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We recently upgraded to this blender and absolutely love it. Really powerful and the two litre capacity is very handy. Also seems like there is a little leakage from the bottom at times. And like most people i wouldn’t have my receipt handy for a warranty claim. It is exactly what I was after. Well done to Sunbeam for upgrading a great machine that makes great green drinks for my whole family. Cleaning it is easy too, I prefer doing it straight after blending that way it doesn’t stick. Yes, the decibel level is indeed a little high and hard on the ear.

I’d highly recommend it to any purchaser and it arrived sooner than anticipated. This mixer has been really great for making yummy smoothies. Date Purchased Nov We enjoy to use for cooking. Twice because the buttons slow start and smoothie stopped working and the other three times I was unable to unlock the base and blade. I have purchased this blender to make pureed food for my baby. It does have a bit of a smell when it is running but that may just be because it is relatively new. I went through Sunbeams customer service and while they were very helpful they did not resolve the problem for me.

It cleans so well, so I don’t really need to wash it again. And like most people i wouldn’t have my receipt handy for a warranty claim.

Date Purchased Jun Sunbeam Australia CST doesnt seem to be taking the issue seriously. I’d highly recommend seriea to any purchaser and it arrived sooner than anticipated.

Has anyone found this to be the case? Great settings and powerful blade only down side is the the plastic screw cap on the liquid keeps breaking have already bought 2 replacements within one year. I can see that the product is durable and built to last. Date Purchased Feb Rated 4 out of 5 by ozzie from great bang for your buck More power then the vitamix at a fraction of the price.


This Blender is perfect, it makes the best smoothies, Love the large size and crushes ice easily. I can’t go back and will now need to source another brand. The connections are metal and much stronger wearing.

If you’re not wanting to fork out for the Spendier vitamix, the motor in the Cafe series has worked with everything I’ve thrown at it, ice, frozen mango, grain, etc. Within 2 years it was oozing brown liquid from the blade barrel, making a massive mess every single time we use it. The plastic jug is generous and strong but also very light to handle. It’s very powerful and fast smoothie will be done in 30 seconds! I use the pre-clean button with a tiny amount of detergent with water straight after using it.

PB9800 Cafe SeriesĀ® Blender

Date Purchased Apr Within 3 years the motor is starting to be noisy Good blender Blends well, but is impossible to use with just solids! It did leak once as the bottom was not properly screwed back on after washing. Cfae blender is leaking after one year and a half.

The motor has brushes which are also not designed to be replaced.

I sold it after a handful of uses and bought a thermomix Srries purchased this blender thinking it would be good quality. Please refer to our Terms of Sale. I have managed to source a replacement part with metal teeth.

Ive found metal freagments in my banana smoothie after making the smoothie with the Sunbeam Cafe Series blender, ive made a U Tube clip documenting the problem. Twice because the buttons slow start and smoothie stopped working and the other three times I was unable to unlock the base and blade. Date Purchased Mar It’s just perfect for us. Looking at the other reviews, I expect nothing will be done by Sunbeam.

Date Purchased May The motor is strong and blends even dates and nuts quickly and easily.

It does an excellent job. Grunty power We love and use our blender daily mainly for smoothies and ice chai’ the simple one button operation for smoothie and ice crush work great and in approximately 15sec it has blended whatever ingredients to a smooth enough drinkable consistency without creating much heat in the mix from ineffective blades.


Only issue is that around six months in, the rotor bearings rusted out and the rotor made an awful grinding noise on start up.

I had the previous model which unfortunately had a plastic connection where the jug connects to the blender, of course it ground itself down and the blender could not turn the blade.

Easy to store and clean. Worked ok – noisy but did the job. It’s light weight plastic jug is easy pb98800 wash and clean. A great blender that didn’t last suunbeam long I purchased this blender at the start of and I was quite happy with it as I was mainly using it for basic things such as smoothies, soups, drinks etc.

It’s so solid, looks great in my kitchen, easy to clean I only put it in the dishwasher every few weeks, a quick rinse out with a dish brush right after I’ve used it is all needed.

It is loud but I don’t mind as it does such a good job. Used nearly incessantly for three years – still excellent!

Cafe Series Blender

Compare all Sunbeam Cafe Series Blenders. Honestly, this has been a very good buy.

Good blender Good blender, while it’s a sleek design the only issue I can find with it is the cleaning of it. Terrific, powerful blender – the only thing I would say is that it is quite noisy. Date Purchased Feb