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Coming from using a range of small boiler, thermoblock and semi-commercial HX or dual boiler machines, I have been struck by how quickly the EM goes from stone cold to ready to brew and steam. Great water capacity and so reliable. Still a great machine for those who have that extra time. Now it have the problem, when I press all the espresso button including manual, one cup and 2 cup button , It became the hot water working instead. Cafe standard coffee in our own home Once you get the grinding and packing right the coffee is superb! I am a short black drinker and I have experimented with all kinds of roasts and grinds and learned as I went. It requires a very finely ground coffee to extract properly.

So why not simply swap the steam wand and hot water spout? The group handle and porter filter holder has had some good changes and the inbuilt tamp feature is handy for those that use the edge of the bench. Hope this helps Share Share this post on Digg Del. So you need to make sure to run a shot of water through the filter to bring it up to brew temp before loading your grinds. Hi I have an EM, when I turn the steam wand on it just continuously runs water, I run both types of cleans from the manual but it’s still running water instead of steam, What could be the problem? Date Purchased May

Sunbeam EM First Impressions

My friend has the revile dual boiler, but Regiew reckon this is better. Most noticeably, its quiet. Steaming performance is superb. Once you get the grinding and packing right the coffee is superb! However I struggle to get a good coffee out of it. Ahh well, a minor annoyance Share Share this post on Digg Del.

Froths milk really well with temp gaugeDo not buy Delonghi or Saeco, save the money and stick to Sunbeam, you wont regret it! Obviously not as a good as what you’d get in a cafe with a commercial machine, but more than passable for a home coffee.

Date Purchased May If you look after your machine including cleaning and maintenance then it will last a very long time. This is a quality machine This machine is easy to use This machine is easy to clean This machine produces a great shot of coffee.


Whilst it is a tiny bit hotter, it still isn’t hot enough to dissolve sugar. Can’t wait to get home for a coffee! Sunbeam seem to be determined to make this perform to the textbook. I could buy into that.

Sunbeam’s new EM7000

The way to find the sweet spot is to have as few variables as possible, so set all the settings back to their factory originals and only play with them again when you can get a consistently good pull.

The steam is fantastic – it hasn’t taken long at all to get a great result which is night and day compared to the cheap machines I’ve used in the past.

A great machine – yes easy to use in conjunction with my sunbeam grinder. The portafilter has single-wall filter baskets, which means you can escape from the myriad horrors of double-wall baskets that dominate cheaper machines.

But it might slightly while dialing in your grinder. Really wakes you up in the morning! Which is fm7000, because that lets you stretch milk like a pro before having to spend years actually becoming a pro. Just typing this is making machime want a morning cuppa corfee cofefev PTFE has been around and used in medical and many coffee machines for years.

I had a difficulty with the filter, and they provided me with the add-on and support immediately. I Purchased the EM 1 month ago, I also got the em grinder.

I found the same re the grind – I bought a BSG to go with it and was expecting to have it right on the finest setting, but at the moment I’ve still got a few notches left and getting a great result.

I couldn’t do it!

Easy to use, to clean! The group has a good feel and locks in cleanly, as one would expect. This is a great coffee maker I had a little prob when the coffee filter cup cracked, but they could not have been more helpful and Quickly sent another replacement filter cup. It was out of action for some time although all good again now.


Would highly recommend this machine to anyone who is a coffee lover and is after an easy to use machine. I love this machine. Unfortunately though, my father in law bought one a year ago and his steam pump has just died.

This was also confirmed by the tech guys at Sunbeam. Listing monitored by Sunbeam representatives. Here is the view up and inside the over flow to the drip tray While it may not make sense at first, once you have a unit on the bench, it is clear that the old issues of leaking and not aligning are over.

Originally Posted by Gerry There’s a temperature gauge on the steamer, but like with the brew pressure gauge it’s not quite precise enough to be fully useful but is a good learning tool.

Only downfall, more work required due to it being manual. It gets used every day, often a few times. Date Purchased Mar Only you can be the judge of that as everyone has very different needs and wants vs expectations.

We decided to pick up our old machine unrepaired. The following are some simple comments and a picture or two of some of the issues and key points that I observed. It vibrates much less to so those cups stay in place. The time now is Now it have coffew problem, when I press all the espresso button including manual, one cup and 2 cup buttonIt became the hot water working instead.

The build quality of the essential and core components is good, with some quality commercial quality components, and interesting new functionality, added in. One of the most common complaints of the EM was that it would wake the dead. The instructions are easy to follow and the cleaning process is just fine.