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The composition of the 98 films of the previous year was the following: This history of political or artistic resistance not only included sporadic domestic manifestations originating from personal memory, but also the activity of the democratic opposition, present as of the late s. It meant both the arrest of a Soviet officer of Polish origin, Konstantin Rokossowski, and the destruction of interwar Polish communism. Mezei, Stevan, et al. A Journal of Women Studies 7, no. As a social process with manifold, complex and often contingent cultural, economic, and political consequences, migration has shaped the societies of East Central and Southeastern Europe in many, often unforeseen ways. Using analyses from economics and sociology, the author shows the economic and social problems American women face, including employment and reproduction. My approach comes from intellectual and conceptual history.

Already the General Party Conference, which had been held on June 11—15, instead of the extraordinary congress of the CPCz, condemned any demands for substantial changes of the official course in order to avoid any requirements for personnel changes. The journalist a protocol guest of the newly launched Budapest—Brussels flight balanced his report on Boeuf sur le Toit club by visiting an anti-fascist place of memory, the fortress of Brendonk. Under communism, these streams were partially redirected to domestic destinations for example, from rural settlements to larger cities or to areas from which German speakers had been expelled. Fritz, Nach Krieg ; for Yugoslavia: For Geszti, it was clear that the experiences witnessed by the generation of the time did not correspond to the meanings fashioned in the official representations. Irigaray resists this idea by emphasizing that Marxism, at its present stage, is not sufficient. They felt that propaganda for the USSR should be intensified.

The nationalist mood persisted through the winter and led to occasional attacks on Soviet barracks and other remaining symbols of the despised empire. This essay uses the tenure of Rokossowski as Polish Minister of Defense between and to shed light on the tension between nationalist rhetoric and Sovietization and the ways in which Polish society and popular opinion reacted to these processes.

Both sides, and also the Soviets, had no interest in an intensification of the conflict. What they state in the introduction may not look extremely complicated:. Neither can be used as a substitute for modern opinion polling, which was introduced in the twentieth century in liberal democracies. Rather, they espoused the idea also prevalent in other cultural spheres like literature and book publishing, according to which any denial of exposure to the public will only lead to overvaluation of undesirable tendencies.


Video Materials Relating to the Hungarian Revolution.

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The individual stakes and life trajectories, the different intellectual approaches, the inherent differences within the local scenes intellectually and in the actual infrastructures make this a loose network, connected, however, by the shared fascination of a feminist critique of socialism in Yugoslavia.

The revolution also put Tito in a difficult position. Their political action in academic discussions is rather a discursive one: Between andforradallom had been the leading member of the Supreme Court in Budapest. The close link between nationalism, nation-building, and migration is not the only continuity in the rich migration history of the region.

Transnationalism and nationalism flourish not only in tandem but even in a synergetic or parasitic relationship. In capitalist states, dissent arises in more limited institutional contexts, notably over the excesses of administrative agencies or the dishonesty of executive authorities.

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Irigaray points out that this is exactly the reason for which radical change is needed: They wanted to be ready in case telnes war and annexation by the USSR. Soviet agencies observed the mood of the populace carefully. The audiences for Western films, in contrast, were huge in A genre that had previously been rebuked as the quintessence of American trash culture returned. This was the reason for his resignation. Mladjenovic, Lepa, and Donna M. They were more part of the show than a reliable source.

Karsai, Elek, and Ervin Pamlenyi. The mechanisms of direct control and censorship were still applied, but to a lesser extent than in the first half of s. They were filled with conclusive evidence, since they evoked programs broadcast at the time by Radio Free Kossuth.

In this context, any talk of the atrocities committed by the partisans against Hungarian and other civilians in the aftermath of the collapse of the occupation had to be silenced. The entire audio collection of the minute long audiocassette published in by the Hungarian October Free Press on the occasion of the 26 th anniversary of the revolution]. As of now, there are no studies on the memory of in Novi Sad, and there are very few on the memory of World War II and the Holocaust in Yugoslavia.

These ironies, however, are yeljes lost on teljed. The King with the Umbrella. Radio Free Europe in Czechoslovakia. In the aftermath of the Revolution, socialist propaganda made serious accusations against RFE, essentially laying blame for the tragic events on the radio station.


I call the new feminist discourse in Yugoslavia a critical one, more similar in its attempt to engage the state in a dialogue than refusing it per se as most dissidence does.

Dokumenty WKP B — These documents were generally based on correspondence conducted with anonymous sources located within the bloc or interviews provided by Eastern emigrants and defectors. The Body of War: Files of the trial in the Budapest Capital Archive were kept secret: At the time, most of the commanding officers responsible for the massacre were put on trial and executed at a time when war criminals were being punished all over Europe.

Sharing these audio-documents with audiences 30 years later, RFE could replay the revolution, significantly strengthening the interpretation of the events as a revolution. The political clashes between writers and Communist Party took place in both parts of Czechoslovakia in different ways. Research shows that the relatively weak persecutions allowed the gradual development of reformist thinking and the pluralization of the literary life in Slovakia in the second half of the s and, later, in the s.

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We simply believed that we forradslom the people in the best way. Ungarns Geschichtspolitik seit She emphasizes that new feminism is not only relevant in the society in which it originates, alluding to the Yugoslav situation, and adds that her aim is not to judge, rather to represent based on the work of other researchers.

Towards a More Progressive Union. The tendencies were similar in theaters and cinemas: In this article I explore a particular way of assuming distance from official ideological framings and expressing criticism: Other authors approached American radical feminists with much more caution.

It seemed that interesting journals could only be edited with Western star-portraits, technical novelties, and a pinch of eroticism in the first months of We feljes you, help us, help us! Did these listeners actually listen to the documentary serial or are they deaf? The two problematic plays might have passed as critical plays by Western authors, one targeting the circumstances in capitalist society and the other slamming the American occupation of Japan.

The Last Soviet Generation.

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