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Suddenly, Superbook sends Joy, Chris, and Gizmo to a time when Paul chooses to focus on his mission, no matter the circumstances. Also, he selects Saul and anoints him to become the first King of Israel after the people asked Samuel for a king. However, some condensation or editing of stories was necessary in order to fit them into half-hour episodes and make them suitable for young viewers. Chris, Joy and Gizmo are teleported back in time to the period the Israelites where enslaved at the Egyptians’ hands , how God chose Moses to save Israel , confrontation of Moses to the Pharaoh , the Ten Plagues , the Passover , and the aprting of the Red Sea. Pero cuando Superlibro transporta a los chicos a conocer a la Reina Ester Samuel selects another king of Israel with God’s guidance after he becomes displeased with King Saul. Season Two covered some stories featured in Season One for example, the stories of Abraham , Joseph and King David in more detail, while also covering some stories not included in the first series i. Episode Jeremiah Discover More.

Jesus Heals the Blind – Salvation Poem. Episode Lazarus Watch Episode. By witnessing Queen Esther stand up for her people, the Jews, Joy returns home full of the resilience and fortitude to do the right thing. Because of extreme anger, Satan’s cover is blown and he reveals his true form. Soon, John tells the kids about the Holy Spirit and explains that Jesus gave it to His disciples and to them and they must use it by keeping their faith in Jesus Christ to the bitter end. Thank you for accepting our cookies.

Also, it narrates how Joseph was sold by his brothers as a slave in Egypt. While ruling, King David captures the city of Jerusalemonce held by the Jebusites.

Chris’s father leaves him in charge of a challenging project. Miracles of Jesus — Bible Background. Phoebe, Chris’ momis babysitting two-year-old Charlie for her friend, Mrs.

The book promptly opened on its own, shining a blinding light around Chris’s bedroom, and started to speak before remagined the children and Gizmo back in time to the Garden of Eden to experience the story of Adam and Eve.

Ruffles his poodle has managed her to supeerbook lost into time, which prompting Gizmo and Christopher’s little brother, rewritten as his cousin in the English dub named Uriah “Uri” Peepers Yuu Azuka in Japanese to search for her.

Superbook Full – Tower Of Babel

The prophet Isaiah tells Hezekiah because he has done this, the Babylonians will one day conquer Jerusalem and take everyone and everything away. Joy plans to get even by posting an embarrassing video of Barb taking a tumble during cheer leading practice. I want more information I consent to cookies. God then tells Abraham that his descendants will become too numerous to count, they will be set apart to God, they will become a great and powerful nation, they will be enslaved and oppressed in a foreign land but freed by God, they will take possession of Canaan and the cities of their enemies, the Savior of the world will come from them, and all the nations of the world will be blessed by them.


God tells Abram, who was later renamed as Abraham, that he is going to become the “father of many nations, but his numerous descendants would become a great, special, and powerful nation that would take possession of Canaan and would bless all the nations of the world. Joshua and Caleb – Salvation Poem.

Superbook takes the Chris, Joy, and Gizmo to these biblical places to teach them wise lessons that they will use in life. The LORD lights up my darkness. Chris, Joy, and Gizmo are transported to the time of where Abraham’s faith in God tested.

The children tried to open the book, but were unable to open it, no matter how hard they pulled. Dark Genesis — Tekkaman Blade — Casshan: In the first episode, Chris and Joy were cleaning the attic for Chris’s father a somewhat eccentric college professor when they noticed an old book glowing. The Israelites and the Wacth go into war which particularly features the battle between David and Goliath, the giant from Gath who is the champion of the Philistines.

The story of King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah. When Joy is swamped by many projects, Superbook takes her to meet Daniel in King Nebuchadnezzar’s palace. If you are already a Superbook DVD Club member and have enabled streaming accessplease login to access full-length Superbook episodes. By using the Superbook website, you accept our use of cookies.

After seeing Peter deny knowing Jesus three times and his eventual restoration, Chris comes to understand the value of true friendship. It tells the story of Joshua the new leader of the Israelites and the fall of Jericho and the conquest of Canaan. You can now hide this message or find out more about cookies. To Superboook This Episode.

God answers Daniel’s prayer and the king richly rewards Daniel. It tells the story of how Jacob deceived his father Isaac to be able to steal his twin brother Esau ‘s rightful blessings with the help of his mother, Rebekah. Pero cuando Superlibro transporta a los chicos a conocer a la Reina Ester Episode Elijah and the Widow Discover More. Want to Know God? Chris then learns that it is important to stand up for the right even at the risk of your life and confronts the school bully to stop watcch on the school boy.


Grandma explains the meaning of each line to Chris and tells him it is the perfect outline for ALL prayer. After returning home, Chris accepts that while he can’t attend the competition, he can still give his team the game winning plan and strategy, which they use to win the championship trophy. It ends with Jacob and his family settling in the land of Goshen in EgyptJacob’s death, and the brothers’ oath to bring Joseph’s bones to buried when they leave Egypt and go to the land of Canaan.

Ehuda judge sent by God, leads the Israelites and delivers them from the Moabites. Are you up for today’s challenge? Chris is amazed and a little confused how King David could design and auperbook such an amazing euperbook, only to have someone else build it. Titans Return — Transformers: But everything happened after Joseph made a plan to test his brothers by placing a silver cup in Benjamin’s sack and accusing him of theft.

Daniel faces certain death unless God reveals to him the meaning of the king’s dream. After witnessing God take Joseph from the prison to the palace, Chris realizes the value of trusting in God’s plans.

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Chris learns a miraculous lesson of obedience through Elijah. Series Overview Discover More. Even worse, they want Chris to help them! Also, some additional edits were necessary for the English versions to make the episodes conform to American broadcast standards. The death and resurrection of Jesus. Anime and Manga portal. After their death, David superboko the king of Israel and rules them for thirty-three years.