun and exciting new way. Meanwhile, Sam tries to track down his brother, unwilling to accept what Dean has become, and runs afoul of a supernaturao trying to get revenge on Dean for a past crime. Sep 21 Malachi, though, is interested in joining forces with Bartholomew to take on Metatron, but power-hungry Bartholomew has no interest.


Episode 17 is Up for our lunch matinee show peisode a filler episode IMG: This post has been edited by noir Castiel turns to Sam and Dean for help, when eepisode tries to help the daughter of the man he’s possessing but she escapes. Dean insists on going hunting on what he figures is an easy case: ET on The CW. Jan 15 Meanwhile, the husband of Hannah’s host body comes looking for his wife, complicating things for Hannah and Castiel. Jan 16 Guest actor for Ezekiel was pretty amazing.

At the beginning of “Supernatural” Season 9, Tahmoh Penikett’s noble warrior angel Ezekiel was the hero.

We were saying from the beginning of the season that Dean has made two very big decisions here. I see teeth IMG: Apr ssupernatural Only now manage to watch episode 15 last night IMG: Ghosts in the bunker http: I want some of that for my love handles: