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SupaGlass has a very tough scratch resistant coating which enables it to withstand normal wear and tear for many years to come. No, although it has some bullet resistance against small calibre firearms – see video, here. This is because Supaglass is too thick at microns and most rear screens have too great a compound curve. What vehicles can SupaGlass be fitted to? How do I get out through a window that has Supaglass installed? It is optically clear, colourless and invisible from both inside and the outside of your car, scratch resistant and easy to keep clean.

Supaglass is the only automotive security film system of its type that has a Thatcham Q listing. Pre-warning thieves about security measures can also assist them to understand the best way to break into a car. How long does SupaGlass take to fit? What is Ejection Mitigation? Protect your car and yourself by having Glass Shield fitted to your vehicle. Advanced Glass Technology offers Glass Shield Pentagon Supaglass to all vehicles and is a very cost effective way to protect your vehicle, yourself and your assets. They offer value, quality of workmanship and professionalism, a rare combination indeed. The cost of fitting SupaGlass depends largely on the type of vehicle and the time it takes.

They securitg provide unrestricted vision when referring to external mirrors. This is because the SupaGlass film is applied to the inside face of the glass — when shattered, pressure on the glass from outside of the vehicle compresses the fractured glass particles whereas pushing out from inside you are separating the particles.

The car window tinting professionals

SupaGlass is an optically-clear, high-technology laminate. When retrofitted to the inner surface of a glass pane, the glass becomes highly resistant to common forms of smash and grab, bomb blasts and projectiles.

What additional safety does SupaGlass offer? Will ordinary tint film do the same as Supaglass? Can Supaglass be fitted to my rear screen? I use Auto Retail Bulletin to keep fully up to speed with what is going on. The benefits of Supaglass include: If that’s not done then, once smashed, the window will simply push into the car.


There are numerous benefits that Tinted SupaGlass provides as can be read from the SupaGlass marketing materials.

Owing to the very competitive nature at this time within the auto-insurance market, very few companies are providing additional discounts currently. Why do you take windows out to fit Supaglass?

Anti Theft and Security for Vehicles

Does SupaGlass scratch or mark and what care do I take? A thief is thwarted by SupaGlass. We have dealt with Pentagon Reading for a number of years for both tinting and security film. AGT provides specialist Glass Shields for securitt security.

How much does SupaGlass cost? Glass fragments can in some supxglass be breathed in or can get into eyes, causing severe discomfort or injury.

Anti Theft and Security for Vehicles

Enhance the safety and security of vehicle glass Broken glass within a vehicle is a major cause of eye fiml facial injury One xecurity four motorists have their car broken into with a car being broken into every 13 seconds Solar protection for reduced glare and heat with increased comfort and safety Crime Shield Security Unobtrusive protection preventing access to windows, significantly reducing potential forced entry and particularly appropriate for industrial type properties or anywhere intruders may have concealed and uninterrupted access to external windows.

They offer value, quality of workmanship and professionalism, a rare combination indeed. Should you need to exit a car through the glass after an accident, SupaGlass-protected windows are designed to allow a shattered window to be pushed out from inside of flim vehicle.

To exit the car after an accident,a SupaGlass protected window can be pushed out from the inside.


No, although it has some bullet resistance against small calibre firearms – see video, here. Tinted Supaglass Security Film The super-strong option. Glass Shield is fitted to many police and emergency service vehicles both in the UK and globally, protecting those who serve to protect us. Supaglass is an invisible super-strong micron thick minimum polyester based laminate, professionally bonded to the inside of the main side windows of your car.

Apart from having access to valuables, the mess that the glass makes once broken is well known and highly inconvenient. SupaGlass in combination with toughened glass is designed to hold shattered glass together in one piece and thereby to resist the possibility of ejection.

Pentagon SupaGlass security film: making your vehicle more secure

This can only be done by covering the glass completely and anchoring to the window regulator. Designed by Siserone Ltd.

Tinted SupaGlass costs more since a matching rear screen tint film is also applied. It normally takes 48 hours to fit SupaGlass including drying, quality checking and any refitting that may be required as part of the quality process.

What warranty does SupaGlass have? Why is Tinted SupaGlass more expensive than Clear?

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