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That bitch trying to sing was just so annoying that it made me wanna smash something On the other hand, I liked that cam made on dm6, lg hold to rail frag on z4muz, where the player pov switches to a cam and the back to the pov right before the rail frag. TF2 – Public 70 http: It just makes me cringe. Some weird logic you have there. Maybe not a perfect 10, but this year’s been so bad that there’s nothing better really. But cfg is not perfect and some frags were indeed questionable.

Do not smoke into the public video, that does not handsome, not a good influence. L – Fortune Original Mix http: I really hope that the first frag of the 2nd song isn’t staged, it says it’s against “wrack”, the bot is actually called “Wrack” with an uppercase “W”.. These are too much. I think the project and the source files were on the 80gigs hdd I threw away because my new mobo doesn’t care about ide. Quake 3 – Kicked and Removed AnnihilatioN parody http: The thread’s thumbnail looks awesome I’d like to see this re-rendered without any non-id content, so I can actually show it to people without them being confused, but rather inspired.

So many “0” votes, like anyone would really vote that low, seems just people hating strenx and not voting what they really think of the video.

Can’t see shit when there’s PG going on though. Site Text Media Games.


Lol’d at the intro xD Also lol’d at ‘I am talking it’, so I guess we’re even. I liked most of the frags, but I think it would have been much better with forcemodel keel. This is such a good thread. Cooller was pretty arrogant towards strenx in that video and did it live on stream.

Fnatic ‘Strenx’ 1V1 Quakelive Spring Fragmovie

fdag Greta Svabo Bech http: I would like to watch it 3D, need to get glasses. I suppose that the rating of that movie is due to people voting like this.

Thought this was a teaser for the real thing. But a good movie nonetheless: Only downside tsrenx that Strenx is in it and the real life scenes seemed a bit out of place, hence the 9. I watched it with glasses so I can’t give anything less than 10 cause it was fucking awesome. Getting hit by 2 direct rockets from cypher while only replying with a shaky LG? I prefer this movie: Loved how you can mishear the vocals as “He’s so gay! Also it’s obvious they made quite an effort doing it, with cgi scenes and everything there’s at most 10 quake movies that are on this level of productionand in the end it was entertaining.

ESR – strenx – Teaser

Good editing though there were some weird momentssome nice frags in there but some were oddly not given that much editing-focus and passed very quickly not even at the right moments in the song. He runs from dreamhack like a little bitch because he knows he cant hack and he knows he can’t ping rape so he shits on quake and its community by playing shitmania instead what a joke.


TF2 – fanom esea s6 highlights http: Needed more frags vs pros and tournament highlights e. The point of a frag movie is to show of the frags, the mechanics and the difficulty. Rymetyme Neonlight Remix http: However, the gimmicks were way over the top.

Except that it features Strenx of course, so a few people were going to dislike it no matter what. Very good, although ‘some’ average content. What’s the problem here? What is some music that you guys love from frag movies?

Missing a grand finale. This version can’t be uploaded to YouTube because after YouTube’s recompress the colors will drop and it won’t give the proper colors. As a promotional video it’s really good.

Etrenx up french kiddie! Sharpe’s comments have nothing to do with the actual video. Maybe the running of the credits could have Thomas Koner: Awesome video, loved it. I watched in 2d, there are lots of good ideas in that movie.