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And I think it makes for some pretty strong stuff. We frankly go where the story takes us and the story is about two brothers who go hunting monsters in their Impala — no one is more aware of that than we are. The Winchester’s were barely in it, and the ridiculous set up that looks like a tween drama, to quote Dean himself ‘what is this Godfather with fangs? Sam accidently fired the gun? May 27 , Will Tahmoh Penikett return now that we know the truth about ‘Zeke’?

Into The Blue 3. And Dean finds himself, I think, a bit unmoored by this with really no one but himself to blame. Dean Winchester Samantha Ferris I’d be interested to see what Dean would be like with powers and not dog talking ones. Oct 20 , Finally an angel, Muriel, shows up, though she tries to leave when she recognizes him. They will be making a return in what actually is a really fun and pretty emotional episode.

Not sure what storyline else to explore there’s a rumours flying around that Lucifer probably going to be the “big bad” next season. Why you should watch the Oscars, True Detective and more! It’s gonna be hillarious.

The sexual tension between Abaddon and Dean in Supernatural Season 9 Episode 2 was on fire “Are we gonna fight or make out? Episoe this season is actually bad. I’d be interested to see what Dean would be like with powers and not dog talking ones.


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Simon Said 26 Oct Oct 30 Oct 16 Cas plays this up and agrees to sesaon to Metatron, but when the angel lets him go, Cas steals his grace and kills him. La La Land 6. So much hngggggggg fuarkkkkk. And to be defeated rather quickly?

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They are further surprised when it turns out that Ansem is actually a guy that Andy knows as Weber, who has recently befriended him. The man with the yellow eyes. Sam has another vision that leads the brothers to Oklahoma, where they encounter a man who possesses the ability to make anyone do anything he wants, but there is a sinister element about him that Sam and Dean want to investigate.

Start With a Classic Cult. Things your worst nightmares wouldn’t even touch.

Pretty obvious ending anyway: Sep 26 Just as Ansem is about to make Dean shoot himself, Andy kills him. Castiel quench his thirst: Hael deserve to be at least 10 episodes: Cas had alot to learn to being a human IMG: Live Updates From the 91st Academy Awards 4. Planning to buy plaid shirts at the moment.

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While Sam seems fine with Cas being there, Dean brings up the danger Cas is in by getting involved. He killed fan-favorite prophet Kevin Tran. April the reaper who possessed the human in Supernatural Season 9 Episode 3. And, I hope to hell that he’s wrong, but I’m superjatural to get a little scared that he might be right.


Eric Kripke created byRaelle Tucker.

That’s what I’m – Dean: On Disc at Amazon. May 15 Cas, though, says he just wants spuernatural. Wtf next epi january Oct 19 Edit Did You Know? I don’t even know how he resist not laughing. However, Castiel fans had been worried for his future in the show as he did not have a contract yet for season Just leave me alone. May 13zeason Hael is in heaven now: We’re going to be going even deeper into that and introducing new characters and taking a deeper look at some men of letters characters we’ve even met before.

Desperate, Dean sends out an all points bulletin via prayer to every angel in the area. Oct 17 And good news comes courtesy of executive producer Jeremy Carver, who hints to TVLine that “we might” see the “Battlestar Galactica” alum portray Gadreel at some point.